Benefits Of Biosil for Hair Loss

Benefits Of Biosil for Hair Loss
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Biosil is a product that you might very well be looking at if you are suffering with hair loss. However, Biosil does a lot more than you might think. It even has more benefits than the ones they tell you about. Knowing what all Biosil’s benefits are can help you decide if Biosil is a supplement that you want.

What Biosil Says

The first place to look at the benefits of any supplement is from the makers of it. After all, it is entirely self-serving for them to point out just how much their product can help you so that you will be more inclined to buy it.

They repeatedly state that Biosil is an advanced collagen generator, which is the first benefit. Biosil also states that it helps with keratin and elastin. In short, Biosil uses natural factors to help you make more of each of these instead of simply supplying the deficit.

Benefits Of Biosil for Hair Loss

Keratin is the main thing that helps with hair loss in Biosil. It is something that each hair follicle needs to make your hair thicker. The elastin is also used for hair growth, however, as it gives each strand a little elasticity so it is less likely to break.

It is primarily the elastin, along with the collagen, that also helps with your skin health. Your skin is an extremely underestimated but very important part of your body. If you are lacking in proper skin elasticity, you will end up with wrinkles, sagging skin, and all sorts of other problems.

Between the collagen, keratin, and elastin, your nails get some care as well. Brittle nails will grow in stronger and healthier. In short, the main benefits that Biosil supplementation can help with – and the benefits that they list – are healthy skin, thicker hair, and better nail health.

However, just because these are the benefits that Biosil tells you about, that doesn’t mean these are the only benefits that Biosil can give you. After all, most supplement companies will highlight only the benefits they consider to be the most desirable.

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The Proof

Unlike many hair loss companies that state that their products work without having any actual proof of it, Biosil does have some proof. The clinical trials which have been done on Biosil are posted on their website for anyone who wants to take a look at them.

There is not as much proof for Biosil as there is for other, more popular hair loss treatments like Minoxidil. However, there are many hair loss supplements that haven’t had a single clinical trial done on them, making Biosil’s three studies much better.

The first study was done specifically to look at what Biosil does for skin. Specifically, those doing the study – which lasted for 20 weeks – paid attention to wrinkles and skin elasticity. The study showed that Biosil did indeed help with both of these things, and people also noted that the brittleness of their hair and skin decreased.

The second study was about Biosil and how it affected hair quality. For the trial, three different things were measured. These were: the thickness of the hair strands, the brittleness of the hair, and the elasticity of the hair. In all three cases, Biosil supplementation made a measurable difference for the better.

The third clinical trial that Biosil tested their product on was surprisingly not nail growth. Biosil was tested to see what it could do for cartilage degeneration, specifically cartilage degeneration in the knees.

This trial on Biosil showed that there was less knee discomfort, less knee stiffness, and better function. It is also mentioned that it has a positive effect on ligaments, tendons, and bones. It may not specify how they measured this last part, but it is reasonable to assume that Biosil does help with those.

What Is In Biosil

Benefits Of Biosil for Hair Loss

Perhaps the largest contributor to what the benefits of Biosil are is clearly going to be linked to what is in it. The main ingredients are choline and silica, though there are a few others as well, depending on which form of Biosil you get.

The other ingredients are mostly there just to keep these two stable and in the form you want them. For example, the liquid capsules have hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in them, which is what makes up the capsule. This ingredient doesn’t do anything for you either one way or the other, but it is necessary for the capsule.

However, it is the main two ingredients that have the most benefits for you. So, let’s look at the benefits of the choline and the silica in order to get a better idea of the potential benefits of Biosil.

The Choline

Choline has several main bodily functions that it helps with and that it benefits. For starters, choline helps absorb fat cells and turns these into making cell membranes and nerves. Therefore, choline both has the benefit of possibly helping with weight loss and nerve functions.

Since it is one of your neurotransmitters that helps with memory retention, choline can also benefit you there as well. Considering some medications that treat Alzheimer’s act a lot like choline, it shouldn’t be surprising that choline can benefit degenerative diseases like that one.

Next, choline also has a couple of benefits for your liver. Choline both benefits your liver in so far as keeping fat from building up there. However, choline also takes the fats to your liver that it needs. It also keeps the bad fats away from your heart, which is certainly a benefit there as well.

After that, choline benefits your muscles. Though the nerve help might also help with your reflexes, it also prevents your muscles from feeling as sore after a long workout. In turn, this lack of soreness can let you work out for long, which can help even more with weight loss.

Finally, choline is also very vital during pregnancy and when a child is going through their growth spurts. Though choline might not do much for the woman who is pregnant, there is some proof that choline helps the developing baby.

Women who get plenty of choline while pregnant will have a baby with lower chances of brain abnormalities. Kids can be benefited by choline helping with ADHD problems and a sharper focus.

The Silica

Silica has its own list of benefits, which is why it is sometimes taken as a dietary supplement all by itself. For starters, silica is a popular supplement for hair, skin, and nails. Silica is one of the things that make up your nails and, to a lesser degree, your hair.

More to the point, silica supports any collagen in your body, and it is part of what gives collagen its elasticity. This elasticity, as mentioned, if good for your hair, but it is also helpful for all of your connective tissue.

Some of the specific connective tissues it helps with include the ones in your digestive tract. Just as beneficial, if not more so, silica also strengthens the connective tissues that make up your blood vessels. These combined make for better digestion and better blood flow, both of which have many side benefits.

In addition to aiding your collagen, silica also assists your body to use calcium. Calcium is used for not only bones, but for your teeth and gums as well. Healthy bones can be a huge benefit all on their own. There is plenty more that silica does for you, but those are what you might call the highlights.

Final Thoughts

This Biosil review has hopefully shown you that there are significant benefits to Biosil. Even though the increased collagen production is what Biosil mostly focuses on as its benefit, there are clearly plenty of factors about it that can help with healthy hair.

So, perhaps this Biosil supplement is exactly what you have been looking for. Feel free to drop a few words down below in the comments if you took Biosil and it helped you with something I didn’t mention here.

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