Folexin Ingredients

Folexin Ingredients
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When deciding on a supplement, or any product really, it is the ingredients that are the most important thing. Folexin is no different in this respect. So, if Folexin is something that you are considering taking for your hair, you will want to have a close look at its ingredients.

Knowing the ingredients of a supplement you take is very important, even if you trust the company. Knowing the ingredients is the first step to understanding how the supplement might affect you.

Even the best ingredients can affect you – with Folexin, you want an impact on your hair. That said, you should know what the other effects are likely to be.

Knowing exactly how each Folexin ingredient helps your hair can also be beneficial. This allows you the opportunity to try maximizing the results of a supplement like this. So, let’s see Folexin and what each ingredient is and does. And if you haven’t checked it out already, be sure to see our entire Folexin review. Read on to learn more about the Folexin supplement.


Biotin is the first mentionable ingredient in Folexin, and it is one of the B vitamins. This one is also called vitamin H, though it is very rare that it goes by that name. As part of the many individual vitamins that make up the B complex, it is used for a host of things.

This helps your cardiovascular system. This m for your hair means good heart health and, in turn, good circulation. Your circulation is particularly important for hair growth. Though help maintaining healthy nerves is less beneficial for your hair, it is still good for your overall health and can still help with natural hair growth.

It also helps your digestive system, meaning that Biotin will help you get the most out of what you eat. This includes the other Folexin ingredients, making sure they get absorbed. Your metabolism also plays some important roles.

More directly, this vitamin works with sulfur, and the both of them support the cycles of your hair growth. The fact that Biotin strengthens your hair and nails, as well as helps your skin, is a reason why many take Biotin as a supplement all by itself.

The strength that Biotin can help give your hair is enough of a reason all on its own as to why it is in Folexin. It also helps your hair’s texture, meaning those extra thin hairs, as well as the tough, wiry ones, get assisted. Texture is also what enables different hairstyles to work with your hair.

Other than in Folexin, Biotin is in things like dairy products, eggs, and certain fruits. However, the fact that Folexin has far more in a dose than you need on a daily basis, you shouldn’t need any Biotin from other sources. Nor should you take a Biotin supplement when you are also taking Folexin.

Horsetail Extract

Folexin Ingredients

Horsetail extract is probably not something you are familiar with in terms of the benefits for your hair. However, it is one of the first ingredients Folexin lists in their product, which means Folexin is high in it. This extract from horsetail root is certainly worth that spot too.

There are three main things about horsetail extract that are great for your hair. These are silica, collagen, and antioxidants. It also has minerals besides silica in it that are also good for your hair, such as selenium.

First, silica is used as a strengthener for your strands of hair. This means that strands that have enough silica in them are far less likely to break. Besides doing the same for your nails, silica also helps a little with the sheen and texture of your hair. This means healthy hair.

When paired with the collagen, silica lets your follicles make your hair cells faster. On the topic of collagen, this is another important building block of your hair, and the silica helps you absorb the collagen better.

Collagen, along with calcium, is what makes up a large amount of your bones and cartilage. Avoiding breaking any bones might not help your hair directly, but it still can help in the long run.

Finally, the antioxidants in horsetail extract are certainly directly beneficial as well as indirectly. Free radicals can not only attack your follicles and cause hair loss, after all, but they can also cause problems with your immune system.

Horsetail is something you can get fresh, some stores selling the root for you to cook into meals. You can also get horsetail root powder by itself and take it as a supplement. However, if taking Folexin, you are getting all of the horsetail you need in your diet.

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Next, Fo-Ti is another great Folexin ingredient, and one that is very popular for hair growth. As you may know, Fo-Ti is a plant that is native to China. More than that, this plant has been and is still used all over Asia for its help with reversing or slowing down aging.

What is more a symbol of aging but graying and thinning hair? Fo-Ti does help with your skin as well. In fact, Fo-Ti has the purpose of essentially revitalizing all of your systems to their optimum state. This makes it good for your overall health, immune system, and your internal organs.

Supposedly Fo-Ti is enough help for your hair to regain some of its color even after it has started to turn gray. That is in addition to the help it gives with thickening your hair. Also, it helps with both breakage and dimness, keeping your hair looking both full and shiny.

Unlike with chemical or prescription options, the results of Fo-Ti don’t go away if and when you stop taking it. So, you get to keep the results you get, which is very useful.

Fo-Ti can also help a little with menopause, which can often affect hair growth as well. This plant accomplishes this by helping your hormones, which is also useful for things like alleviating depression symptoms. Along with menopause, Fo-Ti also is thought to help with fertility, which you may or may not want.

Though great, Fo-Ti is something you can overdo. Folexin has quite enough of this plant in it, so you shouldn’t take more Fo-Ti other than what you get from this supplement. You can get Fo-Ti in a form all by itself, though, should you wish to see what effect it alone could give you.

Saw Palmetto

Though the saw palmetto in Folexin is much further down on the list of ingredients, it is still so popular and good for your hair that it had to have its own section. Where Fo-Ti is from China, saw palmetto is from America. Native Americans used this plant actually to treat coughs and other things.

