What Happens If You Stop Using Vegamour Hair Serum?

What Happens If You Stop Using Vegamour Hair Serum?
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Using a hair serum is a great way to increase hair growth, but it is not always something you can keep up indefinitely. This can be because the serum’s price went up and it is now unaffordable, you desire to switch to a different serum you think might be better, you forget to take it with you on vacation, or many other reasons.What Happens If You Stop Using Vegamour Hair Serum

Unfortunately, some hair growth serums require continuous use. Stopping some serums can reportedly cause even more hair loss than you were having before. If you don’t want a serum you’ll have to use forever or anticipate there may be times you can’t use it, you should know what to expect.

What Vegamour Says

Vegamour has a Frequently Asked Questions section on their site which lists the question: What happens if I stop using Vegamour serums?

Their reply is: “Like any beauty product, your results will last as long as you continue to use the product. For hair serums, like GRO Hair Serum or GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum, since the growth cycle is longer, you’ll see your hair return to its natural state in a few months after discontinuing use.

If you stop using the lash or brow serum, things will return to their natural state in about a month, since that’s the length of a growth cycle. The serum works on your existing lashes and brows, and since all hair grows in cycles, once the hairs shed naturally you’ll see your results fade.”

When Vegamour says that your hair will “return to its natural state,” this means your hair will return to only growing the amount it was before you started using the serum. If your hair thinning was noticeable and the Vegamour GRO serum caused your scalp to make more hair strands, these will fall back out.

What Other People Say

What Happens If You Stop Using Vegamour Hair Serum

A brand may say their product has a certain effect, but this doesn’t make it true. It is crucial to look at what average people using the Vegamour hair growth serum have to say about it.  There are two ways to discover how people have reacted to stopping the use of the serum.

One is the sites and blogs people have written who have used Vegamour, and the other is customer reviews from sites like Amazon. In either place, very few people mention what happens after you stop using the Vegamour hair growth serum.

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Review Blogs

Vegamour is only mentioned on a few sites where people review products and give their honest opinion in an article. Honest Brand Review, one such place, answers the question of what occurs when you stop using Vegamour’s serum:

“The thought of losing hair is scary, I know. But don’t stress, your hair won’t fall off if you stop using Vegamour serums. Once discontinued, you will no longer see any progress in growth and volume. After a certain period has passed, things will return to their normal state.”

Part of that is almost identical to the You Probably Need A Haircut site, which says: “If you stop using Vegamour, don’t worry – your hair won’t fall out! You just won’t see any more progress in hair growth and overall volume. In short, expect to see your hair go back to how it was prior to using the products.”

The almost identical parts about no more progress in the areas of growth and volume is something I find somewhat concerning. Fortunately, these aren’t the only blogs that answer this question, though they do confirm what those first two say.


Finding reviews from people after stopping the Vegamour serum is hard. However, there are a few reviews on Vegamour serums that look at this. There are reviews in the three-star area and higher that say Vegamour worked for them and that stopping it only had the effect Vegamour said it would.

However, lower reviews sometimes said something completely different. One person who left a one-star review stated: “If you don’t use it continuously and stop using it for a while you will lose even the hairs you had before. Scary!!!!”

Another one-star review left by a woman named Camilla stated: “I bought straight from the Vegamour website. It works a little bit but after I stopped using I lost a lot of hair. I will never try any hair grow products again.”

Her review title was: Makes you lose hair after stop using. Though not grammatically correct, it makes it clear that this woman had severe hair shedding after using it that she didn’t have before.

Almost solely in the one-star review section, there are other similar reviews. These people all had worse hair fall when they stopped using the Vegamour hair serum than they had before they started using it.

Final Thoughts

By looking at all the sites for information on this question (the reviews, blogs, and Vegamour main site), the answer is clear. Most people who stop using the Vegamour hair serum will simply lose the progress they have made in their hair regrowth.

Starting over again in your hair growth is not desirable, but it may not be a bad thing if you are switching to another hair loss treatment. This will allow you to see how your new product works compared to the Vegamour serum.

In this situation, you should give your hair time to regress to its former state before starting your new product. You must wait three to six months for your hair cycles to start over so you can see this. You can start using your new hair product immediately if you don’t care to compare it to Vegamour.

However, some people using Vegamour will suffer even worse from hair loss should they stop using the serum for any reason. This is very bad but, fortunately, the odds of this seem to be very low based on the scarcity of reviews where people have this happen to them.

Using Vegamour hair serums is something you can feel safe about doing. If you’ve started and then stopped using the Vegamour hair serum at any point in time, what happened when you stopped?

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