Vegamour Vs. Rogaine

Vegamour Vs. Rogaine

When choosing a hair loss treatment for your hair growth, a vital part is comparing your different options. Each hair loss product has advantages and disadvantages, but only you can say if a disadvantage makes a product not worth using on your thinning hair.

Vegamour and Rogaine offer two completely different treatments for hair loss. They work differently, come in different forms, have different ingredients, cost different amounts, and many other things.

Overall, Vegamour products are better than Rogaine when it comes to effectiveness and diversity. However, Rogaine offers a single, fairly inexpensive hair loss product instead of a whole line of products, making it simpler to use.

About Vegamour

Vegamour has a variety of different products for hair loss. These include shampoos, conditioners, supplements, serums, and a few other things. Their most popular lines are their Vegamour GRO and the Vegamour GRO+ Advanced.

They also have a new GRO Ageless line for those with graying hair and an ENSO line of products that isn’t well-known. Though their new line only has two products so far, their other three have an average of seven products each.

Their goal is to treat hair loss with as natural a product as possible. They try to make their products vegan and chemical-free, though Vegamour does have chemical cleansers in their shampoos and conditioners.

About Rogaine

Rogaine made their first product in 1988. They don’t have different products, simply the same product in both liquid and foam form, so you can choose your preference. Rogaine has one of each type for men and women.

These four products are mostly the same, with just a couple of slight differences that account for the form it is in. The main ingredient of all these Rogaine products is Minoxidil, which is a chemical that at first required a prescription to get.

In fact, Rogaine is simply a brand name for Minoxidil. In three of its four products, it uses a 5% Minoxidil concentration, with a 2% Minoxidil concentration being in one of its two products for women.

Minoxidil works by preventing your body from making 5AR. This is a natural composite your body makes that causes testosterone to turn into DHT, which plays the largest role in pattern hair loss. Minoxidil prevents this process from even starting.

Vegamour Vs. Rogaine

Vegamour Vs. Rogaine 2

Vegamour and Rogaine both help with hair loss, but they have more differences than they do similarities. When trying to decide which brand is best, it is important to consider things like the price, effectiveness, side effects, and other miscellaneous considerations. We’ll start with the price first. 

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Vegamour is definitely more expensive than Rogaine. In fact, when not on sale, Vegamour’s topical foam of their GRO+ Advanced line is nearly three times the price as the same amount of Rogaine’s foam. The foam from Vegamour’s GRO line is less expensive, only about twice the price of Rogaine.

All of Vegamour’s other hair growth products seem to be just as expensive; there is simply no Rogaine product to compare them to. Rogaine is the better choice if you have hair loss and lack extra funds.


Many clinical studies have been done on Minoxidil. The National Library of Medicine alone has results for 137 clinical trials on Minoxidil and its effect on hair. Most of these studies show it to be extremely effective at treating male pattern baldness.

Meanwhile, only two small studies have been done on Vegamour, one involving 20 subjects an another involving 40. These supposedly compared Vegamour to competitors’ products, but they don’t share which products they were or the details of the trials. So, Minoxidil has more evidence behind its effectiveness.

Unfortunately, Rogaine almost solely helps with pattern baldness. Even though more women have female pattern baldness than is commonly acknowledged, more men suffer from male pattern baldness. When Rogaine first came out, it was marketed only for men.

In short, Rogaine is more likely to help men with thinning hair than it is women. The opposite is true for Vegamour, which was originally a product made for women and works better for women.

Next, some people find using a combination of hair loss treatments helps more with hair regrowth. While Rogaine only offers topical treatments, Vegamour has a wide variety.

This tackles your hair loss from the outside and inside, making it more likely to be effective. Vegamour also tackles different hair loss causes with its ingredients.

It has ingredients to help block DHT for pattern baldness, the supplement has vitamins whose deficiency might be causing thinning hair, and the shampoo has antibacterial ingredients to fight off scalp infections.

Both Vegamour and Rogaine can help prevent hair thinning from happening even if you aren’t currently struggling with hair loss. Again, Vegamour products are more likely to help here as they will prevent many different causes of hair loss. In short, these two products are probably even in terms of effectiveness.

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Side Effects

Though Vegamour products aren’t completely natural, most of the ingredients that help with hair growth are plants or are derived from something natural. This reduces the number of prospective side effects.

In all of the Vegamour products, the most common side effects are allergic reactions to one of the plant ingredients. These include things like redness, swelling, itchiness, rashes, dryness, and discomfort.

Minoxidil has many more side effects. Milder reactions could include irritation, a change in the color or texture of your hair, hair growth in undesirable places like your forehead, and temporary increase in hair fall when you first start using it, as it resets your hair growth cycle.

More severe reactions include chest pains, sudden weight gain, dizziness, faintness, and swelling in your feet or hands. Rogaine recommends seeing a doctor if its product causes any of the more severe side effects.

All in all, Vegamour is unlikely to give you side effects and, if it does, these are mild. Rogaine is both more likely to cause side effects and to cause ones more serious and damaging for your health.

Other Considerations

When comparing Vegamour and Rogaine, there aren’t many other things to consider. Though Rogaine can be used on your eyebrows if you are careful not to get it too close to your eyes, it can’t be used on your eyelashes. Vegamour has an advantage here, selling a serum specifically for thickening eyelashes.

Vegamour Vs. Rogaine 3

Both have sales and sell 3-packs of some of their products for cheaper. Both also have comparable warranties, though from the reviews, Rogaine has better customer service.

Final Thoughts

Vegamour products are better overall than Rogaine when it comes to effectiveness and diversity. However, Rogaine is one fairly inexpensive hair loss product instead of a whole line of products, making it simpler to use as well.

As for which one is better for you, if you are a man whose thinning hair is caused by male pattern baldness, I think you’ll have more success with Rogaine.

In the case of hair loss not caused by pattern baldness, if you have enough money to afford it, I think Vegamour might be the better option for you.

If you know any other points of comparison I failed to mention about Vegamour and Rogaine, or have used products from either company, I’d love to know!

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