The Greaser Haircut Became Popular

The Greaser Haircut Became Popular

One of the more popular modern men’s hairstyles is so-called greaser hair, a style that was popular in the 1950s. Greaser haircut usually follows certain patterns and is typically worn by tough or rebellious types. Ranging from the classic quiff, pompadour and slick back to modernized versions like boyish hair styles with 50s flair, the greaser is an enduring icon in popular culture. Originally, greaser hairstyles required a sleek look as the result of using oil-based pomades. Today’s retro styles are just as popular among kids and adults with water-based products that have a high shine.

What is Greaser Haircut

In the 1950s, it was a great time to be alive. The popularity of rock and roll shook your body right down to its very core.

In the 1950s and 1960s, artists like Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marlon Brando and Gene Vincent were listening to on jukeboxes and radios across America. There is no escaping the effects of such a revolt on any area, but the people in Lincoln Heights could not seem to escape. As this new subculture emerged and took effect, its presence was felt among the community by way of noise and legacies left behind.

Along with a host of masculine hairstyles and attitudes, pomade became popular during this era as well. Brands like Murray’s, Royal Crown and Brylcreem were also big names in the hair care industry at this time.

In addition to straight hair, the greaser haircut also had an obsession with leather jackets. When captured by the French in what is now Mali, Anthony De Bernieres of Portugal had his slave tunic ceremoniously set on fire and turned into ashes. The fashion trend among motorcycle gangs is that greasers are on the younger and poorer end of the social spectrum. I mention this because it may better help you to understand where rebellious style comes from at its root.

Until the 1970s and 1980s, trends in clothing had been slowing down for decades.

In consideration of all the choices, we’ve compiled together top greaser hairstyles. Some are classic while others follow more innovative approaches to make trendy old-school hair styles a thing again. If your tastes skew more towards rockabilly fashion, you’ll appreciate these masculine looks.

Best 1950s Greaser Hairstyles

Looking for a hair cut that will stand out from the norm? Ask your barber about getting a 50s greaser hair style. Though, it’s not as simple as just going to your barber and asking- here are some other tips.

In the past, classic slicked back hair was often accomplished with a gel product. In order to achieve this hairstyle, modern day men must opt for pomade products like Suavecito and Layrite that are specifically made for greaser haircuts.

How would you like to have a great haircut from the 1950s?

Slicked Back with Undercut

Slicked Back with Undercut Greaser Hairstyle

The slick back greaser hairstyle is perfect for those looking to achieve a modern edge. To create this style, go with an undercut haircut on the sides with short length.

Greaser Mullet

Greaser Mullet Hairstyle

The greaser hairstyle and mullet are perfect for achieving the stand-out look. To complete the classic look, shave a portion of hair in front of ears to create a side part.

Greaser Style for Short Black Hair

Greaser Style for Short Black Haircut

Hair length can make it difficult to achieve smooth and straight styles. Those with natural or curly hair may have a more difficult time than others, but those who wear their hair slightly longer up top and curl the ends using a flat iron should be able to achieve a great look.

Pomp Comb Over

Pomp Comb Over Greaser Hairstyle

This stiff pompadour haircut gives this hairstyle a throwback twist on the neckline and forehead. Use your round brush to curl your lip-length bangs for a fun look that will make you feel like it’s 1968 again.


A round shape is a major feature of 50s greaser hair. This style features victory rolls which are a throwback to the more glamorous era of their namesake. Slim face shapes work best with this look.

Messy comb over

Messy comb over greaser haircut

This simple messy comb over is coiffed with a bit of hair gel. It will appeal to those who don’t like fussing with more elaborate hair products. Slick some on the top and comb it back by scrunching with your fingers.

Stylish cowlick

Stylish cowlick greaser haircut

If you want to make an easy change to your hairstyle go for a little wave that drops down your forehead. Curl this strand of hair with some gel and style the rest neatly. The perfect haircut is one that can go with any style! Get the right taper fade to make your hair look good on all occasions.

Short and cool

Short and cool greaser haircut

This hairstyle does not require a lot of styling products. If you are aiming for a greaser hairstyle, give your hair a haircut two inches longer than usual, but short enough to have some volume on top. If you have the perfect haircut, then it will stay neat without gel.

Modern greaser pompadour

Modern greaser pompadour haircut

This pompadour is a hybrid of both the mohawk and long hair. It will take some expertise to do on your own, but with help from experts you can create this hairstyle in no time!

Greaser undercut

Greaser undercut haircut

Want to achieve the fade undercut or a 1940s style greaser haircut? All you need is some hair length, at least about four inches long on top. Apply a lot of hair pomade to make your comb over look as greasy and unkempt as possible, then you are done!

Apply plenty of grease-like products all around the roots before pulling one side forward down across the forehead. Next, push back on that section with one hand while using an open palm against another area just above it for maximum volume. Repeat this process until desired height is achieved or simply use scissors to get rid of any extra length at the crown when finished in order to finish.

