Best Hair Growth Products For Black Hair

Best Hair Growth Products For Black Hair
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Some people might think that hair growth products can be used by anyone. Others who know a bit more might point out that men’s hair loss is often different than women’s hair loss and that these two categories frequently have specialized products for them.

However, fewer consider that there are certain hair types that require a little extra consideration when picking hair growth products. African American hair is one example of a hair type that can require a bit of extra thought when it comes to products that will and won’t work for it.

Afro hair has curls that are so thick that it can be extremely hair to get anything to your scalp properly, as just one example. So, foam hair products that are meant to be applied directly to the scalp simply won’t work.

There are other special considerations that make the best hair growth products for black hair not necessarily the same as the best hair growth products for another hair type. So, let’s view some of what to look for in a product for this specific hair type. We’ll also see about one or two examples of a few different products that are great for black hair growth.

The Different Hair Growth Products

Often the best hair growth products for black hair are the ones that you usually have to use on black hair anyway. The fact is that African American hair has some special needs to it that often require more products on a day-to-day basis.

So, the simplest solution is replacing these products with ones that will encourage hair growth. Considering many hair styling products have chemicals in them that can cause thinning hair, getting rid of these will help your hair health twofold.

These everyday products include moisturizing oil, shampoo, conditioner, styling creams, and a few other products. If your goal is healthy hair growth – or hair regrowth in some cases – then you’ll want to pick a few of these.

The more hair care products you use that have natural ingredients and that are good for hair growth, the less likely you are to have problems with hair loss. And, if you have hair loss, then these products will help your damaged hair grow back again.


It’s a fact that black hair is actually very dry most of the time, which not everyone knows about. Of course, people who have black hair themselves know this very well. It is why oils are very popular for people with this hair type.

If you are going to be using an oil on your hair, why not use one that will assist with hair growth as well by giving you the moisture you need? Most hair growth oils try to do this a little, but there are a few that stand out specifically for black hair.

Of course, hair oils don’t have to exclusively be for your hair. Olive oil, for example, is a tolerably good hair growth oil that has plenty of uses in the kitchen. However, other hair oils have more benefits to them, though fewer secondary uses.

Both olive oil and coconut oil are more frequently used as a carrier oil in other products. Castor oil and sweet almond oil can both be consumed as well, but they are more considered to be hair oils. Castor oil, in particular, is considered a hair growth product by most people who use it.

Only slightly less popular is argan oil, but Vitamin E oil is also sometimes grouped as a hair oil. Sometimes a hair oil growth product will have one main oil but a little Vitamin E, biotin, or another element in it to help with dry hair.

Whatever hair oil you choose to go with, keeping your hair moist will help prevent hair breakage. Dry hair is extremely brittle, after all. More than that, a good hair oil will give your hair some shine without making it feel greasy.

Best Hair Growth Products For Black Hair

My Top Recommendation: Handcraft Blends Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Handcraft Blends has Jamaican black castor oil and castor oil that isn’t black in a total of four different sizes. This hair oil is one of the few options that has no other ingredient besides the main oil. It is pure Jamaican black castor oil and nothing else.

This type of castor oil is one of the best hair oils for you to use on your hair. Whole articles have been written about the benefits of castor oil for hair growth, after all. Handcraft Blends has a nice product that is not as expensive as some, but it is of good quality.

My Second Recommendation: Textured Press Black Magic Oil

This is the hair oil you will likely prefer if you want a mixture of different beneficial oils on your hair. Plus, this oil mix will smell much better than castor oil, so there’s that too. Castor oil isn’t even one of the ingredients in this hair product.

The oils that are here are olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and almond oil. In addition, this hair growth oil also has several essential oils that are also beneficial for hair growth. These include peppermint and lavender to both improve circulation and soothe itching.

Then, there are also eucalyptus and oregano oils to fight off any unwanted bacteria and to keep your scalp healthy. The lemongrass helps with that as well, and that is not even getting to the rosemary, cinnamon, and rosehip seed oil, which each have benefits of their own.

As oils are the only ingredients in Black Magic Oil, it is applied once or twice a week, just like any other hair oil. It is even sometimes categorized with hair growth serums instead of oils due to both how beneficial it is as well as the mix of ingredients in it.

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Shampoos And Conditioners

Shampoos are something that everyone uses, even more so than conditioners. This type of hair product is also something that comes in quite a variety. There are shampoos specifically for curly hair, ones for hair loss, ones with detangling features, and many other specific things.

What is more difficult is finding a shampoo that meets several different qualifications at once. In this case, a shampoo that is for all of the above is what you want as much as possible. The same is true for finding a good conditioner.

The fact that shampoos and conditioners are often found in sets is helpful, though, as it means that all you might have to find is one. A set is also all but guaranteed to complement each other in ways to help you get the most from both products.

My Top Recommendation: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set

This shampoo and conditioner set not only has castor oil, which we already mentioned is a very good thing, but it has other beneficial ingredients as well. The highlights of these are shea butter, apple cider vinegar, and peppermint oil.

It also has Vitamin E and some other great ingredients, being specifically made to help strengthen and restore hair. A mention is also made that it is good for heat-styled hair, which many black women use to straighten their hair.

The same goes for curls, and this set seems to have been made specifically with curly hair in mind. In short, this shampoo and conditioner from Shea Moisture seems to fit all the things you might be looking for. The only thing lacking here is it doesn’t specifically claim to be a hair growth product.

