CBD Oil Benefits For Hair Growth

CBD Oil Benefits For Hair Growth
Cbd Oil Benefits For Hair Growth

Bad Hair days – we all hate them.

Our hair is our crown, and it brings in so much self-confidence for us. It helps us get through the day with our head held up high — unfortunately, there just days when our hair does not cooperate.

This happens especially when we need to look our best – during work presentations, important dates, school dance, etc.

If bad hair days are turning into a regular thing, then this can be a problem. It can affect not only your self-esteem but how others view you. You may be looked at as a slob or worse, someone who rarely takes baths.

This problem may be caused by an improper hair care routine, and some factors that you have to take into consideration when you are trying to improve your hair’s health and aesthetic are:

  • The product you use
  • How you wash your hair
  • How many times you wash your hair
  • Your diet and overall health

Additionally, proper grooming is something that is expected of you once you reach a certain age. That is why it is essential that you fix your hair care routine as soon as possible. It is guaranteed that it would help boost your self-esteem which is necessary for your day-to-day productivity.

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cbd oil benefits

CBD Oil Benefits | Hair Issues

The most common problems we encounter regarding our hair are frizziness and dryness.

There is a number of hair problems we experience, yet the most common is frizz and dryness, which usually roots from various chemical treatments we are unconsciously aware are causing significant damage to our hair such as:

All claim to provide us with the smooth and silky hair we have been dreaming of.

But ironically, these chemical straightening and smoothing treatments only pose harmful effects to our hair due to its potent toxic ingredients.

Undergoing a series of chemical hair treatments may lead to even more severe hair damage as these chemical solutions can weaken the protective layer of our hair strands known as the cuticle which is vital in the hair growth process.

Furthermore, the cuticle layer keeps the moisture of our hair protecting it from dryness. With a healthy and strong hair cuticle, we can expect longer lengths and shiny locks that are less prone to breakage.

The worst case of hair issues can even go as far as scalp irritation, burning, and hair loss. This may arise from the improper application of the chemical solution.

Now, if you regularly visit a salon and get your hair chemically treated, you are not just burning the hole in your pocket, but you are also doing your hair more harm than good.

Chemical Treatments Are Slowly Killing Your Hair

Our hair is naturally made up of 90% keratin which is a protein that is formed out of the binding of 18 different amino acids. It works with collagen which is another protein that can be found in our hair.

The collagen helps bind the keratin together to form the hair shaft or hair strand, the hair root, and the hair follicle. Keratin helps regenerate damaged hair, grow strong locks, and keep it smooth and elastic. It also shields off hair from the parching sun rays.

According to research, chemical treatments can change natural hair structure since it can affect these chains of keratin.

These chemical formulae strip off the natural oil of the hair leaving it coarse. It also weakens the cuticle and roots which results in thinning of hair.

Some of the hair straightening products are also said to contain a toxic chemical known as formaldehyde. This ingredient is usually found in keratin treatments. Exposure to this chemical may result in difficulty in breathing, eye irritation, and burning feeling.

Apart from the aforementioned health risks, formaldehyde is also known as a carcinogen that can cause cancer to humans.

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CBD Oil Benefits For Hair Growth

How to Prevent Hair Damage With CBD Oil

There is a handful of hair-care products now claiming to guarantee healing and restoration of damaged hair. This can range from conditioners, dry shampoo, oils and serums, hair wax and pomade, and sea salt spray.

Among the beauty trends that are now in demand in the market are those hair products infused with Cannabidiol or also known as CBD oil.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive product naturally derived from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant. A lot of studies have found out the extensive medicinal benefits of CBD oil.

This includes its ability to combat sleeping problems, regulate mood, and boost the immune system. Apart from its incredible power to fight diseases, CBD oil has also been widely used now in skincare products.

Based on studies, it has been proven to help improve skin conditions such as acne problems and aging. CBD oil regulates the production of sebum which is the primary cause of pimples and keeps the Vitamin E in the body at a healthy level to prevent drying of skin and wrinkles.

The hemp-derived product also keeps skin healthy and glowing with its potent antioxidant compound.

CBD Oil For Growing Longer And Stronger Hair

Moreover, Cannabidiol is also believed to fuel hair growth. This popular beauty trend is opulent with nutrients that are important in growing stronger and longer hair strands.

1. Vitamin A

CBD oil is rich with Vitamin A. This fat-soluble compound is essential in the growth and development of the organs in the body.

Vitamin A is known as beneficial in skin cell production by stimulating fibroblasts which are essential in achieving firmness deep down the layers of the skin.

It got powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals which are causing damage to cells. Vitamin A also helps boost the immune system and maintain healthy vision.

Hair issues, particularly hair loss, can be treated with a sufficient amount of Vitamin A in the body. Thinning of hair is not just a struggle which women experience. Even men have a shared cause of worry.

Based on the 2014 Survey conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, there are an estimated 35 million men in the United States who suffer from hair loss.

Apart from maintaining a healthy diet by eating foods opulent with this nutrient such as carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes, you can also consider using organics products such as CBD shampoo to combat hair loss.

CBD-infused hair products are an excellent addition to your hair-care routine.

