Can Working From Home Be the Reset You Need for Healthier Hair?

Can Working From Home Be the Reset You Need for Healthier Hair?
Can Working From Home Be The Reset You Need For Healthier Hair?

Let’s be honest, your hair is not the only thing that needs a reset this year. Pretty much the whole year could use a do-over. But that isn’t going happen and we really need to be okay with that. However, we don’t have to be okay with damaged hair. What do you do about it?

If you are like most American’s right now, you have probably been working from home for several months. Spending a ton of time at home can help draw attention to the things that have been treated badly or neglected. Like your hair. While working from home might not be ideal for some of you, let’s look at the bright side. This can give you the opportunity to reset your hair and return the office with lush locks.

A hair reset may sound great but there are some questions. In this article, we are going to answer some of those questions. Such as, what is a hair reset?  Do you even need to reset your hair?  And last but not least, how to do a hair reset. We encourage you to keep reading and get started on taking better care of your mane now.

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What is a Hair Reset?

Remember that time you over colored your hair?  Or maybe let the bleach set a little too long?  Then there was that time that you decided you wanted curly hair and a perm seemed like a great idea. Except all of those situations went bad resulting in damaged or lost hair. A hair reset helps reverse the damage done by these things by going all the way back to the basics of hair care.

Even if you haven’t had a catastrophic hair situation like that happen, we are all actively damaging our hair every day. Curling irons, blow dryers, flat irons, styling products, over brushing, and other things we do every day adds up to damage. But who has the time to take care of their hair the way they are supposed to do?

Right now, pretty much all of us do. Now we have the time to do the treatments and care that is required for our hair to be the healthiest it can be. There is no better time than the present to give your hair the treatment it deserves.

Do You Need a Hair Reset?

Can Working From Home Be the Reset You Need for Healthier Hair?

That is all well and good but you may be wondering if you even need a hair reset. Most people really do need one. There are a few exceptions. For example, I literally only wash my hair and brush it. I don’t flat iron, blow dry, color, or anything else that can really damage my hair. However, I neglect my hair.

I don’t condition my hair and only every put it up in a ponytail which can break it in the middle where the hair tie is. While this may not sound like a reason for a reset, it is. A reset is not only about what you do or don’t do to your hair but about changing the way you look at your hair and relate to it.

I would challenge all of you to examine your hair care routine and see where you can revamp it to help you reset your hair.

How Working From Home Can Help

Okay, so you are on board with doing a hair reset. You have decided that you need one and, trust us, your hair will thank you. But you fail to see what working from home has to do with it. We get it, we didn’t think it could make a difference either. Hear us out before you make a decision though.

What we do in our everyday life is usually hinged heavily on what we have time for. Or at least what we perceive that we have time for. This includes our hair care routine. If we don’t think we have time to properly take care of our hair then we will do things that save time. Unfortunately, those things usually damage our hair in the process.

Working from home has given many of us more time in our days to be able to walk our dogs, complete that project that we started last year, and take better care of our hair. By not spending two or more hours a day commuting, we can actually reset our hair routine and develop great-looking and healthy hair.

Plus you can sit with your deep conditioning treatment on your head while working without anyone being the wiser. So that is pretty helpful too.

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How to Start a Hair Reset

Now we know what a hair reset is, why you need one, and how working from home can help you with this. At this point, you may be wondering how to get started and what to do. What constitutes a hair reset treatment and which ones should you do?

While there are a few specific treatments, it is really more about how you treat your hair and what you don’t put on it. Those are the things that really matter. Anyone with hair can do all of these things and they can start immediately.

Depending on the amount of damage that you have done to your hair will determine how long it will take to see a real difference. Since you hair grows from the top of your head, you may have to grow out some of the damage while you are resetting and get a hair cut. This will start removing the damaged parts of your hair.

However, if your hair issues are due to neglect then you may see results pretty quickly since there won’t be as much damage.

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Deep Conditioning

One of the best things that you can do with any kind of hair that has any amount of damage is to do deep conditioning treatments. This is not something that you have to do every day and really it is something that needs to be decided by the damage your hair has.

Really damaged hair may need to have two treatments a week while mildly damaged hair can get away with weekly or even bi-weekly treatments. Like I said above, my hair is mostly just neglected. I do only the bare minimum. What a deep conditioning treatment for me would look like would be sitting down for a monthly treatment.

If you start with weekly or twice weekly deep conditioning, there will be a time when your hair is healthy enough to do less. What you start with may not be what you do forever. But it will get your hair reset started on the right foot.

Your Scalp is as Important as Your Face

Taking care of our faces is a no brainer. We look at our faces in the mirror every day while our scalps are hidden under our hair. Of course, we think about our hair and notice how damaged it is. That is why you are reading this article. But did you know that your scalp is just as important as your face and is the very foundation of healthy hair? That is why you need to treat your scalp well.

One thing that is beneficial when it comes to scalp care is a scalp massage with scalp and hair-friendly oils. So how do you do a proper scalp massage and how often should you do it?

The best practice when it comes to scalp care is to massage your scalp weekly with a high-quality oil. You need to start at the bottom of your neck and work your way slowly up until you reach the hairline that meets the forehead.

This helps keep your hair follicles healthy and keeps the blood flow going where it needs to go. When your hair follicles and scalp are healthy that means your hair will be thick and lush. This is a great way to help your hair reset and to keep it healthy long after the reset is done.

Gentle But Clean

Keeping your hair clean is something that is very important. You don’t want all of the things that are floating around in the air hanging out on your hair for days at a time. However, there are cleansers out there that may get your hair clean but they incredibly harsh and will actually add to the damage without you realizing it.

The goal is to have clean and healthy hair, not one or the other.

Protect Your Hair

man with hair working from homeProtecting your hair is part of resetting your hair as well as keeping it healthy for years to come. But what are you protecting your hair from? Well, you are protecting it from lots of things. One of the basic things is the damage from brushing. No, that doesn’t mean that you don’t brush your hair. Brushing has benefits so don’t skip it.

However, there are times and ways to brush your hair that will protect it from damage. For example, hair should not be brushed while wet. While it may seem easier, it will cause more damage. Always brush your hair when it is dry and start from the ends. Brushing from the top can cause split ends and some hair loss from damage.

The type of brush you use matters as well. A hair reset is a great time to do away with only brushes, combs, and damaging products while replacing them with a brush with soft and flexible bristles. A wet brush will be your best bet.

You also need to protect your hair from fabrics that could cause damage. That’s right, your bath towel could be damaging your hair. Microfiber is gentle on hair and super absorbent so it might be time to reset your towels as well.

Keep the Chemicals Off For a While

A hair reset is a great time to be kind to your hair and keep the chemicals away for a while. Taking a break from coloring will do your hair a favor while bringing back the healthy beautiful hair you remember, pre coloring. There is nothing wrong with dying your hair but during a reset make a commitment to keep dyes away for a certain period of time.

How long you don’t dye or perm your hair is a personal choice. You can decide that you will go for three months or more. You could also commit to less time. The goal is to give your hair a break. Who knows, maybe you will decide you like your natural color again?

Final Thoughts

I think we can all agree that this year has been different. There have been good parts, bad parts, weird parts, and parts that probably shouldn’t have happened. We could all use a good reset in a few different ways. Our hair included. Our hair may actually be at the top of the reset list.

Giving your hair time to recover from all of the damage or neglect that you have done over the years is a great way to show your hair some love. Take a look at the list and get started with your work from home hair reset today.

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