Restoriden DHT Blocker Review: Does it Work for Hair Loss?

Restoriden DHT Blocker Review: Does it Work for Hair Loss?
Restoriden Dht Blocker Review: Does It Work For Hair Loss?

DHT Blockers can be a simple but effective thing that you can add to your hair care regimen to help your hair grow. As the name implies, these blockers work by blocking the DHT, preventing it from latching onto cells in your scalp.

There are many of these blockers offered by various companies, but the DHT Blocker that Restoriden makes is one of the highlights.

A closer look may tell you why this particular DHT Blocker is so popular.

About Restoriden

The Restoriden brand is not one that has been around long, nor are you likely to have heard about it.

Still, this company is based in the USA, and it does use only domestic manufactures for its products. This is done so that Restoriden can provide you with the safest and highest quality products.

Though Restoriden doesn’t share anything about their founding or history, they do share their goals. These are that they want to selectively formulate supplements using the highest quality ingredients in order to help support your goals.

Restoriden tries to make their supplements both effective and superior and ones that meet all of your needs.

Unlike most other companies that focus on one specific market, Restoriden has products in various niches.

In fact, each of their three products is not even remotely related to the others. There is one IBS symptom manager product, an oral supplement with probiotics in it for your teeth, and the DHT Blocker that we will be looking at today.

Each product is a supplement that covers some specific problem that you might need help with. This is exactly the Restoriden goal and what they are trying to accomplish.

Since their DHT Blocker is what you are probably most interested in, let’s look closer at that.

The Restoriden DHT Blocker

The purpose behind the Restoriden DHT Blocker is to give everyone the healthy hair that they deserve. This being the case, this blocker has a pretty good list of ingredients, most of which are easily recognizable.

Biotin is certainly extremely popular, and for good reason, considering how much it can help your hair growth.

Meanwhile, the Saw Palmetto powder, Organic Fo-Ti powder, and Green Tea Extract are right u there as well.

These four ingredients make up the largest part of this DHT Blocker and have had plenty of studies done on them.

Though Restoriden doesn’t offer any links to where you can find these studies, they are easy to locate without help.

Most of the other blocker ingredients are also fairly easy to recognize. These include: iron, zinc, Nettles Leaf Extract, Pygeum Extract, Vegetable Cellulose, rice powder, and Shavegrass.

The only three other ingredients are Beta-Sitosterol, Silicon Dioxide, and Magnesium Stearate.

Though those last few are not exactly ones that you might be familiar with, this is a pretty solid list of ingredients.

Since this DHT Blocker is in a pill form, using it for your hair is simple and easy. Just take two capsules of the Restoriden DHT Blocker once a day.

The instructions Restoriden provides ask that you take them 20-30 minutes before a meal. Though it doesn’t matter which meal you take it before, you should drink down a whole 8 oz glass of water with it.

Besides that, Restoriden also notes that you should be staying properly hydrated, getting adequate rest, eating a healthy diet, and incorporating exercise throughout the week into your schedule.

They say that these tasks will increase the results of the blocker, but they are also good for your hair in and of themselves.

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The Advantages

Just by looking at the ingredients alone, you should be able to tell that this DHT Blocker has some advantages.

After all, the absence of the chemicals and drugs that other DHT Blockers often include is a great thing.

Then, Restoriden also does a good job of not singling people out. They did not formulate this blocker with only men or only women in mind.

Instead, this DHT Blocker is for both. This makes it easier for households where more than one person wants to take a DHT Blocker since everyone can be taking the same thing without the need for separate products.

Next is the fact that many hair care companies essentially repurpose some of their formulas, changing just a few things around for something they treat as a different product. The fact that Restoriden doesn’t do this at all is a very nice thing.

It gives you that bit of extra reassurance that the product is legitimate and is not as concerned about milking your money in every way possible.

Though there are no deals offered, the price is nothing more than what is reasonable. The cost is average for what you would pay for most DHT Blockers.

Considering that this blocker helps your hair from the inside of your body out, you can know it is healthy. Between that and the ease of taking it, and you have very little to be concerned about when you take this blocker.

Finally, it is certified as lab-tested, though this doesn’t mean that it is FDA-approved. This may not be as good as you might like, but lab testing is a step in the right direction. It assures you that there are at least no serious flaws in the product.

The Disadvantages

The Restoriden DHT Blocker has its own issues and ways that it can improve. For starters, the website where they sell it doesn’t give a whole lot of information on almost anything.

In fact, you can find more information about their product on Amazon than you can on their own website.

Restoriden does not list a phone number to call, only an email. On their site, they don’t list the ingredients or tell you how to take their product.

Restoriden also does not even hint at a warranty or any type of guarantee, not even telling you how long you should take it before expecting to see results.

In addition, the Restoriden website also sometimes runs out of stock, at which point they actually recommend for you to purchase their DHT Blocker elsewhere. All things considered, getting this DHT Blocker from a place like Amazon is better.

At least the seller might give you a refund if you need one.

It may be nice that this company does not simply change the ingredients around into several similar products. However, this also means that their attention is split.

Instead of being able to focus all of their energy in one direction, Restoriden has to either divide its efforts in researching, making it far less likely that they will stay up to date and do as thorough of a job.

The main complaints about the Restoriden DHT Blocker are that it doesn’t always work. However, some people notice more hair loss when using it.

There have also been cases where the seal is broken on arrival.

As a final note here, the capsules that the pills come in are quite large. Any breakage of the pills will result in an extremely bitter taste as well, making it far from pleasant.


  • Prevents hair loss and treats existing problems. 
  • No systemic side effects.
  • Safe for men and women.


  • Not always for sensitive skins.  

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Restoriden DHT Blocker has some good qualities. However, this blocker also has quite a few shortcomings as well.

These may well make it not worth your money to buy them. Therefore, if you are interested in a DHT Blocker, you should take a look at something like Folexin.

Folexin has a longer list of better ingredients, a company behind it that shares more of its story, and a lot of information on its product and on how it works. These, in addition to the warranty, are all areas where Restoriden seems to fail at.

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