Bradley Cooper Haircut For Both Manly and Masculine Look

Bradley Cooper Haircut For Both Manly and Masculine Look

For men who want to renew their appearance, applying a Bradley Cooper haircut can be a great idea to be done. Well, the haircut models of Bradley Cooper are an excellent option, especially with the high masculine look. We are sure that by applying the hairstyle of Bradley Cooper, your appearance will be greater and more elegant than before.

Bradley Cooper has several excellent haircut ideas to be applied. However, he often applies the rock wavy and messy with medium-long haircuts. This idea of hairstyle is interesting not only because of an excellent appearance but also the limited maintenance to be applied.

Those who have wavy or fine medium-long hair characteristics can apply the ideas of Bradley Cooper’s haircut to renew their style. Here, we will talk to you about some ideas for hairstyle by Bradley Cooper.

Who Is Bradley Cooper?

Bradley Cooper is known as one of the amazing actors. He was born in Philadelphia around 45 years ago. As an actor, Bradley Cooper has some great achievements. He won two Grammy awards during his career.

Of course, Bradley Cooper is not only famous because of his acting style. Many people know him as a nice guy, especially for the manly appearance. That is why the style of Bradley Cooper, including the hair look, becomes a trendsetter.

How to Get Hair like Bradley Cooper?

As we have said before, applying a Bradley Cooper haircut is a good idea to renew your appearance and get higher masculinity. To get the hair appearance like Bradley Cooper, there are some steps to be considered.

Things to consider in applying the hairstyle of Bradley Cooper are:

  • Keep growing your hair until it touches below the top of the ears
  • Comb the hair to the back. Here, you may see the picture of Bradley Cooper haircut to get the comb model
  • Know the type or characteristics of your hair before applying the hangover hairstyle of Bradley Cooper. If you have long hair, it will be easier to apply the style
  • Layer your hair to get a better hair shape and arrangement. Besides, the layer is also useful to great the texture of the hair
  • Use pomade or a gel to keep the arrangement of the Bradley Cooper hairstyle that you apply

Here, we also have some ideas for Bradley Cooper’s haircut to be considered as your favorite. Just consider the ideas of the hairstyle below.

Bradley Cooper Hairstyles Short and Straight

Bradley Cooper Hairstyles Short and Straight

It is a simple but cool hairstyle from Bradley Cooper to be applied. The straight and short hair is an excellent style, especially for those who want to have a simple and clear look. To apply this hair idea, you just need to cut the hair short on the back and the sides.

Then, make a jagged on the top. This idea will be very useful to create a better texture. A gel or hairspray is needed to keep the texture and the volume.

Bradley Cooper Long Hair with Layered Nape Length Locks

Bradley Cooper Long Hair with Layered Nape Length Locks

This long hair idea is an interesting option for men who want to get more freedom in their appearance. In this haircut, Bradley Cooper applies a natural look of his hair with lengthy locks.

It is a very simple hair idea to be styled. In applying this hairstyle, you just need to apply the center part and then finger-combed to the sides. By these matters, you will have an interesting hair idea with slight layers.

Short with Messy Style

Bradley Cooper Haircut Short with Messy Style

The combination of a short haircut with messy style becomes the next great idea to style your hair using Bradley Cooper’s idea. It is the style of Bradley Cooper when he played a character in The Hangover.

Substantively, it is like a common short hairstyle with a balanced cut on the sides and a little longer hair on the top. What makes this hairstyle interesting is the messy style. Well, this style increases the casual look of the whole appearance and decreases the need to maintain the texture.

Curly Hair

Bradley Cooper Curly Hair

Although it is rare, Bradley Cooper also applies curly hair as his style. Maybe, for those who have naturally curly hair, this idea can be applied. You may see that Bradley Cooper is cool with his curly hair.

To apply this hair idea is very simple. You just need to let the hair grow and manage the length of it. Bradley Cooper uses medium-long curly hair. There is no need to do anything except slick the hair on the sides. Then, you may use an accessory like sunglasses to increase the appearance.

American Sniper Haircut with Wavy Look

American Sniper Haircut with Wavy Look

As its name, this hairstyle is applied by Bradley Cooper when he acted in American Sniper. Since Bradley Cooper became an army, his hairstyle is shaped like a common army member.

Here, Bradley Cooper applies the short hair with a wavy look. It is a simple but elegant haircut to be applied. The thing to do in applying this hair idea is buzz cutting the sides hair. Then, keep the top hair a little longer to get a wavy texture.

Buzz Cut

Bradley Cooper Buzz Cut

The buzz cut can be said as the simplest Bradley Cooper haircut to be applied. This hair idea is nice for those who want to have a clear appearance. Here, Bradley Cooper just cut his hair equal for all sides.

To apply this hair idea, you just need to ask your barber for cutting your hair as close as possible to the scalp. See the image of Bradley Cooper for consideration before applying this hair idea.


From some samples of the Bradley Cooper haircut, the best hairstyle that you could apply is the medium length with a slick back. This hairstyle is very special since it creates a cool look and masculine touch. However, it is more appropriate for those who have fine-wavy hair characteristics.

To maximize the result of the appliance, letting the beard-growing is an excellent idea to be done. You do not need to have a quite thick beard. Just see the picture of Bradley Cooper and focus on his thin beard. How great it is?

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