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Bosley Hair Loss Treatments

Bosley Hair Loss Treatments

Bosley is a brand that says they are America's #1 Hair Restoration Experts. This is quite a claim, but it may be enough to...
What You Need To Know About Lexapro Hair Loss; Adverse Side Effects Of Biosil 3

What You Need To Know About Lexapro Hair Loss

Sometimes taking medication is unavoidable, especially if you have a major depressive disorder or some other condition that requires you to be on antidepressant...
Can Psoriasis Cause Hair Loss

Can Psoriasis Cause Hair Loss?

If you are diagnosed with psoriasis, one thing you may be wondering is if it affects your hair growth. If you develop scaly patches...
syphilis hair loss

Syphilis Hair Loss: What To Watch For And Do

Syphilis hair loss is not something many people are familiar with. Though syphilis can cause hair loss, this is a side effect of the...
What Do Dermatologists Prescribe For Hair Loss

What Do Dermatologists Prescribe For Hair Loss?

Sometimes home remedies and over-the-counter products are not enough to help your thinning hair start growing again. If you need something more for your...
Vitamins For Postpartum Hair Loss

Vitamins For Postpartum Hair Loss

No one knows why some new moms suffer from postpartum hair loss while other new moms don't. It even varies from one pregnancy to...
accutane hair loss

Accutane Hair Loss

Acne and hair loss are both things that negatively affect the way you look. Fortunately, there are treatments for both. However, sometimes a treatment...
alyssa milano hair loss

Alyssa Milano Hair Loss Recommendations

Milano has always been open about her life, and she was equally open when she noticed hair loss. If you have hair loss, you...
can dry scalp cause hair loss

Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss?

If your scalp is dry, you may not notice until you end up with white flakes and an itchy scalp. Can a dry scalp...