Top Dying Trends For Women With Gray Hair

Top Dying Trends For Women With Gray Hair
Top Dying Trends For Women With Gray Hair

Surprisingly, gray hair is a new trend; it is quickly becoming one of the fashionable hair colors out there! If hearing the words gray hair makes you think of something plain and drab, then think again. There many different hair trends that you can choose from that are anything but plain.

Different trends for gray hair can actually be divided into two categories. Some trends focus on the color and the exact shade, or shades, of gray that you wear. Meanwhile, other trends are more about what haircut you get.

Color Trends For Women With Gray Hair

Gray hair can be so much more than just gray. For starters, there are so many shades of gray it would be impossible to list them all here. We see steel grays, silver grays, grays that are almost white, and all sorts of shades in between.

On top of that are the different highlight options that can make your hair vibrant with different gray colors! You can even find trends for gray hair that involves the color blue.

Ombre Effects

This is one of the most common trends for gray hair, and one that works even better on women’s hair than it does on men’s. The ombre effect is quite simply that the top section of your hair is dyed to be darker, and the lower section of your hair is dyed to be several shades lighter.

If you are only just starting to gray, then your hair is quite possibly darker at your roots. In the latter, you will only need to whiten the lower part of your hair. However, if your hair is already gray, then you may need to only darken the roots.

Some ombre patterns make your hair half of one color and half of the other. However, ombre can also be used with more of one color than the other. These colors are only given a minimal amount of your hair to shift from one color to another.

As a final touch, you can even choose to add a slight bit of pigment of a third color to the very tips of your hair. This can be something close to white, or it can be a color like pink for a dramatic flair.

Blue And Gray Highlights

If you love the subtle but still present color, then this trendy color scheme is probably the best option for you. It takes a professional hairstylist to pull it off just right, but the end result of this hairstyle is a mixture of light and dark grays, some of the light grays having a blue tone to them.

This blue tone can be faint and subtle, or it can be a bit bolder. Overall, your hair should be darker towards the top and lighter towards the ends. Considering the number of different colors that go into this, this color style does take a bit of time to apply to your hair.

For the same reason, blue and gray hair also works much better with slightly longer hair. Somewhere around, shoulder-length is more than adequate to get the right color effect. Meanwhile, the blue color also helps prevent your gray hair from getting yellowing or brassy.

Gothic Gray

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The name may be deceiving, but this color is stunning! Your hair begins with a dark gray color at the roots and is then taken and lightened into an ash color. This gives your hair a faded look that is gradually more intense towards the bottom of your hair.

While gothic coloring might seem similar to ombre coloring, there are a few notable differences between the two. Ombre hair coloring gives a stark contrast of color that is obviously not natural. Meanwhile, gothic coloring is a gradual fade from dark to light that, when done correctly, looks like it could be natural.

Gray Balayage

This hair coloring blends together three colors to make what looks like ripples in an ocean if done right. On the top, near your roots, your hair is given a dark gray color. Then the balayage fades quickly to a very light gray.

From there, a balayage hairstyle fades just as quickly into its third color. This last color is often a blue or a purple, though it can be red or some other color. While the fading is not as gradual as it is with a gothic gray hair coloring, it is not quite as stark contrast as ombre coloring is.

The fading between each of these three colors is done slightly unevenly so that there is no visible line of where one color ends and where the next one begins. The effect is much better with longer hair that allows more space for each transition.

Neutral Gray

Neutral gray is a way of coloring your hair that gives it that lovely ‘salt and pepper’ look. First, your hair is dyed a darker gray, then some of your hairs are taken off of the top and lightened at least a few shades.

When the hair has been lightened and then placed back over the other hair, it should give a particular effect. This effect is where you mostly see the lighter color, but the darker shade just as clearly peeks out from under the other.

Not only does this make your hair look shiny if the right grays are chosen, but it is a perfect option if you are starting to go gray and are looking for a smooth way to transition. The color underneath can be your natural hair color if you are not gray yet.

Frost Queen

Top Dying Trends For Women With Gray Hair

It is relatively easy to picture what frost queen hair looks like. The grays in this are white, especially towards the tips. Even higher up, the grays used are very cool tones that maybe have an undertone of blue to them.

