8 Best Gentleman Haircut Ideas with Pictures to make inspired you

8 Best Gentleman Haircut Ideas with Pictures to make inspired you

A gentleman haircut can be defined as a classic haircut for men. Typically, it is shorted & styled with a comb-over or a side part. It is inspired by vintage hairstyles that epitomize the gentleman’s qualities. This hairstyle also stays refined & stylish through time. Haircuts for gentlemen may change time by time. Now, let’s see the best haircuts for gentlemen in 2022.

Modern Gentleman Haircut

modern gentleman haircut

The side part haircut has been considered the gentleman’s cut since many years ago. So, men’s haircut styles & fashion trends have become more versatile, edgy, and creative. Today, a stylish fade or undercut on the back and sides with a side-swept or comb over can prove to be a modern gentleman’s haircut that looks cool. If you need an inspiration for a modern gentleman haircut, you can try to have a haircut like a picture below.

Gentleman Haircut Fade

gentleman haircut fade

When it comes to fade haircuts for gentlemen, there are many ideas to try. Some of the best ideas include faux hawk fade, temp fade haircut, bald fade haircut, skin fade haircut, taper fade haircut, mid fade haircut, mid fade haircut, high fade haircut, and low fade haircut. If you are interested in this haircut, you can tell your barber to create a temple fade with a line on the back and longer on the top, for example. Or you may request a fade haircut with higher on the sides. Anyway, just feel free to make a request. The image below can be one of the examples.

Classic Gentleman Haircut

classic gentleman haircut

A classic gentleman haircut is a kind of classic haircut for men. To have a classic look, there are many ideas you can try. One of the most popular ideas is a side part. Besides that, you can also consider a hi-top fade. Then, textured haircut also belongs to the best option. To add the classic look, you can combine it with a beard. Even though those haircuts look classic, they will never be out of fashion. The following image can inspire you who want a classic haircut.

Gentleman Haircut Short

gentleman haircut short

Men usually look cool and more masculine with short haircuts. Short haircuts for men can be applied in various ideas. Some of the most popular ideas include short blunt blonde bob, short wedge haircut, wispy layered short pixie, classy temple undercut, effortless pixie cut with short bangs, tomboy hairstyle, and pixie with nape undercut. If you are interested in short haircuts, you can go short or very short depending on your desire. The example of a short haircut for men can be seen below.

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Gentleman Slick Back

gentleman slick back 1

A slick back can be considered one of the simplest hairstyles for men. You can create this gentleman haircut easily. In this hairstyle, you just need to comb your hair backward through the top of your head. Here, you can keep your hair short or let it grows longer. The length of your hair depends on your desire. To create a slick look, you will need to use a hairstyling product. For a slicked-back hairstyle, there are many products you can use such as Imperial Barber Blacktop Pomade, Boogie’s Pacific Hair Pomade, Virile Glass Pomade, Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade. Make sure that you apply the hair styling product evenly to get the best result. Anyway, this a slicked-back works best for the summer hairstyle.

gentleman slick back

In the 60s and 70s, this was very popular. This hairstyle was fashionable and many male celebrities love this hairstyle. This hairstyle really makes you look more handsome. Now, this classic hairstyle comes back again. The key to this hairstyle is the pomade. As we know, pomade is the most popular men’s styling product. This is very useful and helpful to slick your hair back. Pomade does not only give the balance between holdings your hair back but it also does not weigh your hair down. You can choose either water-based or oil-based pomade. It depends on your own hair.

Gentleman Haircut with Beard

gentleman haircut with beard

If you like beards, just feel free to grow your beards. In fact, men will look more masculine with beards. When it comes to beards, there are many hairstyles that will work with beards. For example, you can consider a slicked back undercut with beards. Other hairstyle ideas that will work well with beards include French crop with skin fade, low fade brush up & handle stache, simple Ivy league with faded sides, loose curly hair, combed side part, and many more. To trim your beard, you can use a beard trimmer manufactured for facial hair. Alternatively, you can use a multi-groom trimmer.

Sleek Mens Hair

sleek mens hair

To get sleek hair, you just need to comb your hair care for a men shampoo, natural hair oil, and natural conditioner. You are required to rinse your hair regularly. However, make sure that you wash your hair sparingly. Besides that, you should also use drying ingredients altogether instead of styling products. You also need to treat the hair gently and wholly to help your efforts a lot. If you are interested in it, you can try to have a hairstyle like an example below.

3 Inches on Top Haircut

3 inches on top haircut

When it comes to men’s haircuts, one of the most important considerations is how long the top hair you want to have. The length of your top hair depends on your desire. If you have no idea about it, you can try 3 inches on top haircut. With 3 inches of hair on top, you can style your hair based on your desire. For example, you can try Mohawk, spike, or any other haircut. For the sides, you can also cut with your desired length.

A gentleman should have a cool hairstyle. If you are looking for a new hairstyle to refresh your look, you can consider one of the ideas of gentleman haircut above. Of course, you should choose the haircut based on your desired style as not all the haircuts above work on men.

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