Vegamour Side Effects

Vegamour Side Effects
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Vegamour has many products for hair loss and has proven that it can cause hair regrowth. However, no hair growth product is perfect, the most common problem being side effects.

Sometimes side effects are bearable if the hair growth product stops your hair loss and gives you the thicker hair you want. Other times the side effects are not worth it and can indirectly increase your hair fall.

It is vital to know in advance what possible side effects are so that you can watch for signs that you might be affected by them. Certain medical conditions make this even more important, as some hair growth products contain ingredients that can potentially interfere with medications.

What Does Vegamour Say?

Vegamour has a long Frequently Asked Questions tab on their website. Not one single question on it mentions side effects, but a couple of questions are close. For example, it has multiple variations of the question if a specific Vegamour product is safe for pregnant women.

Vegamour Side Effects 2

Their reply only says that some of their Vegamour products “might not be suitable” for women pregnant or nursing. Vegamour neglects to say if this is due to side effects or what those side effects would be, but you can see why they say this here.

Though they don’t mention anything else to do with side effects, a couple of the questions are about the CBD and caffeine in some of their products. Cannabis is only in some of Vegamour’s topical hair growth treatments, including most of their serums, one shampoo, and one conditioner.

Topical products with CBD in them often have side effects like redness, itchiness, rashes, and other allergic-type reactions.

Vegamour also says they have caffeine in their GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement Powder and in one of their probiotics. Caffeine may be good for encouraging thicker hair, but it also makes people jittery and causes insomnia and a rapid heartbeat.

As some people cannot even eat chocolate because it contains a small amount of caffeine, any amount of caffeine can cause these side effects if it is ingested. Though Vegamour confirms they do have caffeine in a supplement and probiotic, they don’t warn about this possibility.

A Vital Consideration

Another similar question Vegamour has in the FAQ is: Can biotin affect lab results? This question is in the section about the Vegamour Gummies (of which Vegamour has two types) and gives a vague reply.

They tell you to alert your primary physician when taking their hair growth gummies and that biotin is known for interfering with certain lab tests. Vegamour doesn’t say if their gummies have enough biotin to be a problem.

The Advanced Hair Care Gummies only have 150mcg. You are highly unlikely to have a problem with lab results with that small of an amount of biotin. The GRO Biotin Gummies have 5,000mcg, and that will almost certainly interfere with lab work.

This effect biotin has may not be a true side effect, but it can cause health problems. According to WebMD, the types of tests affected are ones involving heart, liver, thyroid, anemia, pregnancy, and cancer.

One of the most commonly known effects is for biotin to cause a test to say you have liver problems when your liver is perfectly healthy. When your doctor prescribes medication for your liver that you don’t actually need, taking this medication causes liver problems as it tries to fix something that isn’t wrong.

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Deaths have been reported by people having heart attacks who might have lived if biotin hadn’t interfered with their blood work. Their tests falsely showed their hearts were healthy, so their doctors didn’t give them any medication for their hearts.

Though the recommended time varies, you can prevent biotin from affecting your lab results by not taking any supplement with it at least in the 48 hours preceding getting your blood drawn.

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What Other People Say

Sometimes even when a company states that their hair growth product may cause certain side effects, they only list the ones that occurred in whatever clinical study they did on their product. Side effects that are rarer are completely missed in this case.

In addition to missed side effects, sometimes one person will have a strange side effect that only one in a thousand people will have. For example, only one review stated that the Vegamour shampoo made their hair very staticky.

A few reviews have people saying that the Vegamour product they used made their hair loss worse instead of slowing their hair fall. Many more say it didn’t help their hair at all, with a couple saying they thought it might have been causing more hair shedding but couldn’t say for certain.

Other common side effects people complained about in the one-star reviews of some of the products were things associated with allergic reactions. These included side effects like rashes, itchiness, redness, and a dry or flaky scalp.

There are many Vegamour ingredients that can potentially cause this type of reaction, which makes it hard to say which one might be causing a particular side effect.

Some natural ingredients known for mild allergic reactions that are in Vegamour include red clover, mung beans, turmeric, and soybean. Even more chemicals in Vegamour could be causing this commonly reported reaction, including potassium sorbate and citric acid, which are in almost all the Vegamour products.

Finally, in the reviews, there were one or two people saying that the serum gave them pimples on their scalp. Besides being a temporary side effect, acne around your hair follicle can damage your follicle and prevent the hair from growing properly.

Final Thoughts

One of the review blogs that talked about Vegamour simply stated that Vegamour says its products have no side effects and that you should contact them for more information.

Though this sounds like a good idea, there are multiple reviews that suggest otherwise. Many people say that the Vegamour company was almost impossible to reach and took a long time to reply even when they only wanted to cancel their subscription.

The odds that Vegamour would share any side effects there that weren’t mentioned in their FAQ is slim to none. Also, though those are all the reported side effects from both Viviscal and other people, you may experience one that hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Vegamour Side Effects

For example, phenoxyethanol is in a few of the Vegamour products and can cause things like diarrhea, kidney damage, and other adverse effects, according to the FDA, if it gets into your system.

As none of the reviews of Vegamour I saw mentioned people having these side effects, I consider these to be highly unlikely but still possible.

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