Vegamour Vs. Nutrafol Vs. Propidren

Vegamour Vs. Nutrafol Vs. Propidren
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Vegamour, Nutrafol, and Propidren are all hair loss names you have undoubtedly heard about. Finding out how these different hair growth products compare to each other, however, is something that can take quite a bit of effort.

In order to know which of these thinning hair and hair loss treatments is right for you, it is best to take a look at them individually first. So, let’s take a look at Vegamour vs. Nutrafol and Propidren one at a time.

About Vegamour

Vegamour has a very nice website where you can learn all about them and their products. They have a whole line of different products, and they even state what their mission is. This is to help you become healthier in order to get the hair you want.

To this end, Vegamour wants you to feel good and to help you feel this way by using natural ingredients. More than that, the Vegamour ingredients are all sustainably sourced from organic farmers and Fair- Trade certified sources. This Vegamour hair company takes great pride in being mindful of their ethical responsibility to planet Earth.

On top of its mission, Vegamour gives their whole story of how they got started. This story is a fascinating one and one that you can get behind. In their search for plants and things that would help create a hair loss treatment, they saw communities in need.

So, Vegamour set up Fair Trade contracts to help them work so that they could receive education and better working conditions. This allows thousands of women in places like southern Africa. It also ensures that Vegamour ingredients are as healthy as possible and are marked cruelty-free for your peace of mind.

Finally, Vegamour even has a blog where they gladly teach you tips on how to care for your hair. The Vegamour blog even includes the occasional recipe and other information that you can freely use whether or not you buy anything from them.

Their Products – Our Vegamour Review

As mentioned, Vegamour has a whole line of different products for your hair. To start with, Vegamour has three hair serums for you to use. The first is the original serum, and then they also have a Vegamour GRO advanced hair serum that is similar. Finally, Vegamour also has a unique Scalp Detoxifying Serum, which is one of their newer products.

Each of these three serums comes in small, convenient bottles. The droppers that Vegamour includes make it easy to apply the hair growth serum directly to your scalp and hair follicles. This makes for less waste and means that no extra tools are needed with any Vegamour hair serum products.

Next, Vegamour has two different types of foam for hair loss treatment. There is the original and, once more, the GRO version. These hair loss foams are pretty similar in some ways to the serums, but some people prefer foams for one reason or another. So, having the foam option is nice.

Besides these, Vegamour also has some everyday products as well. For example, their dry shampoo is fragrance-free and, as with their other products, made to help with hair thinning and hair loss. In fact, this is one of the few dry shampoos that I have seen that is formulated to help hair and promote healthy hair growth.

For your showers, Vegamour also has its own original hair loss shampoo and matching conditioner. Vegamour even has a GRO Shampoo and the GRO Revitalizing Conditioner if you are looking for something more.

Then, the Biotin Gummies and GRO Biotin Gummies are suitable for taking as a hair loss supplement. These, as the name implies, feature biotin but also have other helpful vitamins in them. Finally, Vegamour has a miscellaneous assortment of other products. There are two Vegamour serums that help thicken your lashes, a scalp massager that is safe to use in the shower, and other things.

The Advantages

The Vegamour products have plenty of advantages on their side. To start, even as a company there are plusses. Vegamour is a big company with almost everything you need for your hair. So, you can go to the Vegamour site and get your shampoo, conditioner, hair vitamins, and a hair serum or foam all from one place.

This is better than using a couple of different brands of products that might not be compatible in some way. Buying everything from Vegamour will also come with the added benefit of saving you money. One of the ways Vegamour products can save you money is by their point system.

This comes with subscribing and lets you spend your points on more Vegamour products. Other than that, Vegamour also has a variety of bundles. These bundles either pair a few different products from Vegamour or give three or six months of one product.

The ingredients that Vegamour uses in their products are also great, even if they are not noteworthy. This line of products includes a lot of vitamins in their ingredients. They even carefully choose ones from sources free from added hormones and that do not contain gluten.

In short, Vegamour does a pretty good job of checking off the boxes of things you might be looking for. Finally, Vegamour makes sure that all of their ingredients are Fair Trade and organic, so you know they’re good quality. Vegamour is ideal for hair wellness and reversing all hair types, including straight and curly hair.