That is because saw palmetto is great for your immune system. As usual, any help with that is going to be good for your hair, especially as some diseases specifically affect the scalp. Don’t forget that long illnesses can directly cause your hair to then as well.

More to the point, however, saw palmetto has more recently been proven to help neutralize DHT. Considering how widespread the knowledge is about how much DHT harms your hair, I will just refer to you another post that goes over just how much help it is to block this hormone.

Even more, this American plant also has some good anti-inflammatory properties in it. Other than DHT, inflammation is one of the top hair killers. Too much inflammation strangles your cells by blocking off nutrients to them and can be caused by a variety of things.

Saw palmetto is usually extracted from the fruit of the plant. So, technically, growing saw palmetto yourself – if you live in the right climate – is perfectly feasible. However, getting saw palmetto as a supplement, either by itself or in a mix like Folexin, is much easier.

Still, if you don’t feel Folexin has enough of this plant, you can get some good thickening shampoos that have saw palmetto in them. In fact, getting and using one of those shampoos is a particularly good idea. In that way, your hair will be getting some of this plant on the inside and the outside.

The Vitamins

Folexin Ingredients

Folexin has a good amount of vitamins as some of its ingredients. The first I’ll note are the B vitamins in this supplement. In fact, Folexin has five other B vitamins besides the Biotin, and each one has well over triple the amount you need to take on a daily basis.

This means Folexin essentially is its own B vitamin complex, which can do wonders for your hair. Besides helping your hair, B complexes are helpful for your health, especially helping your energy levels.

Folexin also has the full daily amount you need of vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and manganese. Just looking at these vitamins, there is a lot of goodness here. The D is probably why Folexin is supposedly good for certain types of depression.

Meanwhile, the vitamin C deserves its own article for just how much help it can give your hair. Vitamin C just does so much for your whole body that it is hard to compete with. The manganese is also extremely necessary, though not as much appreciated.

Besides giving you all of those you need, Folexin has just under the daily amount of vitamin E and iron. So many hair growth people put vitamin E oil directly into their hair, which is because of how it helps. Both these vitamins help build your hair. The E helps with shininess, and the iron is a building block.

Finally, Folexin has smaller amounts of vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. I think Folexin could have put a little more A in it, considering how beneficial A is to your hair. But, once again, these Folexin ingredients are all great additions to the supplement. The calcium works well with the iron and the C to build up your hair, with the C helping both the others be absorbed.

The Other Plants

Though the Fo-Ti and the saw palmetto are both the most recognizable, there are a few other plants in Folexin. These are bamboo extract, nettle root, peony root, spirulina, alfalfa, and barley grass. Looking at these other plants one at a time is useful to do.

Bamboo extract, to start with, is extremely high in silica. In fact, the extract of this plant is about 70% silica. Since silica is used to give both your skin and hair elasticity, you can see why this nutrient is vital. The more elasticity your hair strands have, the less they are likely to break.

Also, silica is one of the things your follicles need to make your hair strands. Besides the silica, bamboo extract is very moisturizing as well as cleansing. The antioxidants that are in bamboo are certainly an advantage as well.

Additionally, bamboo also helps with detoxification. You can find bamboo in various forms, in shampoos, as supplements, in powder, as an extract, and more.

As for the nettle in Folexin, it is just as solid of an ingredient as the rest. There are three main functions of the nettle – more commonly known as the stinging nettle plant. These are that it enhances circulation, is rich in antioxidants, and it also blocks DHT.

That is beside the fair amount of nutrients that nettle also has. Nettle is also fairly easy to grow yourself, and it can be found in virtually any form you might want it in.

Next, the peony root seems like an oddball, with little to no documentation of how it might help your hair. However, the remaining three ingredients go back to being great once more. These three are high in nutrients, on top of the many nutrients that Folexin has besides these.

The Random Ingredients

Though all the main Folexin ingredients have already been covered, there are a few left. This is mostly the cellulose, rice flour, magnesium stearate, and the silicon dioxide that make up the capsule. Since some of the Folexin ingredients aren’t exactly known for tasting very good, the capsule is rather a necessity.

This is why, though the Folexin capsules can be taken apart and the powder inside added to your smoothie or other drink, it is really not recommended that you do so. However, if you are determined to avoid those capsule ingredients for any reason – the rice flour, for instance, won’t fit with paleo diets – then you can consider them optional.

Folexin Ingredients

Final Thoughts

All in all, Folexin is a supplement that is made up of various vitamins and plants. These are all nutritional ingredients that are good for you regardless of your hair goals. These Folexin ingredients also have a host of other benefits that you are likely to get with it, none of which you are likely to complain about.

These all work with each other to repair damage in your scalp and hair follicles. Folexin also provides your follicles with almost all of what they need to grow your hair, giving you a fresh start.

So, try out some Folexin and let me know how well this supplement did or didn’t work for you. Also, feel free to check out the ingredients individually to see what their effect is on your hair.

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