Does Viviscal Work for Men?

Does Viviscal Work for Men?

Viviscal is one of those hair loss brands that you have very likely seen at least one ad about at some point. In this ad, it may not have named a specific Viviscal product, but it most certainly spoke about its ability to give you healthy hair.

However, generally speaking, the best hair loss products for men are ones that are specifically made with men in mind. After all, male pattern baldness affects far more men than women, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, which says 50% of men aged 50 already deal with pattern baldness while women are only just potentially starting it at that age.

Then again, not all men’s hair regrowth products actually work at all. So, does Viviscal have good hair growth products for men? And do the Viviscal hair products actually work? Let’s look at Viviscal first and then look at the Viviscal hair products and see.

A Word About Viviscal

Viviscal has a couple of different places on their site that tells about themselves. These say that Viviscal has been researching hair loss for over 20 years.

They also say that they have the “most researched hair growth dietary supplement,” which hardly seems likely. A competing supplement called Nutrafol has had four published documents you can see and six studies available for you to look at on their website.

In the About Viviscal, it mentions that there have been seven clinical trials done on it. That is compared to other hair loss treatments, especially older products like Minoxidil that have had over 60 clinical trials done on it.

More than that, they only post some of the information on three of these, with

However, Viviscal’s few studies are better than no studies and, as a company, Viviscal is a good company to buy from. Good companies are usually ones that have been around a while, that make their products unique, and that offer good warranties and customer care, all of which Viviscal does.

Their Products For Men

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Viviscal has a whole line of products for men, the first of which is their Viviscal Man hair supplement. To even see what their other products are, going to a secondary site like Amazon is necessary since it is the only one on the Viviscal site. Perhaps either Viviscal hasn’t updated their site in a while.

The other Viviscal products are easy enough to find on other sites. There are a few products that don’t mention whether or not they are for men or for women. These are a couple of shampoos, a conditioner, and a tablet.

This is the Viviscal Pro line of products, which seems to be intended for those with more severe hair loss already. Since men tend to have more problems with severe hair loss, I’ll only mention those in passing. These are:

  • Viviscal Professional Thin to Thick Shampoo,
  • Viviscal Professional Thin to Thick Conditioner,
  • Viviscal Pro Thin to Thick Conditioner, and
  • Viviscal Pro Advanced Hair Health Tablets

based on their ingredients and the reviews they have been getting. However, since we are focusing on Viviscal’s products for men’s hair growth specifically, I’m not covering them today. The Viviscal Man line has its own hair growth supplement, fortifying shampoo, and even one other product.

Since this line doesn’t have a conditioner, you may wish to use the Viviscal Professional Thin to Thick Conditioner. This is similar enough in the ingredient section to be considered as part of the set with the Viviscal Man shampoo.

Viviscal Man Hair Growth Supplement

As mentioned, this is the only Viviscal product for men that is on their official website. They even have a small tab that talks specifically about how Viviscal Man works. This small section is very brief.

It mentions that hair loss has many causes, listing a few of these. Then, it says that the Viviscal Man supplement works in four different steps. First, it nourishes each hair follicle on your scalp from the inside.

Does Viviscal Work for Men

Second, it strengthens your existing hairs, especially your terminal hairs that are shrinking. Third, Viviscal helps with the hairs that have stopped growing, encouraging hair regrowth. Fourth, and finally, the result is increased hair thickness and length.

That said, you’d expect this Viviscal Man supplement to have a lot of nutrients in it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to exactly be true. There are exactly three different vitamins, which is not much at all compared to Folexin, which has over a dozen, and Nutrafol, which has seven vitamins.

Vitamin C can help with ensuring you get enough iron, which is needed for hair growth. Vitamin C’s work as an antioxidant is good as well. The only other two vitamins are zinc (good for making new hair cells) and calcium (good for iron absorption)

Other than those vitamins, Viviscal only has a couple of plants. Namely, these are flaxseed extract and horsetail stem extract. The latter is more common for hair growth supplements, being rich in the silica that your hair needs.

Finally, their highlighted ingredient is AminoMar®, which is the marine complex found exclusively in Viviscal products. The remaining ingredients are fillers like natural orange flavor and maltodextrin.

