Can Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

Can Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?
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There has been serious debate as to whether or not masturbation causes hair loss. While some schools of thought argue that there is a link between masturbation and hair loss, other schools of thought argue that there is no link whatsoever.

Well, after reading this post, you may be able to decide on which side of the divide to go with. We are going to take a look at both arguments to see how best we create a balance for you so that our minds can be better enlightened on the issue.

But does masturbation really cause hair loss?

Before we can have a grasp of what is being discussed, we need to first understand what exactly masturbation is, since it is the foundation of this discussion. So, what do you understand by the word masturbation?

Masturbation and Hair Loss | What Is Masturbation?

does masturbation cause hair loss

Masturbation is the act of stimulating or arousing one’s own genitals for the purposes of deriving sexual pleasure, more often than not, to the point of getting an orgasm. Those who practice it see it as a way of easing sexual tension.

Does Masturbation Really Cause Hair Loss?

masturbation and hair loss

There are two major theories put forward to try to advance this argument.

The first theory is premised on the ground that excessive masturbation leads to massive protein loss which inadvertently results in hair loss since the major component of hair is protein.

However, the antagonists of this theory have observed that the seminal fluid consists of 90% water and only 10% protein. Since protein plays a major role in body tissue repair and hair growth, a serious depletion in its level may affect hair growth.

However, this group is quick to observe that protein account for 50% of the individual’s dry body weight and so, even though there is excessive seminal fluid discharge, it can never get to the point of leading to a serious depletion of protein reserve in most men.

To cap up their argument, this school of thought posited that the average need for protein is approximately 56g per day. But in the UK, the average daily intake of protein stands at 84g, which is far above the daily required level.

That shows that the individual may not be able to lose enough protein through masturbation up to the point of causing hair loss.

The second theory is based on the belief that sex and masturbation cause a rise in the level of testosterone and then an increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production which eventually leads to hair loss.

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Again, the opponents of this theory say that hair loss does not come from high-level of testosterone but from your gene.

They are of the opinion that hair loss occurs mostly in men who are genetically predisposed to it. The genes are passed down to generations from either side of the family.

This makes the hair follicles of the affected persons to be more sensitive to the unpleasant effects of DHT. The sensitivity of the genes of the hair follicles to DHT is said to be responsible for miniaturization and then eventual hair thinning.

One other argument raised in favor of masturbation as a cause of hair loss is that masturbation, when done with a guilty feeling, produces stress which eventually leads to hair loss.

This implies that it is the stress that is produced from masturbation done with guilt that leads to hair loss, not the masturbation itself.

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The issue of masturbation and hair loss remains a highly debated one as there is no conclusive evidence to show that masturbation can cause hair loss, neither can it be completely waved aside as an impossibility, if the points put forth by those who believe in its possibility are to be considered.

Since there is some sense in the points presented by the school of thought that masturbation could lead to hair loss, and since those who argue that it does not cause hair loss also agree that DHT released as a result of masturbation could lead to hair loss in genetically predisposed people.

It is better, therefore, to avoid masturbation until it is otherwise exhaustively proven not to be connected with hair loss. There can never be

There can never be the harm in trying to play safe and avoiding what could be potentially detrimental to one’s health.

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