What Are The Ingredients In Biosil?

What Are The Ingredients In Biosil?

Biosil is a hair growth product that you may or may not be familiar with, though it says it is an advanced collagen generator. It is one of the few hair growth treatments to have a nicely short ingredient list.

Unfortunately, these ingredients aren’t likely ones you are familiar with in regards to how they can help with your hair loss. Having a better understanding of Biosil’s ingredients is actually an important step in knowing how biosil works.

In turn, this information can help you decide if Biosil is the right hair loss treatment for you.

Why Ingredients Are Important

What Are The Ingredients In Biosil?

When picking a product to use for your hair growth, one of the first things you probably consider is ingredients. Looking at the ingredients of something can be done for many different reasons.

For starters, hair loss treatments of any kind often have some sort of ‘filler’ ingredient. Those, and the occasional ingredient that can actually hurt your hair, are things you want to avoid.

Also, having allergies, medical conditions, or some other problem might mean that you simply have to be more picky about what goes into your body. An allergy might mean that some hair growth remedies are completely off the table for you.

A medical condition might require medication that could potentially interfere with whatever treatment you use for your hair. On the flip side, a hair growth treatment can also potentially nullify or otherwise interfere with your medication as well. Neither option is something you want.

Next, as mentioned, the ingredients that are in something can often give you an idea of how the product works. Knowing how the different ingredients work will normally give you an idea as to whether or not it will work for you.

Finally, knowing what the ingredients in something are and what they are used for can sometimes raise a red flag. For example, a product can claim that the Vitamin A in it helps blood pressure.

However, if they have no proof that Vitamin A does this, and if this effect is not mentioned elsewhere, then it is probably just them trying to make their product look better than it actually is. That should certainly be a red flag.

Also, if a product says that it has no filler ingredients, it can still sometimes have filler ingredients, just using ingredient names that you are not familiar with.

The Ingredients In Biosil

Though Biosil has three different products, these three are basically the same thing. Their only differences are the forms they take. In order to get Biosil into these different forms, however, there are one or two ingredients that are different.

For example, the liquid Biosil is the most basic. Meanwhile, the capsule and the liquid capsule Biosil options have an added ingredient that makes up the capsule. For example, the liquid capsules are made up of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

Biosil has only two main ingredients. These are silicon and choline. More specifically, the silicon is a Choline Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid, while the choline has an ch-OSA® designation by it. This ch-OSA is a choline that was specifically formulated by Biosil.

The ingredients besides the main ones are silicon dioxide and purified water. That is all there is apart from the capsule ingredients. The liquid drops, for their part, have a glycerol in them to help keep it stable and to prevent the nutrients from evaporating.

In short, the main ingredients of Biosil are choline and silicon. However, these two specific types of choline and silicon were specifically developed by Biosil for the purpose of helping with hair loss. That said, both of these ingredients do act in much the same way as normal silicon and choline.

What Are The Ingredients In Biosil

Choline is an extremely important nutrient that gives cells in the human body their strength, which is its primary use. Meanwhile, silicon is more of a mineral that helps with bones, both in their formation and growth.

Neither is directly linked to hair growth, which is partially why Biosil went the length they did to pick the specific ones of these – in one case formulating their own – so that they would help your hair.

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What Biosil Is For

Now that you know what Biosil’s ingredients are, perhaps you’re still confused as to what Biosil is meant to do. This purpose is not immediately obvious just from the ingredients. Biosil’s description says that Biosil is formulated to help your body with collagen.

Instead of collagen being outright provided for your body, Biosil tries to do something else entirely. This is to help your boy make more of its own collagen. Though getting your body to do this means it takes longer for hair growth results, it is healthier in the long term.

The three things Biosil strives to accomplish with the collagen are stronger nails, skin elasticity, and luscious hair. To help with your hair, skin, and nail health more, Biosil actually also helps with keratin and elastin. Both keratin and elastin are vital for hair growth and are closely linked with collagen.

Supposedly Biosil also prevents the collagen you do have, and the added collagen you make, from degrading. This allows you more time for your body to use the collagen without it being filtered out as unneeded.

Even though Biosil helps with hair, nails, and skin in various ways, using Biosil as a hair growth supplement is its most common use. Help with brittle nails is probably Biosil’s second most common use.

As mentioned, Biosil has some slight differences in the additional ingredients. The purpose of Biosil’s different forms is to make Biosil easy for you to take. The Biosil liquid doesn’t have any ingredients to help with the taste. However, the liquid also doesn’t taste bad or have a noticeably bad smell.

The other two Biosil options are pills, a hard capsule being one and a liquid gel pill being the other. Along with the almost identical ingredients, the purpose of all these is the same.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Biosil’s ingredients aren’t ones that you are likely to recognize. This can make it not as appealing as some of the other hair loss treatments you are likely to use.

Biosil’s ingredients also have less proof behind them that they work when it comes to dermatological research when compared to other hair loss supplements that have been around for longer.

In short, Biosil has some pretty good ingredients, but I would go so far as to list these among the best. There are other hair growth products that are better in that area. Still, Biosil has proven that their ingredients work, so their hair supplements just might work for you as well.

The fact that Biosil might also help you get healthy bones, less painful joints, and strong nails in addition to healthy hair definitely makes it worth considering. So, feel free to let me know if Biosil allowed you to have thicker hair, and a note as to if the skin care part of the genuine collagen regeneration simply gave you smooth skin with fewer wrinkles.

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