Spectral. DNC-N Review DS Laboratories

Spectral. DNC-N Review DS Laboratories
Spectral. Dnc-n Review Ds Laboratories


There are many Minoxidil topical treatments out there for hair loss. However, Spectral.DNC-N is a new player on this market that definitely stands out from the rest. This topical spray from DS Laboratories is worth taking a closer look at, starting with a peek at the DS Laboratories brand.

DS Labs for hair loss
DS Labs for hair loss

Spectral.DNC-N (with Nanoxidil)

About DS Laboratories

DS Healthcare Group Inc. is the parent company behind DS Laboratories, which is the brand name of various hair and skin care products. In addition, DS Laboratories has some personal care products, including products that can help you grow longer eyelashes.

One thing that this company does is that they try to have enough laboratory tests to prove scientifically how and why their products work. The DS goal is to change and develop new and better technologies for products that make a real difference.

That has been their goal for the over 15 years they have been in business. DS Laboratories operates in 46 countries and has millions of clients across the world. They only use ingredients of excellent quality, and they do not pinch pennies with either their ingredients or their research.

If they cannot prove to their satisfaction that a product truly works, then they will not offer it for sale. They have medical advisors to help with the research, a fair amount of which they freely share the results of.

Once they have approved of a product, they market the product using environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible. To this end, DS Laboratories has even developed a biodegradable packaging which is even better for the environment.

This packaging is a type of plastic that is made with additives that both hep the plastic to break down over time, and that helps microorganisms be able to digest it. DS Laboratories go through this same extra length for the products that go inside their containers.

It is because of this quality that DS products are as popular as they are. This is also because of how trustworthy the results are since if they say that a product will help you, then it is almost sure to do so.

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Spectral.DNC-N has hundreds of reviews on how well it works. This amount of reviews is pretty impressive considering how new this product still is as well as the fact that not everyone who uses a product leaves a review on it.

In fact, this Spectral.DNC-N is the first topical hair loss treatment that uses Nanoxidil. Check out Nanoxidil reviews. Most topical hair loss treatments use Minoxidil, but Nanoxidil is a new alternative to it. This product has a 5% Nanoxidil, which makes it a powerful new tool that can be used against hair loss.

Nanoxidil has a high rate of efficiency and few known side effects. It, along with the other compounds that are used in Spectral.DNC-N, have had many studies done on them. These studies were used to make a product that would fight hair loss in many different ways.

First, Spectral.DNC-N helps suppress dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for pattern baldness in both men and women. To help that even further, it provides antioxidant effects to help reverse any damage that DHT has already caused.

Additionally, Spectral.DNC-N has compounds that promote your hair growth by opening up the channels to your hair cells. This hair treatment also extends the anagen phase, which is the growth phase of your hair. Chronic inflammation, which is also bad for your hair, is yet another thing that this product is made to help with.

All of these benefits cover a lot of different bases as to why you might be losing your hair. This is why Spectral.DNC-N is so effective for all types of people, no matter what is behind their hair loss. The new technology that is in it makes it that much more effective than other topical hair loss treatments you are likely to see on the market.

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Advantages Of Spectral.DNC-N

Hopefully, you are starting to see that Spectral.DNC-N has a number of advantages to it. Since it is supposed to help you get your hair back, this is obviously an advantage all on its own. However, people rarely commend something for doing what it is supposed to do.

Therefore, when looking at advantages, we will be looking at other things besides helping with your hair growth. There are plenty of other advantages of Spectral.DNC-N to look at, so let me show you what they are one at a time.

The Nanoxidil

Nanoxidil is a perfect example of DS Laboratories and what they are capable of. It is made using Nanosome technologies that help enhance the ability of the Nanoxidil to get to where it needs to be. This means that the Nanoxidil gets into your skin better and gives off its benefits for longer.

In fact, Nanoxidil can stick around on your scalp for a whole 12 hours. This is a lot longer than most topical hair loss treatments, and it is solely thanks to the Nanoxidil and the Nanosome encapsulation.

Because of this, people who are disappointed with Minoxidil foams and creams can often get better results by switching to Nanoxidil. Spectral.DNC-N is made primarily for the early to moderate stages of hair loss. However, it can be used for more severe hair loss.

DS Labs for hair loss
DS Labs for hair loss

Spectral.DNC-N (with Nanoxidil)
  • Treatment for vertex and hairline
  • Contains Key compounds promote hair growth
  • An alternative to Minoxidil

The Other Ingredients

In addition to the Nanoxidil, Spectral.DNC-N has other key compounds in it that promote your hair growth. Caffeine is one of these, and it helps to block the DHT while increasing circulation to your scalp so that your follicles get the nutrients that they need.

Myristoyl pentapeptide-17, for example, is a synthetic peptide that supports the production of keratin in your body. Since keratin is the main component that makes up your hair, you can see why this is necessary for growing hair back again.

Lysophosphatidic acid is something that plays an essential role in your cellular regulation. This essentially gives growth hormones to your hairs to encourage them to grow. Retinoids also are in Spectral.DNC-N and also promote hair growth by increasing blood flow by increasing the blood vessels in your scalp.

Adenosine is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps is one thing that can cause hair loss. Azelaic acid is a less common ingredient that is also included. This acid works to prevent your extra testosterone from converting to DHT.

The caffeine in the Spectral.DNC-N helps with this too, and also helps with blood flow to your scalp. Lecithin is another key compound when it comes to the building blocks that make up your hair. It goes into making the membranes that line the inside and outside of every cell.

