Collagen for Hair Growth: Is it Legit?

Collagen for Hair Growth: Is it Legit?
Collagen For Hair Growth: Is It Legit?

You’ve heard a lot about collagen for hair growth, and everything seems to be positive. But are the benefits the real deal or too good to be true?

Collagen is a celebrity favorite, and many people swear by it for healthy skin, hair, and overall health. Many claim it’s easy to take, nonharmful, and has real scientific benefits. Sounds great but is there a catch?

Let’s dive in and explore the facts.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein found in the skin, muscles, and bones of certain animals such as chicken and fish. Even us humans. It’s mainly made up of mammals’ connective tissue.

Does Collagen for Hair Growth Actually Work?

Some studies show actual benefits, believe it or not, although results were limited. Essentially, it’s not a panacea or cure all. But it’s also not snake oil. It may foster hair growth and slow or reduce hair loss.

Collagen can work in a few ways. Amino acids in collagen can build hair proteins and also support the skin where your hair roots live. Collagen can also stop hair follicle damage and lessen graying of hair, according to multiple research studies from reputable sources.

What Does Collagen Do for Hair?

Collagen acts as an antioxidant, according to several studies

What good are antioxidants for hair? Well, antioxidants fight off the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are compounds that your body develops as a result of several factors, and they’re harmful to lots of things, including hair.

Collagen can even help prevent hair thinning by strengthening skin around your hair roots. It may even help slow down your hair turning grey.

Collagen for hair growth

Is Collagen for Hair Growth Safe?

Collagen is safe in that it doesn’t pose any great danger to your health or well being. However, there can be drawbacks. Consumption of supplements may have side effects such as stomach discomfort or heartburn. It can also leave an aftertaste.

How Do You Use Collagen for Hair Growth?

Food or supplements are the most recommended ways. 

You can add Collagen to your diet through foods or supplements. It comes in multiple forms, including broth, pills, and powder. You may want to ensure the supplements you take are hydrolyzed, which means the collagen is already broken down and easier to absorb.

Additionally, Vitamin C from supplements or foods rich in the vitamin may boost collagen production in your body.

How Much Collagen Should I Take for Hair Growth

Some doctors recommend no more than 40mg per day of collagen. That’s about two scoops of most collagen powder.

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Conclusion: Is Collagen Worth Trying?

Collagen doesn’t really have any major downsides. It’s also got some real science behind its benefits. It may strengthen skin and hair, prevent damage and greying, and help you to look your best.

If you’re worried about your hair–or skin–collagen may be worth a shot. It’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and you can track the benefits for yourself.

Let us know in the comments below your experience using collagen. In what ways did you use collagen and for what reason? Has it helped?

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