Bald Head Wax: Best Product and What it Does

Bald Head Wax: Best Product and What it Does
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You may not know what bald head wax is, even if you shave your head every day. If left on your own to try to figure this out without context, you might not be able to figure it out.

That is partially because bald head wax can potentially refer to one of two different things. Just what these two types of head wax are and what they can do for your bald head is what we are going to disucss.

What Is Bald Head Wax?

As mentioned, there are two types of bald head wax. Each type of wax has its own use and way that it benefits your bald look. The first is wax that is used for waxing, allowing you to pull out the hairs by the roots, so you don’t have to shave.

The second is wax that is used for making your bald head shiny and pretty where it might otherwise be dry and dull. Neither type of wax is necessary for a bald head, or you can choose to use both. I’ll go into both waxes in more detail and give you some options for both.  

Bald Head Wax for Waxing

Bald Head Wax: Best Product and What it Does

Using wax for hair removal is a common enough thing. However, few men realize that waxing can also be done on their head or their bald look. Though waxing your head is more painful than shaving, it can save you time on a day-to-day basis.

Shaving your head can be annoying and problematic. Your razor might be too sharp and nick your scalp, or too dull and not cut hair properly. Waxing does take a bit of time, and it has one or two problems of its own, but it can be easier.

Hypothetically speaking, wax for waxing legs or other hair can be used on your scalp just the same. In reality, your scalp is very sensitive and may have a reaction to the ingredient in some of those waxes. This reaction can make your scalp red, irritated, itchy, and look terrible.

You are welcome to wax your head with them anyway if you like; just keep an eye on the ingredients. Waxes specifically for your head are going to be far better, though you should still be careful with these. Here are a few waxes of this type to get you started.

#1. Barbero Grooming Hair Removal Hard Wax

The Barbero wax is probably the best one out there for waxing your head. This wax is quick and easy, with instructions on the back. It is also a barbershop favorite, if you have your head waxed professionally.

Barbero has a few different waxes, almost all of which are made for men’s heads, including a stripless waxing kit. All of the Barbero products are reasonably priced, the only downside being that they are not exactly suited for extra sensitive skin types.

#2. Runinto Hard Wax Beans

Though not specifically for bald heads, the Runinto wax is meant for both men and women to use anywhere. It is slightly less expensive than average, comes in three different colors, and should work perfectly for your bald head.

#3. Kolua Wax Hard Wax Beads

Kolua wax, like the other two, also has a few options that you can choose from. This wax is meant to be used all over, including on your face, so it is great for sensitive scalps. They even have a Kolua wax that is solely for your face and neck, should you want to try it.

#4. Sugaring

Sugaring is a method of hair removal that involves using water, lemon and sugar wax. It is similar to waxing and helps you pull your hair off from its root. 

If you want to apply the ingredients, you will have to heat the ingredients together at room temperature until it becomes sticky. Once it’s cool, apply it directly to your skin and remove it once it hardens. 


Bald Head Wax for Polishing

Bald Head Wax: Best Product and What it Does

Bald head waxing for making your head shiny works in much the same way as polishing shoes to shine them. Only, please don’t use shoeshine on your head! Though head wax is often an actual wax, it doesn’t have to be and is sometimes called head polish instead.

Most bald head polishes are made to give your head a little bit of a glow. Bald heads can get really dry in certain climates, and this makes them look dull or even cracked. Even shaved bald heads can get dandruff as well sometimes.

Though there are specific head waxes for polishing, you can also use certain oils for the same thing. Coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and cold-pressed argan oil can all be used on your scalp as a polisher. These oils are also good to look for in a head wax for polishing.

Bald head polishes can be extremely helpful after waxing your hair out. A good polish with soothing oils in it will help soothe any inflammation that naturally comes with pulling your hairs out by the roots. But head polishes can be used on shaved heads as well, so here are a few polish options to start with.

#1. Bee Bald Head Polish

The Bee Bald head polish is a bit more expensive when compared to other head polishes. However, this polish’s ingredients are very high quality and are great for your scalp. Hence why Bee Bald is very popular in spite of the slightly higher cost.

This polish is full of beneficial oils, beeswax, and Vitamin E, the latter of which actually protects your bald head from the sun a little. If you have recently gone bald, you probably quickly discovered just how sensitive your scalp can be to the sun.

#2. Mountaineer Brand Bald Head Care – Protect

The Mountaineer polish is another great polish for your bald head. It may not have as long of a list of beneficial oils in it, but it still has a few. This polish is also less expensive than the Bee Bald option while still being clean from the ingredients you don’t want it to have.

The polish is actually the fourth in a line of five different bald head products. So, if the Mountaineer brand does well for you, you can try out their scalp detox, exfoliate, cleanse, and balance products on your scalp as well for possibly even more shine.

#3. HeadBlade Head Lube

HeadBlade has a whole line of head lubes that they offer for your scalp. Three of these head lubes are for moisturizing. One being a matte moisture lotion, one being a glossy moisture lotion, and the last being a lotion and sunscreen SP50.

The smell of most of these polishes is barely noticeable, and a little goes a long way. If you use too much head lube, it may make your scalp feel greasy. All in all, the HeadBlade products are definitely worth trying on your scalp.

#4. High Time Dare To Be Bald Moisturizer

This is the last bald head polish that I will tell you about, and it is one of the cheapest. That may be caused by this moisturizer’s slightly annoying tea tree scent, which not many are a fan of. However, if you like tea tree smells, then this may be the perfect head polish for you.  

In addition to this Hight Time product being inexpensive, it can really do a lot for your scalp. It shines and soothes after you wax or shave, and it also helps with the bumps on your scalp that you sometimes get with either. This moisturizer is not for sensitive skin, though, as it doesn’t have many natural ingredients.

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Final Thoughts

Going completely bald can be daunting, especially knowing how long it will take your hair to grow back. Then, getting your bald head to have just the right crips look can be hard as well. Both types of head wax can help with this, though, so that you can have that shiny head you want.

Either type of waxing may make it harder for your hair to grow back, however, and that is not something you should take lightly if you want to grow your hair back out later.

Waxing your head to pull out your hairs will damage the follicles a little more each time you do it. This damage will kill the follicles eventually. Waxing your bald head for added shine can clog up your pores and also prevent your hairs from growing out correctly.

Therefore, bald head wax can be one way of showing serious commitment to your bald head. So, try one or both types of waxes out, and don’t feel the need to use either all the time. Maybe you can wax your scalp just before a long trip so you don’t have to shave, or polish it right before an important meeting.


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