TriСopper Peptide has two main benefits to your hair. First, this peptide has both protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Second, is also has tissue remodeling properties. These increase your chances of success when getting a hair transplant and help new growth.

Spectral. DNC-N Review DS Laboratories

The Studies

DS Laboratories would never have been able to make Nanoxidil without doing studies. Nor would they have been able to perfect it and use it in one of their products. However, if you are considering using Spectral.DNC-N, then you are likely more interested in the studies that have been done on this specific product.

These studies show that the Nanoxidil, combined with the other compounds, opens up some of the ion channels within cells. Spectral.DNC-N can also suppress and sometimes prevent perifollicular fibrosis in some cases.

In addition to suppressing DHT, the hair loss product also suppresses protein-kinase-C (PKC) isozymes, which are bad for your hair growth too. To back these claims, DS laboratories has the results of some of their studies openly posted on their website.

In December of 2011, DS Laboratories did a perception study aimed at finding out what people thought about Spectral.DNC-N and if they thought it really worked. It was in November of 2009, however, that DS did its first study regarding Nanosomes.

More recently, in January of 2015, DS Laboratories did a study on Nanoxidil and its effects. They also did a study on the effects of a topical hair growth promoter containing 5% Nanoxidil and a Phase 2 study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Pyrrolidinyl Diaminopyrimidine Oxide – PDPO – Topical solution.  

Perhaps their lasts study to date for this product is the study on novel treatments research addressing androgenetic alopecia that DS did in October 2022. The conclusions of all of these are available for anyone to read on the DS Laboratories website.

The Price And Convenience

senior man with gray hair

Like the other DS Laboratories products, Spectral.DNC-N can be easily purchased online. The topical hair loss treatment is slightly more expensive than some other treatments. However, you can subscribe to get your Spectral.DNC-N regularly and save money.

You save 20% of the price by subscribing, which can really add up over time. This is very convenient to do since you do not have to remind yourself to buy another bottle when you are running low. You can still choose to get one bottle if you prefer to try it out first, or you can cancel your Spectral.DNC-N subscription at any time.

This Spectral.DNC-N is just as convenient to use as it is to buy. You do need to shake it well before each use. After that, apply six sprays twice a day directly on the area of your scalp where you are losing your hair.

You can rub this into your scalp to make sure that it gets in and is evenly spread out. However, you should wash your hands immediately after rubbing it in. Leave the Spectral.DNC-N in your hair without rinsing it and do not skip any applications for the best results.

Other Advantages

One advantage not mentioned when going over the ingredients is that the compounds in Spectral.DNC-N, are all water-based. The fact that Spectral.DNC-N is water-based means that there are no oils in it that will make your hair greasy.

If you already struggle with greasy hair, then the last thing you will want is a product that makes your hair feel or look even more greasy. Along with the compounds that are included, what is equally important is the Propylene glycol that is not included.

DS Labs for hair loss
DS Labs for hair loss

Spectral.DNC-N (with Nanoxidil)
  • Treatment for vertex and hairline
  • Contains Key compounds promote hair growth
  • An alternative to Minoxidil

While useful to an extent for treating hair loss, Propylene glycol is a compound that can cause irritation and dermatitis. Neither of these are things that you want to experience. On top of that, propylene glycol quite commonly is a compound that is responsible for causing greasy hair.

Disadvantages Of Spectral.DNC-N

No topical hair treatment is going to be perfect and Spectral.DNC-N is no exception. It can take 2 to 3 months before you start seeing results. This is a long time before you know for certain if it is working for you.

What can be worse is the fact that it may cause you to lose more of your hair than usual at first. This is because it can trigger your hair to fall out so that it can start a new and better phase of growth. However, if your scalp is reacting to something in the Spectral.DNC-N, then this could also make your hair fall out.

The result is that you won’t be able to tell if the Spectral.DNC-N is making your hair fall out because it is working or if it is making your hair fall out because you are having a reaction to it. Of course, if it is the latter case, you will have other symptoms such as redness and itchiness too.

Also, having to remember to apply the Spectral.DNC-N twice a day can be a little difficult if your daily schedule is crammed. Missing applications of this topical treatment will give you results that are neither as quick nor as reliable.

Finally, while the ingredients in Spectral.DNC-N are without doubt great for our hair, they can leave something to be desired. There are almost no ingredients that are recognizable to the average person, and there are no plants or natural ingredients.

While this is not a huge concern, and it is free from any of the harsher chemicals, it still can be concerning for those who want to know exactly what is going on their skin or in their hair.


  • Affordable and easy to use.
  • One of the best (more powerful) alternatives to Minoxidil.
  • Known to treat hair loss in both men and women.


  • You have to use multiple bottles to see results. 

Men Going Bald

Final Thoughts

Because Nanoxidil is still a new compound, there is still a bit that is not known about it. There may be some side effects that are unknown and that have not come out yet. On the other hand, Nanoxidil may also have other benefits that have not been noticed yet.

There is no doubt, however, that Nanoxidil can work both faster and more effectively than other topical treatments. So, if other topical treatments are not working for you, then Spectral.DNC-N is likely just the hair treatment for you.

Spectral.DNC-N not only works to stop hair loss, but it also helps you grow new hair that is both thicker and healthier. So, perhaps you can give Spectral.DNC-N a try for your hair loss.

DS Labs for hair loss
DS Labs for hair loss

DS Labs
  • Treatment for vertex and hairline
  • Contains Key compounds promote hair growth
  • An alternative to Minoxidil

Be sure to check out our list of the top 3 best hair growth and thickening products.

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