Camphor for Hair Growth: Does it Work?

Camphor for Hair Growth: Does it Work?
Camphor For Hair Growth: Does It Work?

Extracted from Cinnamonum camphora trees found in Japan, Vietnam, and China, camphor essential oil is full of health benefits to improve the condition of your scalp. It has been used for centuries because of the therapeutic qualities and has a history dating back as early as 600 AD.

Camphor oil is full of antioxidant properties and has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties as well. It has also been proven to minimize scars. All these properties can improve hair growth for many people! Unfortunately, if you are facing hair loss due to DHT, camphor oil will not be able to help in your situation. Luckily, there are many other remedies available for you to try if testosterone is the root cause of your hair loss, so don’t get discouraged.

Why Camphor Is Beneficial for Healthy Hair

As mentioned above, camphor oil is full of properties that help keep the scalp healthy.


Camphor is a stimulant. As a stimulant, the circulatory system is given a boost, providing nutrients back to your scalp that it previously was lacking.


Camphor oil has been used to treat a variety of germs and fungal infections. If you have problems with ringworm or other germs that are halting hair growth, camphor can help disinfect your scalp.


If your hair follicle is inflamed, you might be shedding hair. As an anti-inflammatory, camphor can help reset your scalp back to a healthy condition.

Helps with Scars

Hair follicle scarring can happen to men and women alike. When you add camphor oil, it can help the scarring, not only by minimizing the inflammation but helping the follicle heal.


How To Use Camphor

Dilute the camphor oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Apply it to your scalp and leave on for the desired amount of time. Our recommendation is no longer than thirty minutes. Once the allotted time has passed, rinse your hair and wash with your daily shampoo. Be sure to check that all the oil is removed from your scalp.

Use this treatment once a week and you should see an improvement in your hair growth.

Side Effects

While most essential oils like camphor are considered safe for most adults, it is important to make sure it is used in small doses and diluted properly. If undiluted, you might notice side effects like skin irritation and redness. If you begin to have any adverse reactions, stop using the product immediately as you are likely allergic to it.

It is also important to note than people with a history of liver disease should not use this product. It can cause liver damage or make liver disease worse.

Final Thoughts

While it is considered a safe treatment for most people, camphor oil is a great option for those looking to improve their hair growth. Although it does not treat an overproduction of DHT, if your hair loss is from lack of circulation, fungal infections, or inflammation, camphor is a great choice!

Not sure if Camphor Oil is for your hair? Read real reviews about what impact Camphor Oil has made before making your purchase.

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