Bowl Haircut – Popular Asian boys

Bowl Haircut – Popular Asian boys

The “bowl haircut” is a popular hairstyle among Asian boys because it’s considered to be the customary rite of passage. But something doesn’t seem quite right…
The bowl cut gets its name from how much hair looks like it was just cut around this imaginary bowl you could place on their head and all would still fit inside. Yet, which explains why these stylists love giving them to idols!

Some people think that the bowl haircut is a quick and easy way of trimming straight Asian hair. Others believe it accentuates the youthfulness and sweetness of these idols because this hairstyle has been sported by every one-member boy group “maknae” at some point or another. So, while most guys want to avoid ever getting their haircut in a bowl again; these celebrities somehow manage to pull off what’s not an easy look for anyone else!

Jungkook – BTS

Jungkook – BTS bow haircut

Although RM is one of the most popular members in BTS, not everyone embraces his bowl cut hairstyle. This haircut has been worn by every member with a few exceptions and its even led to many fans calling him “mushroom.” It’s hard for me to imagine how he feels being called that but it seems like this hair style isn’t as universally loved among their fan base as some others on our list.

Pretty much every member of Jungkook BTS (a South Korean band) have gotten a bowl cut hairstyle over time – pretty much all except leader RM himself! In fact, when speaking about what styles embarrassed him personally out of everything they’ve tried so far and naming off various different haircuts.

Changmin – TVXQ

Changmin – TVXQ bowl haircut
The SM Entertainment boys are the new bowl haircut kings. Every single member of their boy groups has gotten a haircut that makes them feel younger and more like children again, not to mention every ounce of manliness gets zapped in seconds flat from these bowl cuts!


Dino – SEVENTEEN bowl haircut
We were about to meet SEVENTEEN, a thirteen-member group with one maknae.
In the Korean pop world of Kpop and its mega groups like Girls’ Generation or Big Bang, it can be hard for newcomers to stand out from their larger established competitors but this new band has already managed that feat simply by being different! With twelve members including two vocalists in addition to our youngest member at seventeen years old who was barely taller than me when I met them on the day they arrived in North America as part of their tour promoting “The Story Begins,” we felt very privileged indeed because these boys are charismatic performers extraordinaire not just talented singers.

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Kyuhyun – Super Junior

Kyuhyun – Super Junior bowl haircut
For as long as Super Junior has been in the game, Kyuhyun was not spared from this hairstyle.

Super Junior is one of many Kpop bands that have existed for a very long time and even their youngest member couldn’t escape having to wear this hairstyle at some point or another during his career with them.

Hueningkai – TXT

Hueningkai – TXT haircut bowl
What is a bowl haircut? Hueningkai just revealed that he has one and it’s made him the newest member of this list. His style might not be for everyone, but hey, he looks really good!

Seungyoon – WINNER

Seungyoon – WINNER bowl haircut
Seungyoon is a leader, but he’s not immune to the haircut trend. He might actually be flattered that other members want him to cut his hair too. Seung-yong doesn’t mind when they ask for some of his locks because it shows how much they trust and love him as their older brother in 2AM. Just because I’m the oldest member or figurehead at 22 years old, does not mean there are no bowls on this head!

Taemin – SHINee

Taemin – SHINee haircut bowl
When Taemin debuted in 2008 as a 14 year old, SM Entertainment wanted to remind us of that. They did so by marketing him with the release date on his album covers and having him write all about how he was only fourteen years old when they signed their contract together in a video where he talked about what it felt like to embark upon this journey at such an early age.

Taemin is often marketed through t-shirts with “14” written across them or music videos documenting the first few days after signing contracts which show just how young we knew and still know Taemin was for debuting into Korean Pop Music industry.

Yugyeom – GOT7

Yugyeom – GOT7 bowl haircut

Something must have been in the air when Yugyeom’s stylist gave him a mullet, but not just any old ‘do. The Korean idol got to pick out his own bowl haircut and ended up with an awesomely bad-ass looking mullet!

Sungjae – BTOB

Sungjae – BTOB bowl haircut

Sungjae was put in a navy suit with his hair slicked back for Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear. Sungjae looked handsome as ever donning the blue and white striped shirt, paired with matching pants and shoes to complete the look!

Sehun – EXO

Sehun – EXO bowl haircut

SM Entertainment’s youngest member has been seen with a bowl haircut, and it looks great on him!

SM Entertainment is well-known for giving their members new haircuts every few months. The company just loves to keep them in the spotlight as much as possible by constantly changing up what they look like. This time around, Taeyong was able to test out his “new” hairstyle at an event he attended recently which received some mixed reviews from fans online but overall seemed okay – until we saw the pictures of this most recent development: SM gave him yet another haircut type that many would say isn’t very flattering on someone who already appears quite feminine due to his small stature.

Chan – iKON

Chan – iKON bowl haircut

The K-pop sensation, Chan iKON with bowl haircut is following in the footsteps of YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment has been known for experimenting with their stars’ image by changing hair styles and looks throughout the years. Recently they’ve decided to change things up once again as a new member debuted from one of its upcoming groups sporting his iconic bowl haircut that’s coveted among many fans especially those who are eyeing it themselves just like members Daehyun and Bobby did last year.

Jisung – NCT Dream

Jisung – NCT Dream bowl haircut
Jisung with a bowt haircut knows the pain of every Asian boy in elementary school. They all endured that feeling during their yearly school photos, and Jisung is no exception to this rule.

Mark – NCT 127

Mark – NCT 127 bowl haircut

It’s only natural that SM Entertainment loves this hairstyle so much since they gave it to the other maknae of NCT. And this was when he was leader and the oldest member in NCT Dream.

Ren – NU’EST

Ren – NU’EST bowl haircut

This year has been a great time for the hair stylist. Ren’s ethereal visual style made this beautiful hairstyle work so well with his look!

If you’re in need of a style makeover, there are plenty of options such as makeup tutorials and clothing lines that will help. But if all else fails, just take inspiration from these idols who can pull off any look with their stunning visuals!

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