Best Ducktail Haircut For Men: 5 Ideas You Can Easily Replicate

Best Ducktail Haircut For Men: 5 Ideas You Can Easily Replicate

A ducktail haircut is a popular haircut style for men that were very popular in the 1950s. This haircut is also well known as a duck’s tail. Other people call it a duck’s arse or duck’s ass. This hairstyle is described as a slicked-back hairstyle, too. In this style, the hair is pomaded and then combed back around the sides. After that, the hair is parted down the back centrally. Today, this hairstyle is still popular. This can be applied in various ways.

Duck Tail Hair

duck tail hair

To create a ducktail haircut, it requires a few simple steps. Firstly, you will have to pomade your hair evenly. Secondly, you just need to simply comb back your hair around the sides. Lastly, what you should do is to part down the back of the head centrally. Now, you can see how this hairstyle really brings a new look.

Ducktail Haircut 1950s

ducktail haircut 1950s

In the 1950s, there are many popular haircuts. Some of them is the Poddle cut, he bouffant, the pompadour, the pixie, the fringe, ponytails, and many more. However, a ducktail haircut 1950s was the most popular one. This can be called a rock ability hairstyle. Men with this hairstyle will really look cool. However, it requires you to have thick hair.

Inverted Ducktail on Crop

Inverted Ducktail on Crop

This upside down Inverted Ducktail on Crop takes the concept of the Ducktail Haircut For Men and also turns it about.

Ducktail Haircut 80’s

ducktail haircut 80's

Ducktail haircut was not only popular in the 1950s. However, it also became a trend in the 80s. Together with hi-top fades, flattops, Jheri curls, tall Mohawk, and the mullet, ducktail becomes one of the most favorite hairstyles for men. When it comes to ducktail hair, the length of the tail depends on your desire from short, mid-length, to longer. This haircut works well on black and brown hair. Usually, it is loved by younger men.

Fade with Tail Haircut

fade with tail haircut

The next idea you can try is a fade with a tail haircut. This haircut is very popular among boys and young men. To create this hairstyle, you just need to shave your side hair extremely short and then let the top and back hair longer so that you may create a “tail” at the back. The length of the tail depends on your desire. To make it more impressive, you could also add a certain motif to the sides. With this hairstyle, you will look more masculine.

Light Classic Ducktail

Light Classic Ducktail

Listed here’s a Light Classic Ducktail haircut that is been combed in to location.

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Flat Top Boogie

flat top boogie

Flat top boogie can also be called a flat top with fenders. It belongs to a popular hairstyle for men. This hairstyle comes with long sides named fenders. The fenders may come with or without a ducktail. A flattop is a kind of short hairstyle where the top hair usually stands upright and cut to form a flat-appearing deck. Here, the deck can be level, upward, or downward sloping. Anyway, if you want to express your youth and want a different look, this hairstyle will be great for you.

The DA Haircut

the da haircut

The DA haircut is the same as the ducktail. DA is an abbreviation that stands for Duck’s Arse. If you are a fan of pomade, this hairstyle is perfect for you. This hairstyle brings a cool and masculine look. It also looks classic. In fact, it was popular in the 1950s and 1980s. If you want to bring back this classic haircut, it can be a good idea to try this haircut. The detailed look of this haircut can be seen in the following picture.

Contemporary Ducktail with Tapered Neckline

Modern Ducktail with Tapered Neckline

This is an extra modern view Contemporary Ducktail with Tapered Neckline, where the slippery side has been layered onto the back hair.

Jelly Roll Hair Style

jelly roll hair style

The jelly roll is the next ducktail haircut idea you can try. In this hairstyle, you should comb your hair up and forward on the sides. Therefore, you may roll your hair together at the top. It leaves a single large curl on your forehead in the middle. This hairstyle was very popular in the late 50s. The variation of this hairstyle is to comb the hair into a softer and less greasy version. With a classic look and style, this haircut combines fashion, costume, & culture. The image below shows how this haircut looks like.

Boogie Haircut

boogie haircut

Some people call it a scumbag boogie haircut. This is popular as an old school hairstyle for men. It was also well known as a men’s vintage haircut in the 1950s. There are many ways to create this hairstyle. One of the most favorite ideas is a flat top boogie haircut. This haircut looks simple, neat, and cool. This is appropriate for students, employees, and many more. The picture below can give you a clear image of this haircut.

Front Volume and Frizzy Ducktail

Front Volume and Curly Ducktail

For a spin on the frequent Ducktail Haircut For Men, make use of lines along the middle as manual for incorporating added volume at the front.

Ducktail Haircut Black

ducktail haircut black

Ducktail is a popular haircut for black men and women. The look of this hairstyle varies depending on the texture and the length of the hair. Usually, black men prefer shorter ducktail because their hair is typically thicker. If you are a black man who wants to update your look with a new hairstyle, this can inspire you. One of the examples can be seen in the picture inserted below.

How to Cut a Ducktail Haircut

how to cut a ducktail haircut

We have seen many ideas of ducktail hairstyles. As we know, a ducktail is a haircut for men that were popular in the 50s. This hairstyle also has many alternative names. Some people call it a duck’s tail haircut. Besides that, a duck’s ass haircut also belongs to its name. In the United Kingdom, people call this hairstyle a duck’s arse haircut. Some other people simply call it D.A. In addition, we can also describe this haircut as a slicked-back hairstyle.

Deconstructed Ducktail Haircut

Deconstructed Ducktail

If a simple ducktail haircut is a little bit of too solid for you, attempt including some additional texture.

If you are interest in it, you have to know how to cut a ducktail haircut. It is actually very simple as long as you follow the steps rightly. Basically, you just need to pomade your hair first. After your hair is pomaded or greased, you are required to comb your hair back around the sides. For the last step, you still need to part your hair centrally down the back of the head. Is it simple, isn’t it? Now, it is time to try this haircut to refresh your look. So, you will look cool and impress everyone around you.

Description: Ducktail haircut is a popular haircut style for men in the 1950s. Here, we share the ideas and how to cut this hairstyle.

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