Folexin Vs. Propidren

Folexin Vs. Propidren

Sometimes looking at two hair loss treatments to compare them can seem like quite a chore. So, lining up the two products side by side, so to speak, can make comparing them a lot easier. If you are looking at Folexin and Propidren, and can’t decide which one is the one for you, then hopefully this will help you.

About Folexin

Folexin is popular enough for you to have at least heard about it if you are interested in hair treatments. You may have even heard about the fact that Folexin was originally called Foligen. Though the name change might seem strange, the fact that they wanted to be more unique and also upgraded their ingredient list at the same time is actually pretty nice to know.

VitaBalance, the company that is behind Folexin, is one that has been around for a while. This company seems to focus on various health-related products, not just hair ones. However, besides Folexin, they also have a Foligrey product that supposedly helps prevent greying.


  • Support for thick, strong, healthy hair.
  • Support for your hair’s natural growth process.
  • High-quality ingredients and third-party tested.

Folexin has not been on the market for as long as some other hair loss treatments, but VitaBalance has been. Though their product for stress relief, as well as their one for sleep help, may not help directly with your hair growth, there are also obvious benefits that both of these can provide for your hair.

As for this supplement itself, its focus is providing a natural way for your hair growth to be increased. Being free of chemicals or hormones, Folexin instead uses a specific formula of various herbs and vitamins. Each of these Folexin ingredients has a purpose and a way in which it helps your hair.

These ingredients are combined in factories in the USA, even though some of them come from sources outside the country. These factories have both the FDA seal of approval as well as the GMPc certification.

You can find out more about Folexin on the website they have, which includes a Q&A section. In fact, the Folexin website shares a lot of information about anything you might want to know about their product.

The Advantages

Anytime you see a hair product from a large company like Folexin is, that is a good sign. Even if you like the idea of supporting smaller businesses, the fact remains that large ones have advantages. For starters, large companies have more people working there.

This means that any problems you have will get dealt with that much faster. It also means that it is easier for the company to afford giving you a refund. This makes getting a refund for almost any reason easier for you as well.

As for the Folexin itself, this is a really good product. Its sheer popularity is a clear indicator that they are doing something right. The fact that its popularity is only increasing is a sign that it must be working for hair loss.

The ingredients in Folexin are also great just by looking at them. There are literally no filler ingredients that hair loss products tend to have in them. Some of these herbs and vitamins are so well-known for helping with hair loss that some people take them individually. So, it is nice to have them all together in one capsule like this.

Finally, Folexin being in the form of a capsule makes it super easy to add to your schedule. You won’t have to change anything for your hair or spend hours with hair masks or anything else. Technically speaking, the Folexin capsules are even the type that you can take apart.

The powder inside Folexin is not the sort that tastes good at all, but it can be added to your smoothies or even your hair mask. This gives you far more options for ways to use Folexin. It is not excessively expensive either, so you may want to use it in multiple ways.

The Disadvantages

Folexin, as amazing as it obviously is, is not perfect by anyone’s standards. For starters, the Folexin ingredients could use just a little perfecting. Though vegetarian, the source of Vitamin D prevents it from qualifying as vegan, so there is that.

In addition, there is the soy in Folexin, which some people try to avoid in their diets for good reason. And these are just two things in Folexin for certain. Other allergens may or may not be in it because of the facilities that it is processed in.

These include things like egg, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, fish, and crustacean shellfish. So, basically almost all of the main allergens are present in some amount in the facilities. The importance of this to you depends on the degree of your sensitivity, but it could be a big issue. For some, it might be cause enough to decide to go with a different supplement. Check out the entire list of ingredients in Folexin.

Other than that, Folexin also may be a bit inconvenient to buy. For those who prefer doing shopping from favorite stores and websites, the fact that Folexin can only be bought on their official site makes for yet one more place you have to buy from.

Finally, the fact that Folexin is a supplement means that it won’t be a quick fix for your hair loss. In fact, supplements of any kind can take a long time to work. Just keep in mind that hair growth is one of the last things that your body worries about.

Because of this, Folexin can easily take a long time as your body uses it to help with everything else first. VitaBalance is perfectly aware of this, which is why they recommend at least two to three months before expecting to see any results from using Folexin.

About Propidren

Propidren, like Folexin, is made by a fairly quiet sort of company. By quiet, I mean that the company making Propidren doesn’t even put their brand on their product. HairGenics does sell the Propidren on their site, but you can also buy their product from other places.