This quality, in turn, helps eliminate the likelihood of possible side effects, which is always a concern when using hair loss products. After all, hair loss is a problem all on its own. Most people have no desire to fix their hair loss at the cost of other issues. In summary, Vegamour is ideal for hair wellness and reversing female and male hairloss for all types of hair, including straight and curly hair, and promoting vibrant, thicker hair.

The Disadvantages

Vegamour products are pretty good but not flawless. For starters, there is almost nothing unique about their ingredients. Sure, there is the odd one or two ingredients out of all for their products that you might not have heard about. At the same time, you probably haven’t heard about it because there is very little information or proof behind it.

Also, on the topic of Vegamour ingredients, you should know that the GRO products are majorly hyped up. Yes, there is broad-spectrum hemp and maybe one or two other items in the GRO products, but that is all. And, in some cases, this ‘upgrade’ comes at the cost of one or two of the other ingredients.

Considering that Vegamour charges a lot more for their GRO products, this seems like somewhat of a rip-off. In some cases, this company charges almost double the price for these simple changes. In addition, hemp may be suitable for your hair, but there is little to no proof behind it. Certainly not enough to make it worth the price increase.

Then, Vegamour also seems to have a bit of a discrepancy with their return policy. Vegamour tells you to give most of their hair supplement products three to four months to work. At the same time, Vegamour also 90-day window for their returns. So, you are not provided with even what they deem to be the adequate amount of time to try them out.

On this note, Vegamour also doesn’t make the process of their returns very easy. They often don’t accept returns or refunds at all for their ingestible products, such as their gummies. Vegamour certainly could stand to work on this area just a bit.

About Nutrafol

Nutrafol, like Vegamour, is the name of a brand that focuses on helping your hair loss. The company’s statement is that they are for your hair, your health, and humanity. Nutrafol feels that helping you have healthy hair will make you feel empowered in other ways.

They understand that many people go through hair loss at some point. So, Nutrafol was founded by people who experienced hair loss and who tried other hair loss treatments. They wanted to make growing your hair more straightforward than what they went through.

Nutrafol was founded by three people who have knowledge of hair loss. These three people are Giorgos Tsetis, Roland Peralta, and Dr. Sophia Kogan.

The first co-founder, Tsestis, worked as a model in his younger years. The strain of modeling led to the early onset of hair loss. Eventually, Tsetis found a prescription drug that helped with this, but this treatment also caused specific side effects.

Peralta didn’t start suffering from hair loss until after his battle with thyroid cancer. Though he won the battle, it messed up his hormones, leading to his hair falling out, along with a few other health problems.

Dr. Kogan, the last of the three co-founders and the Nutrafol Chief Medical Advisor, also had hair problems of her own. As she was going through medical school, the stress and lack of sleep due to studying proved too much.

These three, in their search for better solutions for hair loss products, banded together to make their own. They have since added even more people to Nutrafol, including medical advisors such as Dr. Sebastian Lighvani, Dr. Neil Sadick, Dr. Roy Stoller, Dr. Patricia K. Farris, and others. All of the Nutrafol products that these scientists make are as natural as possible to give you healthier hair and overall better hair care.

The Products

Nutrafol has three main products that are specifically tailored to help with different people’s hair loss. One of these Nutrafol products is for men, and the other two are for women. Of the two Nutrafol products for women, one is specifically for those whose hormones are off due to menopause.

All three of these products that Nutrafol offers have many of the same ingredients. The amount in each is changed slightly in order to better suit the type of people that the product is meant for. For example, the Nutrafol Men product has higher amounts of Saw Palmetto. This is because they understand that men suffer from hair loss more due to DHT, which Saw Palmetto helps with.

On that note, Nutrafol Women focuses more on helping combat stress with its ingredients. This is because Nutrafol knows that women’s hair tends to be more affected by stress. Finally, as hinted at, the Nutrafol Women‘s Balance is more for women whose hair is struggling due to their menopause.

