Adverse Side Effects Of Biosil

Adverse Side Effects Of Biosil

Knowing the side effects of any supplement is important before you start taking it. Biosil is no exception to this, even though it is a natural product that supposedly does nothing other than help with things like hair loss and wrinkles.

However, Biosil may be completely natural, but even regular vitamins like Vitamin D can have a negative effect if you take too much of it. You should examine the side effects of any dietary supplement you take before you add it to your routine.

What Biosil Says

Biosil does have a section on their site in their F&Q section that states the safety of their Biosil products. Though this section is long, it has some pretty good information. On the other hand, Biosil also contradicts itself slightly and doesn’t give clear wording in spots.

To start with, the section on possible side effects is further down in the section then you might want. It starts off by saying Biosil didn’t have any side effects reported in the clinical trial they did. However, they also admit that some people are extremely sensitive to choline.

Too much choline can cause things like constipation, diarrhea, nausea, accelerated heart rate, and nervousness. Then they, unnecessarily, go on to say that most people don’t get enough choline. They also recommend taking Biosil with food or lowering the dose if choline sensitivity is a problem for you. 

Next, about taking Biosil supplements on a long-term basis, the site says that there are no safety concerns when taking Biosil as directed. This seems a little contradictory to Biosil’s previous section right above it that says Biosil can have side effects.

Adverse Side Effects Of Biosil

Biosil also says that people with kidney problems shouldn’t take their supplement, but they don’t say why this is the case… Then again, people with severe kidney problems should be extra careful with any type of supplement. Their bodies can’t filter out any excess of anything very easily.

Besides those things, Biosil says that there are no known reactions between Biosil and medications. They still want you to wait an hour either before or after taking your medications before taking Biosil.

Lastly, Biosil says that there is no evidence that their supplement would be harmful for children, but they don’t recommend it for anyone under the age of seven.

What Other People Notice

Though those are the only side effects that Biosil admits to having, that is not all there is. The occasional user of Biosil has reported the occurrence of other side effects.

Adverse Side Effects Of Biosil

One person, for example, noted that Biosil seemed to mess up their hormone levels. When they stopped taking Biosil, their hormone levels went back to normal. This is actually a side effect that makes logical sense to have.

Estrogen, after all, is linked with choline. Some say that those with low estrogen require more choline, while others say that increasing your estrogen will naturally increase your choline levels in some situations.

More commonly, people complain about the skin under their eyes. A few even state that, while the Biosil supplement works great for their hair growth, nail health, and skin, it does something weird to the skin under their eyes.

Some say their skin gets puffed up there, while others say their skin looks like it gets stretched out, as though losing the skin elasticity there. Some have stopped taking Biosil, and then the skin around their eyes became alright again.

Adverse Side Effects Of Biosil

Unfortunately, one or two said that the skin there remained stretched out. In short, this side effect may be a coincidence since only a few people have this problem. However, I feel that there are enough people having some version of this same side effect to think that it is worth mentioning here.

True, eye bags are not the worst side effect to have, but they can be a big deal. Those taking Biosil are likely only doing so because they want to look better. So, a supplement that makes them look better in terms of hair growth but only while making the skin around their eyes sag isn’t a good side effect to have.

How Biosil Can Affect You

There is one point about Biosil’s possible adverse side effects that is worth looking at a little more. As for Biosil not being safe for children, many users of Biosil supplements disagree with this. Almost everyone who is even moderately healthy makes plenty of their own silica and choline.

Taking too much of either of these compounds when you don’t need to is actually quite harmful sometimes. You can have too much of any good thing, whether this is a collagen supplement, biotin supplement, or some other supplement for healthy hair or healthy skin.

Finally, your connective tissue can become dependent on the collagen production that the Biosil causes. There is more danger of this if you are younger and your body is still maturing.

If said dependence happens, your collagen levels may drop, potentially giving you brittle nails, thinning hair, and more prone to skin rash diseases.

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Final Thoughts

Biosil is good for hair regrowth and a lot of other things. What’s more, Biosil capsules are easy to take, and the ingredients in them don’t give high doses that are too much for the average person. However, each capsule is still important to take, so don’t miss a dose if you want Biosil to work.

All in all, medications for hair loss tend to have far more side effects than Biosil does. On the other hand, some herbal supplements, or even plain collagen supplements, tend to have fewer side effects than Biosil does.

Still, Biosil has many more benefits besides what it can do for your hair, some even having weight loss as a benefit. Regular vitamin supplements don’t have nearly as many benefits. Therefore, in a way, when taking Biosil, you are trading the slightly higher risk of more side effects for the greater potential for benefits.

Considering none of the Biosil side effects can be considered all that serious, Biosil is actually a pretty good option for your hair growth supplement, should you be looking to take one of those.

If Biosil is worth it is, of course, up to you, but it is one that I like. So, give Biosil a try, and feel free to tell me if any of these side effects bothered you.

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