Folexin Liver Damage: Should You Be Worried?

Folexin Liver Damage: Should You Be Worried?

You may have heard that Folexin is not all that it claims to be and that, in spite of the fact that the makers of Folexin claim that there are not any side effects to it, that there is one very serious one.

If you are naturally suspicious about big names like Folexin, this is obviously going to raise a red flag. However, just because one or two people suffer from something while taking the same supplement, this does not necessarily mean that Folexin is the common denominator.

Still, even knowing that, it is still possible that a supplement can be used incorrectly as well. In that case, any side effect would not truly be the fault of the maker. This is why knowing the details of any accusation is vital.

As any sort of dangerous side effect is a serious matter, it is worth looking into with its own post. First, we’ll look at the claim, and then see if it is possibly true or not and what it might mean for you. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Folexin reviews.

The Claim

The claim that one or two people have made is that Folexin caused them to have liver damage. However, as mentioned, just because more than one person had this problem, it doesn’t mean that the cause was Folexin.

Now, the company behind Folexin apparently takes accusations like this very seriously. So, what is more to the point was the study that was done on Folexin to test for this.

According to the study, Folexin can lead to a variety of different liver problems, and it can worsen existing ones. However, I couldn’t find the specifics on this study – though it is entirely possible I just missed it. There are also several reports about this exact thing.

One thing that I find suspicious is the fact that Folexin supposedly led to liver damage in a five-year-old child. It is implausible that a kid this age was part of a study, and nowhere did I see what a kid was doing taking an adult supplement.  

That aside, there was some evidence that suggested pairing Folexin with other supplements was what led to the liver damage. Technically, the liver problems the other supplement was just as much a fault as Folexin was in those cases.

Still, some people taking Folexin and who have not been taking any other supplements have supposedly had problems as well. This, though, is less documented and so rare that it might still be caused by other factors. So, the possibility of this claim being true is rather important to look at.

Folexin Liver Damage: Should You Be Worried?

Is It True?

Having a study done is pretty reputable, and it means that Folexin can indeed cause this problem. Considering some of the other stuff that is said, however, it seems like it is not just Folexin’s fault.

As for the five-year-old, well, I find a problem with that. Actually, I have two problems. First, why anyone would have a child that age taking a supplement meant for an adult is beyond me. However, that brings up the second problem, which is: when used incorrectly, any type of supplement can be harmful.

You should never take double or more of the amount that they recommend or use any type of product in a way it was not intended. That is common sense. You may be hoping to get better results, but you are likely just opening yourself up for problems.

Simply put, taking Folexin in a way other than what they say makes any resulting problems your fault. In the case of the kid, Folexin specifically says it is for adults, so I am not surprised. If a child that age were to take adult supplements of literally any type, it would be a bad thing.

Mainly, because the amount of stuff in Folexin is the dosage for an adult, essentially meaning the child was overdosing on Folexin. Yes, you can overdo taking good things when your body simply can’t process that much.

On that note, combining Folexin, even the recommended amount, with one or more other supplements is also overdosing some things. Unfortunately, it is your liver that is supposed to do a lot of that processing. Hence, liver problems as it can’t keep up, which is completely logical.

What It Means For You

All things considered, Folexin is highly unlikely to cause you liver damage of any sort. It is also improbable that you will have to change anything or to take any precautions against this happening. So, what this means for you is that you are pretty much good to go.

That said, unlikely does not mean impossible. If you do have liver problems of any type of liver problems run in your family, a few precautions might be advisable for you to take. If you are not already getting your liver checked out regularly, then that is a good place to start.

Whether or not you have any liver problems, a good doctor will make sure they know what supplements you take. Better yet, telling them what is in the Folexin is also a good idea for other reasons.

Next, this also means Folexin is not really meant to be taken with other supplements. Though the company behind Folexin doesn’t say so, you clearly don’t want to harm yourself. Getting too much of some of the ingredients into your system can be bad for more than just your liver.

On this note, take Folexin only if you are an adult, and stick to the recommended doses. Finally, just take good care of your liver in general. There are plenty of detoxes and things to reboot it to keep it, and you, healthy.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, while Folexin can potentially cause liver problems, it is not likely to be something that should concern you. One final thing I’d note is that I could find nothing that graphed the amount of people who had liver problems with Folexin that showed how many cases might have been caused by incorrect usage.

So, it is wholly possible that all or almost all the cases of liver damage when taking Folexin were caused by other things, which Folexin simply contributed two. That is why I still think Folexin is one of the safest supplements to take, and the one I recommend.


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