However, since these ingredients are all ones that are potentially found in hair growth products, I think it counts. You can also get a third product to go with this set that has a leave-in conditioner, which is another reason to try it.

My Second Recommendation: Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk Conditioner

This is a leave-in conditioner that is specifically for curly hair. It is applied after your shower and also has ingredients that make it about as good as a detangler. Rice milk, which is one of the main ingredients, is actually rich in some of the vitamins that hair needs.

Meanwhile, the macadamia seed oil is what can give your hair a protective coating and seal up some of the split ends. It also helps a little with the detangling, but it is actually the slippery elm bark that helps more with that.

This product was made both by a woman with African American hair and for women of this hair type. The whole Camille Rose line is full of other products like it too, including butters, gels, and another conditioner.

Styling Creams

Styling creams often double as a type of detangler as well. Searching for styling creams will also often get you results besides creams, but most of these come in an actual cream form. These should both moisturize and help your hair keep the shape you want it to.

Some styling creams are full of chemicals in them, while others leave either a white-looking or greasy residue on your hair. Neither of those problems are, of course, anything you want in a styling product.

A good option is actually hard to find, with everyone’s hair reacting differently to different ingredients. However, good styling creams that can also help your hair grow instead of damaging it are even harder to find. This type of cream is out there, though, if you take enough time to hunt it down.

My Recommendation: EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme

This styling cream is meant to hold curls in their place without the ‘crunchy’ feeling that using a hairspray tends to give you. This keeps down frizziness, along with the beneficial oils in it that hydrate and seal in the moisture.

Supposedly, this cream also can resist humidity, which is another thing that can cause frizz. Even if that part is incorrect, this Eden BodyWorks product does have a good list of ingredients. The ones it highlights are the coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and aloe vera.

Aloe vera is an ingredient that could stand to be in more hair products, in my opinion. However, the others are ones you have already seen in other products in this very article. Though there are a few ingredients that are hard to pronounce and recognize, this is far better than many other styling creams.


Detanglers are a vital part of caring for afro hair. Anything rubbing your head, put in your hair, or even just trying to brush your hair can easily lead to a whole lot of tangles. Curls have the tendency to bounce a little as you move around, which is one of the reasons why hair spray’s solution to this is to make your hair stiff.

With every ‘bounce’ of your curls, they have the potential to catch on one of the other curls that are moving even slightly different next to it. As a result, curly hair can end up with all sorts of tangles even if nothing touches your hair!

This is part of why detangling products are vital to anyone with curly hair. The more curls there are, the greater the chances that one will get caught. This is also why detanglers for this hair type have to be far better than a detangler that might be used simply to keep a little girl’s relatively straight hair from getting knots in it.

Finding a heavy-duty detangler that also doesn’t have a lot of chemicals in it is where it gets even harder. However, as usual, there are detanglers out there if you just keep looking.

My Recommendation: WOW Skin Science 10 in 1 Active Hair Revitalizer & Detangler

While I wasn’t able to figure out what the 10 things are that this hair product actually does, that doesn’t change the fact that it is a great detangler. Like most, this one is easily sprayed onto your hair. Rubbing it in a little afterward is recommended but not necessary.

Some of its ingredients are biotin, safflower, horse chestnut extract, and tea tree essential oil. Biotin is a lovely ingredient often used for hair growth. There is also some Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which the same can be said for.

The safflower and horse chestnut, combined with some amla, supposedly help with detoxing as well. There are even rosemary and lemon extracts besides the tea tree, giving this detangler a really good range of products. So, though it doesn’t say the words ‘hair growth’ on it, it fits its claim of being a hair revitalizer quite well.


Best Hair Growth Products For Black Hair

Though a hairbrush probably doesn’t seem like a hair growth product, nothing could be further from the truth. After all, how can hair growth happen in the first place if you have a brush that is pulling your hairs right back out again after you finally get them to grow?

Part of not pulling hairs out is, of course, technique. A good brush that is specifically for black hair can still make a huge difference, though. Since African American hair tends to be extremely curly most of the time, getting a brush through it can be hard.

So, a brush for this type should have teeth that are very wide apart. You also don’t want too much rigidity in the brush, or you might end up tearing through the knots instead of detangling them.

My Recommendation: Omaky Detangling Brush for Curly Hair

This brush specifically mentions afro hair as being something it is equipped to deal with. Its design is great for a lot of different reasons. The teeth of the brush are nice and far apart, while also being stiff but not too stiff.

More than that, there is a brace on the back of the brush that can bring the teeth closer together or push them further apart. This allows you to put them further apart if you are dealing with a lot of tangles or closer if you don’t and just want to get through with your brushing as quickly as possible.

The brush also has a really open design. Since you are most likely to be brushing your hair while it is wet, this openness will allow it to dry better as you work. Considering how long it can take for afro hair to totally dry in the center, this is really nice as well.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of great products that are both for African American hair and that can help with hair growth. Fortunately, many of these hair products are ones that you are probably already using if you have this hair type.

So, don’t switch out anything in your routine other than what products you use and see if you can still get hair growth from using them. Of course, you may want more hair growth products than these if you are looking for more rapid growth.

Still, rapid growth means you’ll want to get rid of your chemical-laden and unhealthy products anyway. Therefore, consider this a first step toward hair growth even if you plan on doing more.

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