On that same note, the company also does not share anything about themselves. However, why HairGeincs was founded, what their other goals might be, or anything else about them is information that is almost impossible to find. In fact, HairGenics only states that their address in Las Vegas, Nevada, and their email address.

It is clear that HairGenics is a company that focuses on hair loss because of the products that they offer. So, at least you can know that Propidren is from a company that wants to help you grow out your hair.

And Propidren does a pretty good job of helping with hair growth. Where most hair supplements try to either block DHT or simply supply nutrients, Propidren is one that tries to do both of these at the same time. It even does this with natural ingredients instead of with chemicals.

In fact, most of the Propidren ingredients are herbs. Horsetail Extract and Fo-Ti are fairly well known. And Green Tea Extract is also known for its richness in antioxidants. Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Bark Powder, Nettle Extract and are all-natural DHT blockers to some degree.

Meanwhile, the biotin, iron, and zinc are some of the basic things that your hair needs for growth. Both the plants and vitamins are in capsules, of which the two you take can be either taken together or separately.

These Propidren pills do take a while to start working but, then again, most supplements for hair are the same.

The Advantages

Propidren, for starters, is easy to purchase from places where you might already be doing your shopping. Amazon even sells this supplement at a comparable price as their main website. This availability makes getting Propidren very easy.

All of the ingredients in Propidren should be familiar ones to you. Most of these, like the Fo-Ti, have had studies done on them. Though HairGenics does not make these studies easy to access, they are relatively simple to find.

With the things in Propidren being readily available if you want to know them, you can rest assured that there aren’t any filler ingredients either. Also, the number of 5-star reviews the Propidren has is a clear indicator that it works, even if some of these reviews are biased due to HairGenics offering a reward for those reviews.

However, a fair amount of reviewers leave pictures, so there is clearly something here. And, even though HairGenics doesn’t share how they make their products, they clearly do a good job picking their ingredients.

Back on the subject of ingredients, natural ingredients are so much better for those with health problems. Though herbs are not completely free of side effects, they do have significantly less than chemicals. This is both less in terms of severity and in how potentially dangerous the side effects are.

Considering that most DHT blockers use some type of chemical, this is really good. Also, the fact that Propidren blocks DHT in the first place is very helpful if you are suffering hair loss for this reason. Finally, you should know that Propidren pills are not huge horse-sized ones. This makes the Propidren easy to swallow.

The Disadvantages

Though rare, products like Propidren that are sold by many different places can occasionally suffer from knockoffs. These happen when an individual or small group make a product that looks as close to another as possible. These counterfeits are then sold to you, but do not have the same effect.

However, it is uncertain if counterfeits are even necessary here. Propidren may have good ingredients, but there is nothing unique about any of them at all. In fact, you can find other products with these same ingredients for cheaper than HairGenics offers Propidren.

And that brings up the next disadvantage of Propidren, which is how expensive it is. Though being so similar to many other hair supplements, it is almost twice the price. The 30-day warranty on Propidren, which supposedly takes up to 90 days to work, can also be a red flag.

Next, the fact that HairGenics is only available by email, is definitely a disadvantage. Unless you want to go to Nevada in person, you will have to wait for them to email you back. This means that any problems the Propidren gives you will not be fixed quickly by their customer service.

All in all, the almost complete lack of information on HairGenics and their products is hardly very comforting. This is especially true when HairGenics does not care to warn you of any possible side effects.

Though these are mild, they are still there. Saw Palmetto, for example, can interfere with blood thinners. There is also natural caffeine in one of these plants, which might affect you negatively. A few have even noted things like a change in their stools, numbness and tingling, and other, more random things like itching, fatigue, headaches, sexual problems, and the like.

The Final Comparison

As you can see, Folexin and Propidren have quite a bit in common, but they also have some clear differences. For starters, both hair products are single products made by a quiet but large company. Where Folexin is only available in one place, Propidren can be purchased almost anywhere.

Propidren is notably more expensive than Folexin. But, if you can catch Propidren while a deal is going on, you may be able to get it cheaper. However, Folexin has a better list of ingredients then Propidren does, in addition to being cheaper.

Though Folexin does not say that it is a DHT blocker, Propidren does. However, some of the things that are in Folexin have been known to help with DHT. So, in short, while Folexin should help with both DHT and giving you the vitamins you need, Propidren will only really help with the DHT.

All in all, it is pretty clear that Folexin is likely the better option for most people. True, you may get results from Propidren, but you are more likely to get the same or better results with Folexin.


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