Folexin Side Effects

Folexin Side Effects

When picking a hair loss treatment for yourself and your hair, there are a few key things about the product you are no doubt going to want to know. Some of these are what is in the product, if it will truly work for you, and other similar things.

However, the side effects of a product are also far up there on the list. Especially if health problems concern you, you will want to ensure that any product you take won’t make these worse.

Virtually every single product out there, even natural ones like Folexin, will have an adverse effect on one person. It can be vital to know what this effect is likely to be, so you know what to watch for. Sometimes knowing the side effects of something can literally be life or death information. Read Folexin reviews.

What Folexin Says

The Folexin site itself does not really say much at all about possible side effects. In fact, Folexin all but outright says that there are no side effects, though this is not exactly the case. However, what little Folexin does say is helpful to look at, and it can give you an idea or two about what to expect.

First, Folexin tells you that you do not need to have a prescription to buy their supplement. This implies some level of security, as any products that are tested and found to have a likelihood of causing side effects are restricted and require a doctor’s signature for you to get.

However, almost directly after the Folexin site tells you that, it also says that it is for adults only. This suggests that, if a child were to take Folexin, there would be some type of side effect. They also say that your ‘healthcare professional’ may direct you as to how to take it.

That, and the caution that pregnant or lactating women should consult with someone before taking Folexin, also implies that there may be reasons for not taking it. This may be just the Folexin makers covering all their bases, so to speak.

On the other hand, Folexin also specifically states that those taking medications should not only consult their doctor, but also that you should not take Folexin within one of you taking any type of medication.

While this last might simply be a safety precaution, further down the Folexin webpage, they add more. Folexin specifically states that the ingredients in their supplement can interfere with some medications reducing the effects of these.

Then, they reiterate the need to talk to your doctor first. So, clearly, Folexin can cause some effects that you would rather not have.

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What People Say

Though Folexin does not list any side effects, there are a few that people have reported having with Folexin. These reported effects are few and far in between, but they are still a distinct possibility.

For starters, some of the Folexin ingredients are meant to help digestion. However, they can disrupt the balance of your stomach, especially when you first start taking them. Also, one or two of the Folexin herbs do not always settle well on sensitive stomachs.

So, bloating is one possible way your stomach may react to Folexin, as is cramping and constipation. Taking Folexin with a meal is what they recommend, and this can help. In some cases, your stomach may get used to the Folexin, but one or two say theirs did not.

Still, you may feel that a little stomach upset is worth improved hair. Though, if you have gastrointestinal issues already, Folexin ends up adding to them. Folexin is high in iron, after all, and this can be too much for some stomachs.

Folexin Side Effects

Next, while Folexin does try to make your hair grow more, it can interrupt the hair’s cycle. This means Folexin can cause your hair to fall a little more at first instead of making it better. Obviously, this reaction is undesirable.

Since most users stop taking it as soon as that happens, it is somewhat uncertain whether or not Folexin simply caused this to allow the hair to grow back in more thickly. Either the hair would have kept falling out, or the fall increase was only temporary.

There are hair loss products out there that specifically state that you may suffer increased hair loss at first. So, while Folexin does not make this statement, there is a possibility it is simply the same for some.

A Few Things To Add

Besides the side effects that people mention and the ones that Folexin hints about, there are one or two others. For example, some have questioned that Folexin can cause liver damage. While there is something to this, it is highly unlikely that it will cause you problems.

The fact is that Folexin has the full daily dose you need of a few things, in some cases more than that. So, combining Folexin with another supplement that also has a full daily dose or more of those same things is a bad idea.

You would be literally giving yourself an overdose on those vitamins. That is the likely cause of the liver damage by Folexin. Those with existing liver problems probably already know to be careful to avoid overdoing supplements.

Next, Folexin also helps increase circulation, but one of the ways this supplement does that can be problematic. It can affect your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which may be a problem if you are taking medications for these.

This is one of the reasons Folexin tells you not to take their supplement at the same time as medications. Another reason for this instruction is that Folexin can interfere with Digoxin (Lanoxin). More correctly, the Fo-Ti in it can do this.

Fo-Ti is a powerful herb, and it actually has a list of other things it can do. This plant can affect your blood sugar, decrease your potassium levels, thin your blood a little, and can even act like estrogen, which is why it may cause problems for hormone-sensitive conditions.

That said, Fo-Ti is just one of the many ingredients in Folexin. It would take a pretty large amount of Fo-Ti in order to get any of these results, nor did I see a single review where someone said that had.

Final Thoughts

All in all, while Folexin may not be as free of side effects as you used to think it was, it is still a great product. Folexin is also still one of the safest hair treatments that you can get. The natural herbs and vitamins are about just as likely to cause side effects as taking a daily multivitamin.

That is to say, if even regular daily vitamins can cause the rare side effect and millions of people still take them with perfect confidence of safety, then you should feel just as confident about taking Folexin.

So, give Folexin a try and skip those other hair loss treatments that don’t work as well and yet also have a long list of ways they could negatively affect you.


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  1. Dear Mr. Barnes,

    Thank you for these interesting comments. They are helpful. I am impressed with the contents of Folexin, however, I am a 73 year old woman with histamine intolerance and I am afraid these supplements may be high in histamines. I have tried to find out from the manufacturer but have never received a response. Can you help!

    • Hi Carol, Thanks very much for your message. Please consult with your personal physician before taking any products that may aggravate an existing medical condition.


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