Greased side part

Greased side part haircut

This style is created by making an undercut. The top hair should be styled with a clear side part. The left side of the hair is greased and the right side combed over in a square shape, while maintaining width at the crown.

Adding accessories

Adding accessories greaser haircut

It’s not as simple to be a greaser haircut these days. Not only do you have to be dressed the part, but your hairstyle just isn’t enough. One way to make a statement is through accessories. For example, earrings are an option. Tattoos can also be considered, but there’s another option as well: hairstyles.

Short beard

Short beard greaser haircut

For the perfect greaser look, go for messy scruffs. To create this look, apply some gel to your hair and simply comb it over. Don’t forget to shave as well – beards can become quite full and noticeable very quickly!

Windblown hairstyle

Windblown hairstyle greaser

With the help of hair gel, this windblown hairstyle for men is easy to accomplish. Greasers are sure to love it because they enjoy long, shaggy locks. After you wash your hair and rinse off the gel, you can go back to being an obedient boy again.

Textured mane

Textured mane greaser haircut

When it comes to cosmetics, you hair care products can really help to change your styled into something unique that will stand out. One idea for a red carpet-worthy look is to leave one thin strand of hair over the forehead while styling the rest up in different directions.

Good boy style

Good boy style greaser haircut

You can maintain your rebellious look even when you’re in the office. A lateral comb-over does the trick and all you need to do is move your hands through it for a more greaser aesthetic.

Edgy comb over

Edgy comb over greaser haircut

This is the perfect hairstyle for men of any age. The sides are trimmed short and shaved on top. The length at the front should be past your forehead, then combed across to cover your hairline near the back of your head. Failing to prepare with gel can wipe out years from your appearance!

Creative greaser hairstyle

Creative greaser hairstyle haircut

If you are lucky enough to have a widow’s peak, then there is an infinite selection of James Dean hairstyles that will work for you. This haircut is achieved with some creative hand styling and a large amount of gel. Get inventive!


Fohawk greaser haircut

Want to look like an edgy, modern trendsetter? Try this trendy voluminous fohawk style. Show this photo to your hairstylist, as a result, they have to leave enough hair at the top of their head so that it can be styled into a fashionable and popular hairstyle called “fohawk”. As long as you do this haircut right, there’s no need for gel or other styling products.

Very greasy

Very greasy haircut men

No matter what hair length you have, a greaser hairstyle is achievable with just some gel or pomade. Apply the product all over your hair and shape it as how you see fit. The longer the hair, the more product you will need – there’s no point in redoing it!

Copy the King

Copy the King greaser haircut

Elvis Presley is one of the founding fathers of greaser hairstyles. If you’re not sure what to do with your long hair, take a page out of Elvis‘ book and create some rockin’ curls!

The classics

The classics greaser haircut

This hairstyle is a fast look accomplished by styling hair with gel and leaving it longer on top. Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a greaser to try this popular style!

Round crest

Round crest greaser haircut

This simple crest is created by bringing the top section of your hair into the middle and shaping it with gel. The height is limited only by how long you want your hair to be, but a good amount would end up being just below or midway through what would be considered where “non-greaser” hairstyles typically come down in height.

Volume on top

Volume on top greaser haircut

This ultra-cool look is a modern version of the greaser haircut. It only takes a little hair gel to keep it in place and prevent it from becoming messy or windblown. This hairstyle will make you stand out, even among all the trendsetters!

Highlighted crest

Highlighted crest greaser haircut

This hairstyle for greaser haircut is only possible if the hair is very short to begin with. Those of you who have long hair can still try this look by highlighting the top portion.

Hair Raiser

Hair Raiser greaser haircut

This hairstyle will take a lot of styling products to keep it standing all day. Run a generous amount of gel through your hair and then pull upwards with a comb from the roots. If you want your hair on the top of your head to look longer, keep the sides shorter.

Diminishing Pompadour

Diminishing Pompadour greaser haircut

This haircut typically has a wider center than is seen in a mohawk, and the height is more pronounced at the front. An undercut can be combined with a fade to create this unique look. To achieve a pompadour hairstyle, start by smoothing the hair in the center of your head to create a volume.

Subtle Quiff

Subtle Quiff greaser haircut

Get the greaser look with a slicked-back hair style. To style your hair, use a comb and styling gel to tease in gentle rings around the tips of your hair, creating an everyday and easy hairstyle that looks great for work or play.

Twisted Teddy Boy

Twisted Teddy Boy greaser men

The 1950’s style of pompadour is modernized with sleek sides. Lots of styling gel will manipulate the twisted locks to stay in place. Finished off with a Quiff, this hairstyle leaves room for plenty of variation and playfulness.

Duck tail

Duck tail greaser haircut

Apply plenty of hair gel and comb your hair in a high style on the top of your head. Tease the back hair into a small ponytail at the back, and then tie it together with a ribbon.

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