Celebrity Postpartum Hair Loss

Celebrity Postpartum Hair Loss

Hair loss is something anyone can experience. Even celebrities get hair loss, with some of them being open about it. One type of hair loss that affects more celebrities than you might think is postpartum hair loss.

Celebrity Postpartum Hair Loss

This is hair loss that comes after a woman has given birth and is caused by hormones becoming out of balance. Usually, a woman’s hormones balance themselves after a while. This allows hair to grow back, often without any intervention needed.

Even knowing your hair will grow back doesn’t help you feel better when you see your hair thinning, however. What can be encouraging is knowing other people are or have gone through the same thing, especially if it is someone you look up to or who is popular, like the following ten celebrities.

1. Christina Milian

Christina Milian, a singer/songwriter, is one of the celebrities who didn’t hide her postpartum hair loss. In fact, she was completely casual when she mentioned it while doing a YouTube video.

She was going over her hair and makeup routine, putting her hair in a bun, as she mentioned that she was experiencing hair loss after giving birth to her son in January. According to her description, one day, she had long hair, and the next, she was wondering where her hair was.

Though she doesn’t say how rapid her postpartum hair loss was, the implication was that it was sudden and without warning.

Milian recommended a certain boar bristle hairbrush as something that helped her hair. Though this type of brush isn’t likely to stop hair fall, it is gentle on hair and doesn’t cause extra breaking.

2. Lea Michele

Lea Michele, a Glee actress and American singer, also openly shared about her postpartum hair loss. Instead of using YouTube, she posted about it on her Instagram account. The Instagram post showed a hair in her hand that had fallen out with the caption: “Postpartum hair loss is REAL”.

There was also another picture of her with hair that went to the bottom of her shoulder blades. In this picture, she mentioned enjoying the hair while she could before getting what she called a “mom bob.”

The “bob” she referred to is a regular bob haircut, which is a good haircut for hiding thinning hair. Shortly after posting, Michele did get her hair cut to just above her shoulders to help it look healthier.

3. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, a model, has been open about her postpartum alopecia all the way through. She has had severe hair loss both times she has given birth—first to a boy and then to a set of twins.

She told New York Times after giving birth to her first child that, about four months after giving birth, she lost her hairline. During the interview, which was about nine months postpartum, Graham said that her hair was starting to grow back.

She recommends a serum from Kerastase to help hair grow back in. Since having her twins, Graham also has posted pictures of her hair multiple times to show both the loss and the regrowth.

4. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, both an actress and a founder of The Honest Company, didn’t post about postpartum hair loss after her children were born. Instead, she took action, and her company released a postnatal hair wellness product.

When the release went out, she admitted that she struggled with hair loss after having her kids. Alba stated that it isn’t something people really speak about, but that it was normal and important to her to have a good supplement for the postpartum period.

She says that she still uses the postnatal product her company makes even though she is technically past the point where she is considered to be in the postpartum stage. According to Alba, her product has done a lot to keep her hair healthy.

5. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity star for too many reasons to list. Unlike most of the women on this list, she hasn’t shared anything publicly about her hair loss.

In fact, this reality star seems to deliberately hide it with extensions and hairstyles that involve weaves. However, there are pictures of her with clearly thin hair, showing she obviously has some level of hair loss and perhaps some bald patches.

Kardashian also has mentioned a couple of things she does for her hair. First, she only shampoos her hair three or four times a week. Second, she uses moisturizing hair masks to lock moisture in. Both of these tips can help prevent hair from drying out and are good ideas for almost any type of hair loss.

6. Britt Ekland

Britt Ekland might not be as famous as the other women here, but she was once a famous Swedish actress who starred in one of the 007 movies as a Bond girl. She apparently had no complaints with her hair during or after her first two pregnancies.

It was during her third pregnancy that her hair started getting noticeably thicker. Unfortunately, shortly after giving birth, she got excessive hair loss. Where most women at least start to get some of their lost hair back within a few months of giving birth, Ekland’s hair didn’t grow back.

She spent thousands of dollars on hair treatments, shampoos, tried a strict diet, and other things to try to help her hair. It only got worse when she hit menopause early. It was after that, when she had started wearing wigs to cover how bad it was, that she finally found a hair loss treatment that worked for her.

This proved to be a supplement high in minerals, especially silica. It allowed her hair to grow back to healthy levels, though perhaps not as thick as it was before her third child.

7. Selma Blair

Selma Blair had one of the most casual reactions to losing her hair postpartum. Four months after giving birth to her only son, she spoke with PEOPLE magazine, mentioning that her hair started falling out about three months after giving birth.

She then joked about not being the type of girl who likes extensions, so she was just going to see what a bald hairstyle was like. Fortunately, she didn’t actually get close to becoming bald, but her boldness to wear her thinning hair as-is made her stand out slightly while it slowly got thicker again.

8. Jacqueline Jossa

Jacqueline Jossa, an English actress and TV presenter, had slightly thicker hair while pregnant with her first daughter. However, almost as soon as her baby girl was born, she started noticing that her hair was thinner.

Unlike most cases, where hair loss starts two to three months postpartum, Jossa said she noticed it the first time she had the energy to try hair styling after having her daughter.

As someone who had always had long hair, this was particularly worrisome. What was worse was that most of the loss was at the front around her face. Though it started growing back on its own, she reported that the baby hairs were growing in random directions on her scalp and were harder to tame at first.

9. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, an American actress, had an easy first pregnancy with no postpartum hair loss or anything else. However, during her second pregnancy, she said she put on a lot more weight. She also had skin breakouts while still pregnant.

After she gave birth, she lost some of her hair, and she struggled to get off the excess weight. Though it took a while, she did get back to normal in every way. Her situation is proof that each pregnancy is different, even for the same person.

10. Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher, an English actress and blogger, has been quite vocal about postpartum hair loss after giving birth. After only discovering this side effect of pregnancy, she has sought to make more people aware of how normal it is.

She has posted multiple pictures as her hair grows back, some of them with humorous captions. In one, she took a closeup of a tuft of baby hair on her scalp, saying it made her look like a troll. Another caption had her saying she had so much baby hair sticking out that it looked like she had gotten electrocuted.

Honorable Mentions

Some women celebrities with postpartum alopecia aren’t vocal about it when their hair falls out. This means that it isn’t known how much hair thinning these moms suffered, at what point they lost hair after giving birth, or if it is growing back without aid.

For example, Victoria Monet is known to have had postpartum hair loss. She posted on Twitter that she had lost 40% of her hair, which she said was coming out in mounds. However, she doesn’t say if she used any products for her hair growth or if her hair has recovered.

Tamar Braxton is another woman who mentioned her hair falling out postpartum, with nothing else being known about her case of thinning hair. Meanwhile, Jamie Otis is another famous name who has also done one or two posts about her postpartum alopecia.

Are there other women celebrities you know who have talked about their postpartum hair loss that I didn’t mention?

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