Can You Take Biosil And Collagen Together?

Can You Take Biosil And Collagen Together?
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If you’re looking for a collagen supplement, Biosil may be something that you have seen. However, you should have also noticed that Biosil is not a collagen supplement so much as it is a supplement that helps you with natural collagen formation.

This slight change might not seem like much of a difference, but it is. In fact, you may be tempted to take both Biosil and collagen supplements so that you can get the best from both.

But is it bad to take Biosil and collagen together? Will that be too much collagen for your system? Better yet, will you even get any benefit at all from having that much collagen in your system? These questions about Biosil and collagen supplements are all important ones to have answered.

The Differences Between Biosil And Collagen Supplements  

Biosil and collagen, though they both help your body with its collagen production, have lots of differences. The first difference between these two supplements is, of course, what is in them.

Collagen supplements usually just have collagen as an ingredient. Meanwhile, the different Biosil supplements all have choline stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA) as their main ingredient. Biosil also has a few additional ingredients, but that one is the only one that is active.

The next difference between these supplements is how they work. Collagen supplements work in a very straightforward way. They supply collagen to your body that your body can then use wherever it is most needed.  

Meanwhile, Biosil uses its choline stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA) to help your body make its own collagen. So, though the result is still more collagen, Biosil is technically more natural in that it aids your body to do what it was made to do instead of simply supplying what you need.

The next difference is actually the benefits of these two supplements. Yes, collagen has a lot of benefits. Specifically, collagen is often taken to help with hair growth, healthy skin, and thicker nail growth. Though collagen might be able to help some with both joint health and bone density as well, that is about it.  

Since Biosil helps your collagen levels, it has all of those benefits as well. It is sometimes taken to help with hair loss and has been proven to help with brittle nails and skin elasticity. Biosil even had a clinical trial done on it that showed its benefits to those with joint pain.

But besides those Biosil benefits, this supplement has all the additional benefits that its main ingredient offers. Choline stabilized orthosilicic acid is, after all, made of both choline and silicon.

Biosil’s Forms And Features

Biosil is only sold by one company, though they sell Biosil on plenty of other websites for you to get it wherever you want. It also only comes in three different forms, two of which are capsules. One Biosil capsule is liquid filled, while the other capsule is powder on the inside.

The third Biosil option is a liquid that is added to water. The only real difference in these Biosil products, as mentioned, is simply what keeps them in their proper form. For example, the capsule options have a gelatin capsule.

Also already hinted at is that Biosil has more benefits besides the ones that it gives you from the collagen. Choline, for starters, has a full list of benefits all on its own. It helps with nerves, muscles, certain brain functions, and is critical for developing babies to prevent brain defects.

Meanwhile, the silicon can be used by your body to make silica, which has another list of benefits. Silica helps with connective tissue all over your body. Specifically, it makes your arteries stronger, goes into your stomach lining, and many other things.

On the downside, Biosil is fairly expensive, can cause a negative reaction to those with choline sensitivities, and there are only the three options from Biosil. However, the added benefits from the ch-OSA are probably worth it for most people.

Collagen’s Forms And Features

Can You Take Biosil And Collagen Together

Unlike Biosil, collagen has a lot more variety. It comes in powder, as a capsule, as a liquid, and in many other ways. Collagen powder can be by itself, but collagen is just as commonly found in combination with other things like biotin. It is also in creams, facial masks, shampoos, and other things.

Collagen is also available from a lot of different companies and found almost anywhere supplements are commonly sold. More than that, there are even different types of collagen, depending on what the collagen is made of.

You can think of collagen as something like a bone broth, with a fair amount of collagen being found in bones, ligaments, and other parts that usually go into broth. Collagen can be made from chicken, beef, or other animals. Marine collagen is harder to get, and more expensive, but is also an option.

As for price, collagen has quite a range here as well. Some collagens are relatively inexpensive, while others are very pricy. The more expensive collagen options are ones that are harder to get, like the marine collagen, but are also rarer ones like vegan collagen.

Collagen goes into a lot of the different parts of your body, but not as many places as Biosil does. Still, it is fairly commonly used for hair growth and other things.

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Why To Take Biosil With Collagen

For starters, it’s necessary to point out that taking collagen by itself isn’t even an option for some people. Vegans can’t take most collagen types, and the ones that vegans and the like can take are almost outrageously expensive sometimes.

Also, some have the concern of becoming dependent on it. Though there’s not exactly proof that this happens, by supplying your body with something you are supposed to make for yourself, there is always the possibility that your body will feel that it doesn’t even have to try making its own collagen.

Therefore, that is enough reason alone why Biosil might be preferable. It is also why Biosil is often taken with collagen. That way, you both get some collagen supplied to you while also encouraging your body to make more of it.

The other reason Biosil and collagen are great when taken together is because of how long Biosil takes to work. With collagen, your body can quickly absorb it and then put it straight to use.

However, since Biosil boosts your natural collagen production, which can only then be used, it takes longer before you start getting some of collagen’s benefits. Taking collagen while the Biosil starts working means that there is less waiting.

Why Not To Take Biosil With Collagen

There are only two main reasons why it is not a good idea to take Biosil and collagen together. The first is simply the cost. After all, Biosil is fairly expensive all on its own. Even though collagen is cheaper, it is still going to cost more money to have both of these as supplements.

The other, more concerning reason why not to take Biosil and collagen supplements together is because you risk getting too much collagen. Yes, collagen is good, but it is still possible to essentially overdose your system on too much of it.

Too much collagen actually can cause all sorts of problems, not the least of which is hyperprolactinemia. When this point is reached, your boy isn’t able to properly take care of your blood vessels, causing them to collapse in your skin.

This collapse, of course, reduces your blood circulation and causes all sorts of other problems for your skin. Since healthy skin is something collagen is taken for, and a lack of circulation makes for very unhealthy skin, this means that too much collagen can literally do the exact opposite of what you want.

When taking either Biosil or collagen, that is unlikely to be a problem. However, taking both Biosil and collagen should be done with care for this reason, especially if you eat a diet that has collagen rich foods in it already.

Final Thoughts

Both collagen and Biosil have their advantages and disadvantages, and both of them can be taken together. As you can see, a bit of caution is needed when doing so, but it can be well worth it, especially if you are particularly low on collagen.

Lots of wrinkles and other things are clear signs that you may be one of these particularly low on collagen people. A drop in collagen can also be caused by sunburn, smoking, a poor diet, and other things.

In short, though I don’t plan on using both Biosil and collagen in combination with each other, they still work well enough together to be a good idea for some to take them together. If you have tried Biosil and collagen together, feel free to drop a line whether you liked the results or not.

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