How to Increase Beard Growth Fast Naturally + Products

How to Increase Beard Growth Fast Naturally + Products
How To Increase Beard Growth Fast Naturally + Products

For men, learning how to increase beard growth fast naturally is like cheese and mouse; so inseparable. Having a thicker beard is a thing of pride but not all men find it easy to grow one.

Truth is genetic play a big role in the rate of our facial growth. You cannot change genetics, but certain things can be done to speed up the growth rate of beard to some extent.

How to Increase Beard Growth Naturally Home Remedies

Here are some ways to boost beard growth fast naturally:

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil massage is one of the simplest ways to increase the growth of facial hair. Simply apply Rosemary oil and Coconut oil to the face using a cotton ball.

Then rinse with cool water after about 15 minutes. It’s best to apply it before you go to bed. Do this thrice a week for best results.

  • Cinnamon and Lemon

Mix one teaspoonful of crushed cinnamon bark with 2 teaspoonful’s of lemon/lime juice. Gently apply the mixture over your face and then rinse with cold water after 20 minutes, 25 minutes max.

Lemons are full of nutrients such as Vitamin C, calcium, citric acid, magnesium, and flavonoids, which enhance hair growth.

Use this remedy about twice a week for maximum beard growth length.

  • Clean and Moisturize the Facial Skin

Once you moisturize your skin, a better environment for your facial hair to grow quickly is created. Also, there shouldn’t be dead skin, dirt, and oil that prevents your hair follicles to break through.

Your facial hair grows way faster when your face is frequently kept clean and moisturized.

  • Balanced Vitamin Intake

There are some nutrients needed for face hair boost. Your body requires vitamins like E, A, and C to properly increase facial hair growth.

How does this increase beard growth?

By maintaining your sebum and follicles and improving blood circulation to create a better environment for the beard to grow, your beard length is increased.

  • Exercise Daily

Regular exercise improves blood circulation, which in turn stimulates hair growth. Physical activity aids the nutrients reach the hair follicles on your face.

Daily, do 20 minutes of exercise and watch the difference begin to show. No matter the form of exercise you do, your beard’s health will continue to improve on a daily basis.

Aside all of these, stay away from stress and take good balanced foods rich in protein and vitamins. Lastly, make sure you take enough proper sleep.

Still wondering, how to increase beard growth fast naturally? Follow these natural ways that helps grow your beard fast!

In case you want to maximize your chances, check out our post below on the best beard growth products to use.


Best Beard Growth Products to Use

Growing a beard can at times be a hard decision. At the start, your face looks scruffy with partial hair growth and your skin feels horribly itchy.

All that takes up space in your thought box is how you can quicken your beard growth rate and whether there are any beard growth products you can use to accelerate the beard growth faster.

Congrats! You are at the right place. Today, we shall talk to you about the beard growth supplements and beard growth vitamins that have helped beard enthusiasts like yourself on their journey of growing a beard.

Join me as I show you the many steps of quickening your beard growth rate. But first….. Let’s learn some on factors that affect beard growing.

Factors Affecting Beard Growth Rate

Many factors influence beard growth rate:

  • Stages of hair growth

The steady growth of beard is affected by the cyclical stages of growth. The hair growth goes through three stages namely anagencatagen and telogen.

Now, not all hair in the beard are really in the same stage at the same time. This means that at a given point of time you will have hairs in any of the three stages mentioned above.

Anagen is the stage of active hair growth where the hair bulb is developing and growing from the matrix of the bulb.

The catagen stage on the other hand, is the ever changing stage where the hair separates from the papilla. During this time the hair might grow or may be pushed out by new hair.

This is a rapid stage which progresses to the telogen stage which is the resting stage where hair follicles loosen and fall out.

Here is a video explaining the entire process a little more in depth:

  • Time of the day and Temperature

Believe me you, your beard growth is often faster in warmer months. Plus, hair grows faster at night than during the day time.

  • Age

The older you become, the slower your hair growth speed. In women, facial hair growth increases (sorry for pointing that out) whereas in men, it decreases.

  • Hair growth rate on different parts of body

The hair growth rate is different on the various body parts of the human body. It can be from anywhere from 1.5 mm / month for fine hair to 2.8 mm / month for coarse hair.