Besides their three main products, Nutrafol also has some supplements. On their website, Nutrafol has a quiz to match you up with the supplement that best fits you. These seven Nutrafol supplements can be used in addition to the core products and are for targeting specific problems.

For example, two of these seven supplements are for stress. One is specifically called Stress Adaptogen, while the other is labeled as a Vitamin B Boost. Hairbiotic is the Nutrafol supplement they have to improve your gut health, while Digestive Enzyme helps you absorb nutrients and is a natural ingredient.

The Nutrafol Sugar Balance and the Liver Support helps with your metabolism and liver, respectively. And, finally, the Nutrafol DHT Inhibitor is for those who really feel that they have excessive amounts of DHT.

The Advantages

As a company, Nutrafol is great. The team of scientists that Nutrafol has on staff does their best to create unique products. This makes Nutrafol stand out compared to all of those other treatments that seem to use the same ingredients.

Also, I feel the fact that Nutrafol is founded by people who have been through hair loss themselves is great. This means that the founders themselves can sympathize with everyday people who are looking for treatments.

Speaking of Ingredients, Nutrafol has a pretty good lineup of these, some of them being Saw Palmetto, Maca, and Astaxanthin. Just as important as the Nutrafol ingredients are what they don’t have in their products.

Nutrafol is gluten-free, dairy-free, and shellfish-free. It is also hormone-free, drug-free, and free of all of those chemical binders that other hair growth products tend to have. Nutrafol is also free of artificial additives as well.

What ingredients Nutrafol does use are all gotten from sustainable growers. Nutrafol then uses third-party testing to make sure that these are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals. Then, these ingredients are sent to a Nutrafol facility in the USA, where they are put together.

These Nutrafol facilities are FDA registered, Good Manufacturing Practices Certified, USDA Inspected, and IFANCA HALAL Certified.

In short, Nutrafol does their best to make sure that you aren’t going to have any stray allergic reaction to their products. Combined with their choice of ingredients, it means that you are also unlikely to get any side effects from it either.

Finally, one thing Nutrafol offers that is rather unique is their on-call naturopathic doctors. You can talk to the Nutrafol doctors almost any time you want to in order to ask them questions.


The Disadvantages

The first disadvantage Nutrafol has is the price of it. Nutrafol is extremely expensive, almost three times the price of many other hair loss treatments like it. This can make Nutrafol far too expensive for many people to afford.

The fact that the ingredients of each of the Nutrafol products are only changed slightly is hardly something promising. In fact, this seems like a little bit of a gimmick just to make more money by selling three products instead of just one.

Also, the fact that Nutrafol products are made to affect your hormones is hardly very appealing. And, though side effects are rare, they are possible considering the list of herbs that are in it. For example, some of the herbs Nutrafol has in it are natural blood thinners.

This can obviously mean that Nutrafol can cause problems. Also, since Nutrafol does affect your hormones, it can cause problems for those that have hormonal-related conditions. And that is just the Nutrafol core products.

The side supplements can cause problems of their own. For example, the Sugar Balance can interfere with blood sugar medications. The fact that Nutrafol has other supplements is nice, but they don’t really let you choose these. In order to even get the supplements, you are required to take the quiz.

Another thing about Nutrafol that you should know is that their return policy is very strict. You have to return your Nutrafol product in its original packaging and within 30 days to get a refund.

Finally, Nutrafol products are literally a little harder to swallow than other pill supplements. This is because the core Nutrafol products have to be taken with food. More than that, you have to take four Nutrafol pills per day instead of the usual two that most supplements require.

About Propidren

Propidren doesn’t say a whole lot about itself in general, and neither does the company behind it. In fact, this hair growth supplement is barely even claimed by the company that makes it. HairGenics doesn’t even put their name on the Propidren bottles.

Other than what they sell, HairGenics doesn’t say anything about themselves at all. This company’s address may be listed, but nothing else is. HairGenics does not share the purpose behind being founded, who founded it, what their mission or goal is, or anything.

Since HairGenics seems to exclusively have products that help your hair, some of this is obvious. This company has the goal of helping people with their hair loss. Propidren seems to be one of their main products and one of the ways that they help with this.

