What Is Biosil? Does it Work for Hair Loss?

What Is Biosil? Does it Work for Hair Loss?

Biosil is perhaps not one of the most common hair loss supplements that you can find. It is not even something you are likely to think about when looking for a collagen supplement. However, Biosil is both a hair loss supplement and a collagen one.

What Is Biosil Does it Work for Hair Loss 2

But simply knowing that Biosil can help you with your collagen production, hair growth, and other things, doesn’t really answer a lot of questions about it. Some of these include what is in Biosil, how it works, how to use it, and many other things.

So, let’s take Biosil and look at some of these questions, starting with the history of Biosil and what products they offer.

About Biosil

On Biosil’s About Us page, they say that they have been hard at work for over 25 years. At first, the company behind Biosil was more widely known as Bio Minerals NV. During this time, Biosil has done a lot of clinical research on three key things: collagen, elastin, and keratin.

Biosil feels that natural factors are the way to go, as your body knows how to take care of itself. It simply needs a little help sometimes. This was why Biosil started developing their choline stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®) as soon as they were founded in 1994.

They took a year to develop it and to explore its potential benefits before putting their Biosil drops out on the market in 1995 in the USA. The company stayed the same for the most part from then until 2004, when they launched Biosil in capsule form. Biosil also expanded to Canada at that time.

The year after that, Biosil had their first placebo-controlled clinical study done. In 2007, Biosil had a second study done to see what Biosil supplements would do for hair.

In 2008, Biosil had their third study done. This one showed that Biosil can help with healthy bones, connective tissues, and joint health. It was also in 2008 that Biosil won an award for their product. It was a few years after that that Biosil started expanding outside North America.

In 2017, Biosil had yet another study done, showing how Biosil helps with joint pain in addition to nail health and hair growth. Biosil also publicized the results of their three top studies on their website.

It was as late as 2019 that Biosil made their third form, which is vegan capsules. Since then, Biosil has seemingly been content to keep everything just the way it is.

The Products

As mentioned, Biosil sells their product in three different forms. First, Biosil is as a liquid drop; second, as a capsule; and third, as a liquid filled capsule. In each of these Biosil supplements, the main ingredient is choline stabilized orthosilicic acid.

Ch-OSA® is Biosil’s patented ingredient that supposedly activates your body to produce more of its own collagen and elastin, as well as keratin. It is essentially made up of a form of silicon that is stabilized with choline.

As for the other ingredients in Biosil, none of these are active. Their sole purpose is to keep Biosil in the form you buy it in. For example, the capsule part of the liquid capsules is made of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

The regular Biosil capsules have a similar ingredient, and even the liquid drops has something in it to keep them stable. Therefore, the ch-OSA® complex is really the only ingredient that matters. Since it is made up of both choline and silicon, you get the added benefits from both of those things.

What Is Biosil Does it Work for Hair Loss

In short, Biosil simply sells its product in three different forms to cater to people’s personal preferences. The liquid Biosil is added to water, and it lets the Biosil be absorbed in your system as quickly as possible.

The liquid option is also the favorite choice of those who dislike swallowing pills for whatever reason. Though having two different capsule forms of Biosil might seem to be redundant, there is a good reason for both.

The liquid filled Biosil capsules are slightly more expensive. However, these capsules also keep the Biosil in a liquid-like form. This lets the Biosil be absorbed almost as quickly as the liquid drops. For those who want the cheapest option, the other Biosil capsule is the way to go.

The Advantages

For starters, you’ll likely notice that Biosil is easy to find from many of your favorite online shopping places. There are enough of these places that sell Biosil that you can almost always find a sale of some type on it.

Besides those, Biosil has the added benefit of helping you with collagen without being collagen. The fact is that vegans and vegetarians can’t take regular collagen supplements. Collagen formation occurs mostly in tissues, which is why most collagen supplements are animal products.

This is why Biosil is a great option for those wanting the benefits of collagen without needing to have an animal product. More than that, some might feel Biosil is healthier because of how it works.

After all, genuine collagen regeneration, where your body ups its own collagen production, has to be better than simply giving your body the collagen it wants. In the latter case, supplying your body with collagen might lead to reduced collagen levels if you stop taking it.

Also, if you buy the Biosil capsules and decide that you don’t like it in that form, you can simply open them up and dump the powder inside in your water.