2. B-Vitamins

Another essential hair-growth nutrient which you may found in CBD oil is B-vitamins. Our scalp demands an ample supply of nutrients and energy to keep its healthy growth and texture. Lack of supply of vital nutrients may result in hair problems.

According to studies, hair loss is caused by biotin deficiency in the human body. So if you are experiencing thinning of hair, intake of food rich with B-vitamin or biotin is a good alternative for hair loss treatment.

Biotin helps in the production of red blood cells which is an important factor in the transmission of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles.

Achieving healthy hair usually depends on this process. If you have got poor blood circulation, then you are likely to suffer from hair issues.

B-vitamin can usually be found in meat, whole grains, nuts, and leafy vegetables. You can also get a dosage of this nutrient from using CBD shampoo which invigorates hair in the most natural way.

3. Vitamin C

Apart from keeping your skin looking youthful, CBD oil can also help grow your hair naturally healthy, long, and strong. This hemp-derived product is filled with Vitamin C or ascorbic acid which provides you with overflowing beauty benefits.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that is important in the growth and repair of tissues in the body.

It got a powerful anti-oxidant that shields off the body from the harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet radiation and environmental pollutants making the hair more resistant against breakage and split ends.

Vitamin C also helps hair grow soft and free from frizz and dryness.

This is due to its capacity to remove the buildup of mineral on the surface of the hair. Cleansing your hair with a shampoo that got a high concentration of ascorbic acid helps keep your hair smooth allowing it to retain moisture.

4. Vitamin D

cbd oil benefits

High sources of vitamin D usually include fatty fish, dairy products, beef liver, and egg yolks. But if you are looking for an excellent dietary source of fat-soluble nutrients, CBD oil can be a good alternative. It is the only vegan source of Vitamin D you can find in the market.

Research suggests that an insufficient level of vitamin D can lead to Alopecia or spot baldness wherein one loses hair in most parts of the body.

This health condition may vary from one person to another. According to the study published in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine, Vitamin D has the capacity to generate growth of new follicles.

These new little pores may enhance the texture of your hair or reduce the thinning.  Researchers from Harvard have also found out that Vitamin D can tap dormant follicles in the body which is typically the cause of balding.

5. Vitamin E

Most skin and hair problems are associated with the lack of supply of Vitamin E. According to history; this fat-soluble antioxidant has been already used in dermatology in the year 1950s.

Studies claim that Cannabidiol has got a high-level content of Vitamin E. This is what makes the hemp-extracted product a powerful remedy against hair loss and weak hair strands.

According to research, vitamin E helps lower down oxidative stress which usually causes thinning of hair.

Moreover, it has also been scientifically proven to boost blood circulation which is significant in supplying oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. The increase in the blood flow drives up hair growth.

If you are suffering from dull and lifeless hair, Vitamin E can help you retrieve its shine and moisture. CBD oil which is opulent with this fat-soluble nutrient can rebuild the protective layer of your hair which makes it possible to bring back its natural sleek texture.

There is now a variety of CBD-infused hair products you can purchase which is considerably cheaper than undergoing salon services that are not just expensive but also harmful to your health.

6. Protein

CBD Oil Benefits For Hair Growth

As aforementioned, our hair is originally made up of proteins known as keratin and collagen. Protein is essential in the repair of tissues and organs in our body.

Since our hair follicles and hair strand chiefly consist of protein, supplying our body with an adequate amount of this nutrient is necessary for hair growth. According to studies, an insufficient supply of protein makes our hair more exposed to dryness and breakage.

Cannabidiol can be a good source of protein other than foods such as poultry, soy products, beans, and nuts. If you desire to grow long and healthy locks, you might consider, adding CBD oil in your daily hair care routine.

7. Zinc

Aside from vitamins, minerals are also important in the process of hair growth and revitalization. If you are suffering from hair loss, then it might be an obvious sign of Zinc deficiency.

CBD oil guarantees you a plentiful supply of this mineral which helps strengthen hair follicles and prevent thinning.

Although CBD products may be ingested, it may also be topically applied. You can find a lot of Cannabidiol-infused beauty brands that come in the form of a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.

8. Iron

Another mineral that can be derived from CBD oil is Iron. Based on research, Americans tend to spend 3.5 billion dollars to treat hair loss problems. Lack of iron in the body may also result in thinning of hair.

If your body does not have enough supply of this nutrient, then it won’t be able to produce hemoglobin which plays an important role in the transmission of oxygen and repair of cells. Your scalp needs adequate oxygen and nutrient supply to keep it healthy.

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Instead of taking iron supplements which may impose stomach and intestinal side effects, you may consider taking CBD oil as a better option. Cannabidiol is a naturally processed product that can sustain you with a sufficient dosage of Iron.

9. Fatty Acids

Cannabidiol is also a rich source of high levels of fatty acids including Omega-3 and Omega-6. These nutrients promote hair growth by nourishing hair follicles.

A healthy dosage of these fatty acids strengthen the hair roots and thus prevent unnecessary hair fall which may lead to extreme hair problem such as spot balding.

For the best hair care, you may now try adding Cannabidiol in your day-to-day beauty routine. Say bye now to expensive salon services and start to grow your hair healthier and longer the natural way.

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