While each of the HairGenics products does something for your hair, each one has a different role to play. Propidren, for example, focuses on acting as both a dietary supplement and a DHT blocker. This covers both of the common reasons why your hair might be falling out, or you are losing hair density.

This supplement accomplishes this by using natural ingredients. HairGenics picked ones that are both nutritious as well as natural DHT blockers. It combines these plant ingredients with just a few vitamins, which sums up the ingredients nicely.

There is Green tea extract, Saw Palmetto, Horsetail, Pygeum Bark, Nettle root, and Fo-Ti root plants and three vitamins. Almost all of these plants are ones that naturally block DHT.

The two Propidren capsules you take each day can be together or separately. One bottle of Propidren, as you might expect, lasts one month. HairGenics want you to take Propidren for at least three months to see results for your hair.

The Advantages

The most obvious advantage of Propidren is the ingredients that are in it. If you have researched hair health supplements at all, you probably are familiar with all of the ingredients in Propidren. That is because most, like the saw palmetto and fo-ti in particular, have had studies done on them.

These studies are so popular that you have probably at least heard of them. At the very least, you have heard of the results and how effective they prove some of these plants are. Hence, why so many hair products have these plants in them. They work.

The fact that Propidren works is another advantage. This effectiveness is made quite clear with the number of 5-star reviews that it has going for it. Though HairGenics does offer rewards to those who leave the 5-star reviews, this only slightly skews the numbers. But it can’t change the picture evidence that many reviewers leave for this elite hair growth product.

Then, natural products translate into products that are safe and that are unlikely to cause health problems. This is great if you already have health problems that you don’t want to aggravate in any way.

Next, Propidren is easy to take. Some supplements tend to be the size of horse-pills, but these are much more manageably sized. You can also take the two daily Propidren pills at the same time or separately.

Though Propidren focuses almost all of its energy on helping with DHT-related hair loss, this can be a good thing. DHT is widely known for being what is probably the number one cause of hair loss. So, the fact that Propidren can help with this without the use of chemicals is definitely an advantage for hair regrowth.

The Disadvantages

The first thing about Propidren that I consider to be a disadvantage is the lack of originality. All the ingredients in Propidren can be found in other hair supplements. Many other supplements also have more variety in them both in terms of the vitamins and beneficial plants in them.

In addition, Propidren manages to be more expensive than many of these other, potentially better, supplements. HairGenics doesn’t even seem to try to make their products comparably priced, which is the next disadvantage.

In fact, Propidren can sometimes be twice as expensive as other hair supplements that have comparable ingredients. You’d think this price would come with at least some sort of advantage to make up for it, but HairGenics doesn’t even have all that good of a warranty.

HairGenics tell you Propidren should take up to 90 days to start affecting you – which, by the way, is more than most DHT blockers recommend and is closer to what vitamin supplements say. However, the warranty only lasts 30 days.

Another thing about Propidren is the fact that the company behind it can only be reached by email. True, HairGenics does list their address in Nevada. However, it is unlikely you will go all the way there in person. So, this means waiting however long for them to get back to you. Even if they are fast at this, it is not going to be nearly as fast as a phone call.

Finally, though rare and unlikely, products like Propidren can be the victim of knockoffs. Between the fact, HairGenics doesn’t put their brand on it and the fact that you can buy Propidren from other sites, it is fairly easy to get counterfeits instead of the real thing. And that is not even getting to the possible side effects.

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The Final Comparison

As you can see, Vegamour, Nutrafol, and Propidren have a lot in common and a lot of differences. Nutrafol is the most expensive out of these but the most unique. It also has the most certifications, but that really isn’t necessary to make your hair grow.

All three of these companies use some great ingredients, and in that way, are quite similar. Also similar is the fact that none of these have what you would call a great return policy.

If you want a hair loss company that offers you all the hair growth products you need, go with Vegamour. Vegamour products might not be cheap, but they tend to be less expensive than Nutrafol.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper option that has an even better list of ingredients, then you should take a look at another hair loss supplement called Folexin. It even has a better warranty as well, though still not as many certifications as Nutrafol.

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