  • Diet

Diet and health also play vital role in your beard growth rate. Men who consume balanced diet consisting of nuts, veggies, fruits, seeds and lean proteins tend to have healthier stronger beards.

Aside this, we recommend beard growth supplements and beard growth vitamins supplements are one of the best beard growth products to use.

I have discussed these in detail below.

  • Genes

Members of a family can share certain growth patterns. For instance, some boys start developing facial hair earlier during puberty than others; a factor controlled by genes.

  • Stress

Emotional factors and stress can also influence your beard growth rate. As long as stress is shortterm, the stunted hair growth will also be temporary.

Beard Growth Rate Accelerating Diet

Before we go ahead to discuss the best beard growth products to use, supplements and vitamins to help increase your beard growth rate, let us talk about dietary intake and the right food to nourish the beard hair.

I am of the believe that good food can fix lots of skin and hair issues and that is the first thing to do rather than depending on products alone. Here is a dietary plan to accelerate beard growth rate:

  • Drink goat milk.
  • Eat sea vegetables like kelp and take spirulina powder
  • Eat lean meat and raisins that are packed with iron.
  • Eat a whole food diet – Consume many vegetables and fruits with skin intact. The skin of veggies and fruits packed with minerals, vitamins, and trace minerals needed for hair growth.

Eat green peas, whole grains, soybean, sprouts, lentils, and sunflower seeds. Take a couple of tablespoons of flax seed oil on a daily basis.

  • Drink the juice of cucumber, nettle, beets, carrots, green apples, cucumber and alfalfa.
  • Avoid raw eggs as they prevent absorption of Biotin-the most important vitamin needed for strong hair.


Beard Growth Supplements And Beard Growth Vitamins

Here are the most common beard growth supplements:

  • A tablespoon of flax seed oil daily to improve texture of your beard hair.
  • 50 mg of Botin twice a day.
  • 100 mg Inositol which is vital for hair growth.
  • 50 mg Zinc twice a day as it stimulates hair growth
  • 3 mg copper daily.
  • Amino acid blends
  • B-vitamins (Vitamin B3 or Niacin 50 mg three times a day, B5 pantothenic acid 100 mg three times a day).
  • Vitamin C-an antioxidant that reduces hair fall by fighting free radical damage-take at least 1000 to 3000 mg daily.
  • Vitamin E- This is also an antioxidant vitamin needed for healthy strong beard. Start with a dose of 400 IU then gradually increase it to 800-1000 IU.
  • COQ10 enzyme-This improves blood circulation to hair follicles preventing hair loss. 30 to 60 mg daily.
  • 500 mg of kelp which improves beard growth rate by supplying minerals to the hair.

Beard Growth Products To Use

Apart from beard growth vitamins and supplements, use the following beard growth products for cleansing, conditioning and protecting the beard.

  • Beard Shampoo

It is crucial to keep your beard tidy and clean by using a beard shampoo. High quality beard shampoos stop fungal infections, dandruff and other beard issues.

Avoid using the shampoo that you use on your scalp for your beard. This is because; beard shampoos are majorly formulated for beard hair and aid in the maintenance of the skin ph.

A high quality beard shampoo will not dry your beard out and instead will keep it healthy and well conditioned.

  • Beard Oils

Beard oil blends, containing essential oils like lavender, thyme, rosemary and cedarwood can be used for daily beard massage and conditioning.

Beard oils are safe, effective, gentle and you can even create your own blends for daily use. Oils stop common beard issues like ringworm, hair fall, and dandruff.

Consistent use of some oils stimulate beard growth rate. They moisturize and impregnate the hair follicles with nutrients and create an environment conducive to healthy beard growth.

For an extensive selection of beard oil recipes, click here.

  • Beard Balms

Like beard oils, beard balms moisturize and feed the hair follicles helping the growing process. When massaged into the bead on a daily basis, they nourish the roots and help the beard grow faster.

For beard balm recipes that you can make at home, click here.


It is often down to genetics and nature to decide how fast your beard will grow. If your health and body are not in good state, chances are that your beard increase rate will suffer too.

How to increase beard growth fast naturally? While in most cases you cannot speed up beard growth rate, there are many things you can do to create a good condition for the hair to grow faster. I hope the above guide helps you select the right beard growth products. All the best!

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