Biosil Vs. Biotin

Biosil Vs. Biotin

Biosil and biotin are both quite similar at first glance with how their names are spelled. However, these two hair growth supplements are much more different than their names would suggest. Still, they are similar enough to each other that both of them are used by those with hair loss.

There are plenty of both advantages and disadvantages to both Biosil supplements and biotin supplements. But, if you only want to add one dietary supplement to your diet instead of two, you are possibly interested in knowing which of these is better.

At the very least, knowing whether Biosil or biotin is more likely to be a better hair growth supplement for you. So, let’s look at Biosil, and then look at biotin to learn a little more about both so we can see how they compare.

About Biosil

Biosil supplementation can be done in three different ways. There are two Biosil capsule forms, and Biosil is also available in a liquid. There is only one company that makes Biosil, though it is sold in plenty of places.

This is because Biosil’s main ingredient is choline stabilized orthosilicic acid, and it is a trademarked product of Biosil. This ch-OSA is essentially a blend of choline and silicon, though its function is to increase your collagen production.

It is because of this that Biosil is often thought of as a collagen supplement. Biosil certainly has all the benefits that a collagen supplement does. Essentially, this means that Biosil helps you get strong nails, thicker hair, and healthy skin.

Collagen is actually a supplement all on its own for the different things it does for your hair, skin, and nails. It is commonly taken to reduce wrinkles, as it helps with skin elasticity. It also goes into keratin, which is what your hair follicle uses to make the strand of your hair.

Biosil does more than that, however, as it also has the benefits of choline and silica, which your body can make from the silicon part of it. These help protect your collagen, assist in your brain functions, reduces your fat, and many other things.

All in all, Biosil has a lot of benefits all the way around. However, Biosil also isn’t perfect. Choline sensitivity means that not everyone can take Biosil and means that there are a few side effects.

Then, Biosil is also one of the more expensive hair loss supplements you can get. The number of benefits Biosil has to it means that it may or may not be worth the cost. Still, it is certainly a supplement that can help you have healthy hair.

About Biotin

Biotin is one of the vitamins that is water-soluble. In other words, biotin is not something that is readily stored by your body when you get too much. It is partially for this reason biotin must be consumed every day and why biotin supplementation is sometimes necessary.

Biotin supplements are available in a lot of different forms, and they are sold by a lot of different companies. There are also different amounts of biotin in different supplements, ranging from less than 5,000mcg to 10,000mcg.

Biosil Vs. Biotin

It is quite often paired with other vitamins in both dietary supplements and daily multivitamins and sometimes added to shampoos, face or hair masks, and many other things.

Though biotin most often goes by its name of biotin, it is less commonly known as Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H. A lot of common foods have biotin in them, but sometimes it is simply not enough for people to get all they need.

The main reason why biotin is taken for hair loss is because biotin deficiency is known to cause hair thinning, brittle nails, and one or two other problems. So, it stands to reason that biotin can help with these things.

Biotin, like collagen, goes into making keratin, which is what is responsible for these benefits. Keratin goes into both your nails and hair, giving both strength and helping prevent both from breaking.

Biosil Vs. Biotin

As one of the ever popular B vitamins, biotin supplements also help give energy by breaking down your food into what your body needs. This includes cholesterol, the breaking down of which is good for both your heart and your blood pressure.

Their Advantages Compared

Both Biosil and biotin have both been widely used to help your hair growth, skin health, and are taken for brittle nails. How they go about this is clearly a bit different, though. When it comes to the sheer amount of benefits, Biosil is the clear winner.

This is partially because with biotin you only get the benefits of biotin, whereas with Biosil you get the benefits from collagen, choline, and silica. Both supplements help your hair, your nails, and your skin. Both supplements even help with weight loss and with breaking down fats.

Biotin and Biosil also both help your heart health, the one by breaking down cholesterol and the other by strengthening your arteries. And those biotin and Biosil benefits are just a few of those that these two supplements have in common.

Next, biotin can be gotten in an oil that can be applied directly to your hair. If you’re using biotin for your hair loss, this is very effective and efficient. Biosil, being solely as a pill and a liquid you intake, doesn’t have this option.

Also on biotin’s side is the fact that biotin is inexpensive and only requires you to take one pill a day, should you wish to take it in that form. That is somewhat better than taking two capsules, each at a different time, every day.

Finally, both Biosil and biotin are natural products that almost everyone can take. Biosil is even one of the few options that people who are vegans can take to get more collagen in their systems. Very few people have any sort of reaction to either of these supplements or any reason why they can’t take them.

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Their Disadvantages Compared

Both Biosil and biotin have disadvantages to them as well. For starters, both of these supplements have side effects to them. Biosil mostly causes side effects due to those with choline sensitivity, as mentioned. However, this supplement has one or two other problems.

Since Biosil increases your collagen production, this can be a problem if you already have a good amount of collagen production. The result can be too much collagen in your system, ending in skin that has too much stretch to it and which will start to sag.

This sagging skin may make it look like you have too little collagen instead of too much, which is precisely the opposite of what you want to accomplish. That said, biotin has an almost identical flaw. Too much biotin often ends up causing acne and other skin breakouts.

While that is the same, the next disadvantage is equally even. Neither supplement helps with thinning hair that might be caused by pattern baldness. Neither one helps with many of the other causes of hair loss either.

Both may be good for strengthening hair, but the only cause for hair loss that either of them can help with are deficiencies in their respective areas. Any other causes of hair loss can only be moderately helped and not treated with either Biosil or biotin.

Biosil has the added disadvantage of being much more expensive than biotin. Though its many advantages might compensate for that, those with tight budgets might not be able to spend so much money on it.

Finally, Biosil takes more time to work than biotin does. Biotin can get to work directly as soon as it is absorbed. Since Biosil has to be absorbed, encourages your body to make more collagen, and only then the collagen gives benefits to you.

Final Notes

All in all, Biosil has more benefits but is more expensive. Biotin has more options when it comes to the different forms you can buy it in and is also cheaper. Most will find the added benefits of Biosil worth the extra cost, especially because you can increase the amount of biotin your body gets naturally by foods that have biotin in them.

However, you can’t naturally increase the amount of ch-OSA in your diet, as this compound isn’t found in any foods naturally. So, my recommendation is Biosil over biotin, though I think both of these dietary supplements are worth taking.


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