This hair coloring’s goal can look either soft and dainty or a little more intense, depending on the shades that are used. This works for hair of any length, and it can look amazing with either very short or very long hair.

Hairstyle Trends For Women With Gray Hair

Besides color, there is also the style and the cut of your hair for you to choose. Some haircuts simply do not work with specific gray colors. On the other hand, other haircuts simply bring out your gray hair and make you look fabulous in it.

Pairing these two just right for you can take a bit of time looking at pictures and talking to your hairstylist. However, getting it right in the end is well worth the trouble of having a new, trendy gray hair look.

Long And Wavy

This is a classic look for gray hair and one that looks great if it is done right. This look pairs best with silver grays or ones that have a bit of a shine to them. Deep waves plus shine means that the valleys’ hair looks darker and, as you move your hair around, the color seems to shift like a kaleidoscope.

If you do not need shine, you can still pair your waves with streaks of highlights. These can make your hair seem thicker by giving your hair the appearance of more layers.

While different women can sometimes have their own definition of the term long hair, this is still the same hairstyle whether your hair is down to your waist or just down a little past your shoulders. While long and wavy gray hair does work best if your hair is naturally wavy, you can fabricate waves if needed, so you can give this a try.

Curly Pixie 

This hairstyle is a shorter one that is great if you don’t want to have your hair on your neck due to the heat. This cut is short near the nape of your neck and longer as it reaches the top of your head. 

This extra length is just enough to allow one, or at the most two, ringlets, which can be tight or a little loose. Curly pixie cuts are the simplest for women with naturally curly hair since no special care is needed. However, thanks to perms, curlers, and styling products, even women with perfectly straight hair can pull off this look.

One-color is all that is needed here, with the near-white grays looking very pixie-like. However, any shade of gray works perfectly here. For a bit of fun, pink or blue can be added to the curls’ tips using a temporary dye for special occasions.

Bob Cut

Bob cuts can be trendy for any color hair, and gray hair is no exception. The cut is effortless to do, just a straight line across the bottom, allowing you to do it yourself. With gray hair, a bob cut often looks better with bangs, but that is optional.

While almost any shade of gray works well with this cut, the darker grays tend to look better, as do the nearly white grays. Go with a shiny solid color for a classy look. Or, go with an almost white gray and then add some streaks of different grays or other colors entirely.

Bob cuts don’t require a lot of hair, though you will likely have to straighten your hair to keep it looking nice. However, most bob cuts give your hair just enough length to accessorize it to make it look extra nice for the occasion for special occasions.

Tight Bottom Curls 

Tight curls only on the bottom edges of your hair can take a bit of work to maintain but are both eye-catching and fun. For this cut, your hair needs to be at least shoulder length, preferably a little longer. The top section of your hair is perfectly straight, using a straightener if need be.

It is only the bottom of your hair that has one or two very tight ringlets to it. If your hair is long enough for it, you may be able to have three ringlets on the ends. This is done either with a curler or curling iron or a special perm.

For color, grays of any shade work just fine. While streaks of highlights are less compatible, it is possible to pull off an ombre coloring with the straight part of your hair being one color and the curls being the lighter color.

Short Spikes

Hair that is in short spikes is a style that is similar to short layers. This can look incredibly trendy if the tips are lighter in color than the roots are. You can use hair products to form spikes, or you can simply run your fingers through your hair for a messy look!

Short hair is effortless to take care of and perfect for hot weather. It works with any shade of gray and with any form of highlights. If your hair is thinning, then long hair can look scraggly, which is where short hair comes in handy.


There are many unique ways that your stylist can do layers to your hair. These layers can be short and barely reach your shoulders, or they can be longer with the shortest strands of hair touching the top of your shoulders.

Additionally, layers can be spaced far apart so that you can clearly see the difference between one layer and the next or right on top of each other so that there is no distinct line. Any sort of highlights or lowlights can be used with layered hair. The options here are truly endless.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to wait until your hair is entirely gray to enjoy some of these gray hair trends. Even if you are in your 20s, you may feel bold enough to dye your hair gray to try one of these out. As you age, however, these cuts may make you look older than you actually are. 

If you are over 40, it merely looks like you are embracing your gray hair. Although you can wait until your own gray hair starts coming in before you start using these trends, try taking the reins and go for it without waiting!

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