Justin Bieber Hair Loss

Justin Bieber Hair Loss

Justin Bieber is a household name due to being a pop star, but you may or may not know that he has had some problems with hair loss.

He hasn’t outright said as much, but fans have noticed that his hair line isn’t quite where it used to be, especially the times he has been seen sporting a buzz cut.

The Reasons Behind Justin Bieber’s Thinning Hair

Unfortunately, it is quite common for someone to have hair loss for more than one reason. Though no one besides Justin Bieber himself can say what is causing his hair to fall, there are reasons that have quite likely negatively impacted his hair growth.

Justin Bieber Hair Loss from Stress

It is probable that some of his hair loss is caused because of stress. After all, he got his start as a singer when he was only twelve years old in 2007.

At this age, he had lovely hair, as was evidenced by the video of him singing that got him recognized for his music. Since then, he has done many other videos as his reputation has skyrocketed.

Over the years, some things he has done have caused controversy, which was possibly quite stressful for him. For example, when he got dreadlocks, he was accused by people of cultural appropriation of a part of black culture.

justin bieber hair loss

A while after that happened, he eventually did what he could to fix it and gave himself a buzz cut, which seemed to satisfy those who’d accused him of cultural appropriation. He did this with an Instagram post titled: Happy Sunday.

Justin Bieber Hair loss From Traction Alopecia

Many of Justin Bieber’s hairstyles have been tight. Every now and then, he’ll try a new look, but many of these aren’t the best style for healthy hair.

While dreadlocks like the ones Ja Morant wears can actually give your hair a break, Bieber’s style was visibly tight when he wore them.

He has also worn tight ponytails and tight braids. Tight styles can pull on your hair strands, damaging your follicles over time.

justin bieber hair loss

When his hair is shorter, he is often seen wearing tight hats. Hats that are tight enough can press into your skull, potentially cutting off the circulation your hair follicles need.

So, both wearing hats and tight hairstyles can cause hair loss. This is called traction alopecia, and it can be solved by letting your hair rest.

Justin Bieber Hair Loss From Chemicals

In addition to tight styles, Justin Bieber has often bleached his hair and done other things to it. He was quite young the first time he lightened his hair from brown to blonde.

justin bieber hair loss

Dying your hair might look nice, but it strips your hair of some of the molecules that make it up. This weakens the strands and makes them more likely to break.

Other products that Bieber has used have looked high in chemicals that are potentially damaging as well.

The way to prevent this, if you still want to bleach or dye your hair, is to not forget to do things to strengthen it or to stick with products that aren’t as damaging.

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Justin Bieber Hair Loss Theories

While those were the most likely reasons this Hollywood pop star could be losing his hair, there are other theories about Bieber’s hair that aren’t as clear cut.

justin bieber hair loss

Justin Bieber Hair Loss From Genetics

Avid fans of Bieber have noticed that his father is rarely in any photo and almost never without a hat or something on his head. It is only a theory, but many people are convinced that his father does so due to having male pattern baldness or some other type of hair loss.

Male pattern baldness is something that affects many men and is known to be passed on through family lines to some degree. Though it is a bit rare, it is entirely possible to suffer from this type of hair loss early on.

Therefore, it is possible that Bieber’s slightly receding hairline could be caused by this. Nowadays, there are many treatment options that can fix this problem. As a person who isn’t open about his hair, it is uncertain if Bieber is using anything to prevent it.

Does Justin Bieber Use Hair Loss Products?

During an interview when he was eighteen years old, the subject of Prince William’s hair loss came up. In it, Bieber acted surprised that the prince hadn’t grown his hair back.

Specifically, Bieber mentioned Propecia and said: “…You just take Propecia, and your hair grows back…”

Fans have speculated that the Hollywood singer was able to give that specific advice because he had used the product himself.

However, I think it is equally possible that Bieber may have seen his father using it at some point.

Justin Bieber’s Hairstyles

justin bieber hair loss

Between him going to the Grammys, his presence on Instagram, and all the other things he’s done since he debuted, this musician has changed his hair too many times to count.

A fashion magazine named GQ did try to count, and they found that he had 23 different styles between 2009 and 2022. Considering 22 of those were between 2011 and 2022, it was two different styles a year on average.

With no style lasting very long, sometimes just going along with his friends, it does have people wondering if he actually cares about his hair and if he is capable of sticking to one style.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why young men like Justin Bieber can lose their hair at a young age. Luckily, hair loss is becoming more freely shared in our culture, thanks a lot to famous people posting on their Instagram page about it.

This means new treatments are being pushed for that don’t take a lot of dollars and that work, making you far more likely to get a treatment that works the first time.

Instead of putting it off for another day, find the time to start showing your hair some love now so you can try to avoid hair loss.

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