How To Apply Vegamour Hair Serum

How To Apply Vegamour Hair Serum

Hair serums are meant to be applied in specific ways in order to work. Applying a serum for hair growth incorrectly can result in your hair not growing any faster than before you started using a hair growth serum.

Some hair serums do not say if there is a specific way for them to be applied. Most have you apply the serum to your scalp where your hair follicles can absorb it, but one or two serums have you apply it throughout your hair.

What Vegamour Says About Applying Their Hair Serum

Vegamour does give instructions on their site as to how to apply their hair growth serum. These instructions look complete at first glance, but they will likely leave you with questions when you use the Vegamour hair growth serum for the first time.

How To Apply Vegamour Hair Serum

Their exact instructions are: “Fill dropper full and apply directly to the scalp. Evenly disperse the serum and massage into scalp with your fingertips. Works best on dry or towel-dried hair. Can be applied morning or night. This is a leave-in product, style your hair normally. Apply daily for best results.

According to the single picture included with the instructions, this means dispensing it over the part line where hair thinning is visible. It is plain that this is not a serum meant to be used throughout your hair, such as the Viviscal elixir.

Besides those instructions, on the Amazon website where someone left a comment asking how to use Vegamour, the company gave the following reply:

A little goes a long way we’d recommend using 1-2 droppers full when applying the serum to your scalp. We’ve tested it out and were able to get around 50 droppers full per bottle of the serum, so it should last you a month if you’re applying it once daily. For the application, we suggest parting your hair into three different sections (left, middle, right). Once you’ve sectioned off your hair, apply 2-3 drops in each section then evenly disperse the serum directly to your scalp. One thing that will help a lot with penetration is massaging the scalp after application. It helps to increase circulation so you’ll also get better results!

So, one place states one dropper full while another place states one to two droppers. Otherwise, both sets of instructions have useful details.

How Vegamour’s Method Of Application Compares To Others

With the many serums for hair loss available, there are different ways to apply them. Though most serums come in a bottle with a dropper lid to dispense the serum, some instead come in pump bottles, like Herstyler Hair Serum.

The Herstyler serum looks like a spray bottle and says in its instructions to use 2 to 3 drops. Unfortunately, this design means that you must hold the bottle horizontally, or the serum will run down the side when you dispense it, which is obviously undesirable. This problem is why dropper lids like Vegamour uses are preferable.

As mentioned, some hair serums are meant to be applied to the scalp only, while others are applied to all your hair. Viviscal’s hair growth serum is one example. Its instructions say to pump the serum into the palm of your hands and then to run it through your hair using your fingers.

Applying a serum to your hair beyond the part next to your scalp strengthens your hair strands. This results in less breakage further down as well as healthier looking hair thanks to fewer split ends. It also means the serum is used up faster, making it more expensive.

Thin hair that is still growing fairly well from the root and is simply thin due to breakage can generally be better benefited by a serum meant to cover more. Meanwhile, hair loss at the root is better helped by a serum like Vegamour that focuses solely on your scalp.

Vegamour’s dropper lid allowing you to apply it directly to your scalp also reduces waste. All of it goes onto your scalp without any of it being absorbed into your hands, like the Viviscal serum.

Finally, serums like the PATTERN Jojoba Oil Hair Serum that can be applied to wet hair may be more convenient. Application on wet hair allows you to apply the serum on your hair directly after you shower, which saves you from having to remember it later.

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Tips For Maximizing Hair Serum’s Benefits

How To Apply Vegamour Hair Serum

As Vegamour says, massaging the scalp will help improve circulation, making the serum more effective for thinning hair. The reason increased circulation is helpful for this is it encourages your blood cells to go closer to the surface of your skin.

Anything on your skin is then more quickly absorbed as the extra blood cells carry it further into your skin. Serums that aren’t absorbed quickly enough can encounter things like dust particles or can be dried in the sun, which will evaporate the moisture and can leave a faint film behind as a result.

Therefore, your scalp should absorb the serum as quickly as possible, and anything that helps with scalp circulation is beneficial. Heat is another thing that boosts circulation. It causes your blood to surface in order to cool down.

Since Vegamour is meant to be used on dry hair, wrapping a damp hot towel around your head is not an option. However, using a blow dryer or some other type of dry heat is a good option.

There are hair masks, shampoos, conditioners, and many other products for thinning hair that can help improve scalp circulation. Using any of those products in the morning and then applying Vegamour GRO Hair Serum in the evening will help as well.

A final tip is making sure your scalp is clean when you apply the serum on your thinning hair is another tip. Any serum will have a hard time soaking into the hair follicles on your scalp if it has to go through a layer of dirt, dandruff, or the leftover chemicals of styling products before it can get to your scalp.

Final Thoughts

In order to avoid wasting money by using more than what you need, it is probably best to use one dropper full if your hair is only mildly thinning and two if your hair loss is worse.

Whatever amount you choose to use, starting off with a small amount of serum on your scalp is advisable until you know if you are going to have any allergic reactions to it.

The Vegamour GRO serum is straightforward to use. The only possible improvement I could see is a line on the dropper to indicate where ‘full’ is. If you know how to tell where this line goes or have any other tips for applying Vegamour GRO Hair Serum, let me know in a comment!


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