The Benefits

The top advantages of Biosil, and the ones you are likely to be the most interested in, are its benefits. According to Biosil, its main benefits are helping you grow thicker hair, reducing your wrinkles, and giving you stronger nails. These are beside increased skin elasticity and joint health.

However, their listed benefits aren’t all the ones that Biosil has. The other benefits are ones that are thanks to the choline and silicon. For starters, silicon can be used by your body to make silica. Both silicon and silica have various functions in your body.

Silica is primarily what helps your hair, skin, and nails. It not only is a part of what goes into your nails, but it also helps keep your collagen healthy. It also goes into your joints and tendons, keeping these flexible and helping injuries in these areas heal faster.

Meanwhile, the choline helps with building your DNA cells, your connective tissue, and your nerves. It does this using fat cells, taking other fat cells to your liver to nourish it. Choline takes away the bad fats from your liver, keeping it healthy too.

Next, choline also helps with some of the cells in your brain. This part of your brain connects to your nerves and your muscle memory. Better muscle memory means that it takes less effort to do repetitive exercises, meaning you can exercise longer.

Both choline and silica help you with your brain function. Choline is particularly vital in the brain development of unborn children and infants whose brains are still growing. Both also help with heart health; choline with preventing fat buildups, and silica for building strong arteries.

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The Disadvantages

Biosil may be looking pretty good about now, but it is certainly not free of disadvantages. The first disadvantage of Biosil is probably the price tag that comes with it. Yes, Biosil does a lot for you, and it isn’t too much more expensive than other hair loss supplements.

However, most of those effects are ones that you can get with an ordinary collagen supplement. Considering you can get some great collagen supplements for about half the price of Biosil – sometimes even less – it can make Biosil not seem worth the cost.

What benefits you can’t get from that can usually be gotten from either choline or silica supplements. Both of these are also much cheaper than Biosil is. In short, you might could get one of each of these supplements for the same price as Biosil.

Next, the serving size is written to be very confusing. What I mean is that Biosil says one serving size is one capsule. Yet, at the same time, you are supposed to take two pills a day. It seems as though Biosil should just say that one daily serving is two capsules, which is the same for most hair growth supplements.

Also, Biosil can and does help your hair, but not as much as many other hair loss supplements. It doesn’t have any DHT-blocker. It doesn’t have any of the other vitamins your hair needs. There are also no medicinal ingredients like herbs, or anything else to boost your circulation.

So, if there is any reason behind your thinning hair besides a lack of collagen or keratin, Biosil is not going to do much for you. This is especially true if you are a man with male pattern baldness, which is one of the most common grounds for hair loss.

The Side Effects

What Is Biosil Does it Work for Hair Loss

The side effects of any dietary supplement are something that everyone should look at before they start taking it. Even regular vitamins like Vitamin D can have a negative effect in the right – or, should I say wrong – situation.

Some people have a choline sensitivity that causes them to have diarrhea, nausea, or some other stomach problem. While taking Biosil with food or in a smaller dose can sometimes help with those symptoms, it doesn’t do much for the other possible symptoms.

These include the accelerated heart rate and nervousness that are also side effects of Biosil. Besides the side effects of those who are choline sensitive, Biosil also says that they don’t want you to use their product if you have a severe kidney problem.

Biosil does have one or two other side effects besides that, though. Some people taking Biosil say that it put their hormones out of whack until they stopped taking it. Since choline is closely linked to estragon, it is entirely possible there is truth to those reports.

Next, Biosil also has been said by a handful to affect the skin around their eyes. Some say it makes their skin sag and for their natural skin elasticity there to loosen even though it helps with their skin elsewhere.

Others say Biosil makes the skin under their eyes look puffy but that it returns to normal when they stop taking their Biosil. Unfortunately, one or two say that, after getting loosened, the skin around their eyes never went back to normal even when they stopped taking it.

This is merely a cosmetic side effect. However, if you are taking a dietary collagen supplement like Biosil for hair loss, then you are someone who cares about how you look.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Biosil is not a perfect product. Then again, no hair loss product is perfect for everyone. Biosil is still a pretty good product that has helped a lot of people grow thicker hair. It might, in fact, be just what your hair needs to grow thick and strong.

Since more men have hair loss due to pattern baldness than for other reasons, Biosil probably won’t help them. Biosil is far more likely to work for women.

That said, Biosil can be used in addition to a DHT blocker. In that case, Biosil can still be quite beneficial as it helps strengthen new hairs. It is certainly worth trying Biosil to see what it can do for you.

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