Viviscal Man Full Force Fortifying Shampoo

This shampoo is slightly more expensive than the Women’s Viviscal shampoo, but it has many of the same ingredients. This fortifying shampoo says that it cleanses while leaving hair looking thicker and fuller.

Though this shampoo has a number of great ingredients, a few that are here are less than desirable. A sulfate is listed as the second ingredient, and there is also parfum which is a chemical fragrance.

As seems usual for Viviscal products, there are a few citrus ingredients. These include: lime peel oil, sweet orange peel oil, lemon peel oil, and limonene, which is made from citrus peels. The other plant ingredients include: juniper, eucalyptus, pea, patchouli, and a few others that I had never seen used in a hair loss product. 

This shampoo also has a specific blend of biotin, zinc, and keratin. The first of those three are quite literally the only vitamins that the Viviscal shampoo has in it. This mixture is a good hair growth compound.

That is about it, which is a  lineup of ingredients that has both pros and cons. Still, Viviscal’s Fortifying Shampoo is hardly what I would consider to be a first-rate growth shampoo. Technically, it doesn’t even claim to be one.

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Viviscal Man Conceal & Densify Volumizing Fibers

This Viviscal Fiber product is literally just a powder that you can apply on the areas of thin hair to make these hairs look thicker and to hide your scalp. It is one of Viviscal’s newest and least reviewed products, having less than 100 customer reviews on Amazon as of this Viviscal review.

These fibers come in two different colors on Amazon: dark brown and light brown, though the box shows there is a black color. eBay sells the black and also has a blonde color, which I wasn’t able to find anywhere else. So, the exact number of colors is not quite clear.

The comb applicator that Viviscal gives you with it is nice. So is the fact that these fibers are advertised to stay in your hair even in windy and wet conditions, only coming out when you wash it.

However, some said it sticks to your hair too well. One of the negative reviews this Viviscal product already has is from someone complaining it was too difficult to get out of their hair even with washing.

These fibers contain six simple ingredients. First, cellulose is an organic compound to prevent a buildup of calcium in your kidneys. Next is a type of sodium, followed by aluminum silicate, which is used as a building block.

Ammonium chloride, which is a compound that some argue is bad for the environment, is also an ingredient. Finally, these fibers include two different types of iron oxides as the last of its ingredients. Still, there are better hair fibers out there like Toppik and Boldify, both of which have more color options and have been selling hair fibers longer.  

So Does Viviscal Work For Men?

When people ask if something works, the real question is can Viviscal work for men. The answer is a bit iffy. After all, the Viviscal Man products have almost no ingredients that treat male pattern baldness. Therefore, Viviscal Man products probably do nothing for hair loss.

That said, enough men say that Viviscal worked for them that it proves it can work. Still, there aren’t as many Viviscal reviews as many other hair loss products have. This lower number of reviews might be because Viviscal doesn’t have many of the vitamins that are needed for hair growth.

Many of the Viviscal Man products also have sulfates in them. In short, Viviscal can and does work for some men, but may not work for everyone.

On their Viviscal Man Supplement, they even have a disclaimer on the front of the box. This states that it nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing hair growth. Existing hair growth is not hair regrowth for hair that has already been lost.

The same goes for the shampoo, which says it leaves hair looking thicker. Again, thicker looking hair does not necessarily mean that hair actually is thicker, just that it looks better. Finally, Viviscal’s hair fibers certainly could stand to be a bit better as well by removing the ammonium chloride.

Final Thoughts

The Viviscal Man product line may not be as popular as the original Viviscal line of products, but it is still popular enough to have thousands of reviews on it. Those thousands of reviews have a majority of people saying that Viviscal does work for men. Its patented ingredients are certainly nothing to sneeze at.

However, these products also have harmful ingredients, are not as good as some of their competition, some of them are hard to get, and the Viviscal company isn’t quite as free as it should be with sharing the results of the clinical trials they have done.

In short, Viviscal has actually worked for a number of men, though this line of products has more than one drawback. How it successfully manages this, I actually don’t know. However, since a hair growth product that works is probably all you want, then the answer is yes, Viviscal can work for men.

There are other products, like Folexin and Nutrafol, that have none of these disadvantages that can work just as well, though. If you’ve used Viviscal Man products, perhaps you have your own thoughts about it. Feel free to leave those thoughts in the comments below.

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