13 Sexiest Blonde Beard Ideas for Men in daily style

13 Sexiest Blonde Beard Ideas for Men in daily style

Men always want to look cool. Today, there are so many popular haircuts. Blonde beard is one of them. This haircut works on adult and older men. We can also see many actors with this haircut. If you are interested in this haircut, there are many ideas you may try. You should choose it based on your style and face shape.

Blonde Goatee Styles

blonde goatee styles

A blonde goatee is perfect for any shape of a face. There are so many ideas of this haircut such as stubble goatee, untrimmed goatee, landing strip, chin goatee, the anchor, full goatee, goatee beard, etc. Even though it works on any face shape, it will be best for you with a slim, angular face. However, you cannot let the goatee grow too long. Anyway, you have to know that goatee can make you look older than you are.

Dirty Blonde Beard

dirty blonde beard

This haircut does not only look attractive but also sexy as long as you trim and groom the beard rightly. If you consider a full beard, you should let it grow for about 4 months. However, it can be different from man to man. There are many kinds of beard and dirty blonde is one of the most favorite styles in this year.

Light Blonde

light blonde beard

Light blonde beard is very popular, especially in Europe. This haircut is best for a light-skinned man. You can shave blonde with any shaving style. This haircut does not only look cool but is also easy to maintain. The best idea is to grow bread for natural light blonde but many people consider painting their hair.

Blonde Hair Brown Beard

blonde hair brown beard

Many people think that blonde hair cannot grow beards. However, this hairstyle proves that it is wrong. The combination of blonde hair and brown beard will make you look so cool. Even though this rarely looks good, blonde hair brown bread is loved by many people. With this haircut, you can impress any woman you meet.

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Full Blonde

full blonde beard

Blonde beard is naturally obtained. So, this haircut is suitable for a particular race only. Now, this hairstyle is very popular around the world, not only in Europe but also in America. With the right trimming and grooming, this hairstyle looks so sexy. Blonde hair looks different from one to another. It depends on the pigment of the hair. Black/brown shades belong to the most popular examples. When it comes to beard, the most important thing to consider is how long it will be. If you want longer beards, it will be a good idea to consider a full blonde.

Short Blonde Beard

short blonde beard

This haircut can also be called a five-o’clock shadow. It explains how short it is as if a few hour’s growth. It usually comes with muttonchops connected by a mustache. However, it is a lack of chin hair. So, if you want to have a blonde beard but still look neat, this one will be perfect for you.

Platinum Blonde Beard

platinum blonde beard

Those who have cool skin tones will look good in platinum hair color than those who have warm skin tones. After you color your hair, you must avoid platinum blonde because it can be damaging. In addition, this haircut should also be seriously maintained. In fact, bleaching your beard may be dangerous if you do not maintain it well.

Dyed Beard Styles

dyed beard styles

Natural color beard is always better. However, it does not mean that coloring a beard is bad. Now, dyed bread styles are in a trend. However, you must be careful because the chemicals & dyes can bring bad effects. If you are interested in dyed beard styles, you are allowed to search for ideas on the internet.

Mid-length Beard

mid length beard

Beard can be grown in different lengths. If you do not like shorter and longer bread, you may consider mid-length bread. In this haircut idea, the length of your bread should be around 3 to 8 inches. This haircut requires extra daily care. You should comb or brush your hair to prevent tangles and knots.

Old Beard

old blonde beard

Men can begin going grey when they are 23 years old. However, they mostly start greying in the 30s. Even more, beards will also start growing grey or even white. That is why blonde is not appropriate for most old men. However, an old blonde beard will still look cool as long as you care for your beard well.

Strawberry Blonde Beard

strawberry blonde beard

Strawberry blonde beard is easy to maintain. With this hairstyle, you do not need to tone your bread. Even more, you also do not need to pump up the intensity regularly. With regular washing, the copper can fade. However, strawberry blonde gets its own character.

Bleach Blonde

bleach blonde beard

Bleaching a beard is a complicated case. As we know, hair coloring products can damage your hair. It may also happen to your beard. Bleach is the harshest hair coloring product. So, bleaching hair may lead to hair fall. However, if you are interested in bleach blonde, you should see the following image and follow it. Anyway, you have to care for and maintain your beard carefully to prevent hair fall.

Blonde Hair Dark Beard

blonde hair dark beard

With blonde hair, your hair may not get darker. However, it depends on your own situation. You may consider hair coloring. Of course, it can make your hair darker & more visible. However, you have to be careful with the color you choose. There are many ideas of blonde hair dark beard. Whatever the color you choose, this hairstyle will make you look a few years younger than you are. The following image will inspire you.

If you are interested in a blonde beard, there are many ways you do. For example, a dark beard may be gotten by using a beard styling product. Besides that, applying beard oil regularly can also help you to get your beard darker. Alternatively, it will be a good idea to prune your beard. Anyway, you have to plan the type of beard before you start cutting your beard.

Description: Blonde beard is now very popular. It can be applied in different lengths, styles, and lengths. You should plan it properly to enhance your look. See another idea Side Swept Undercut

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