How Long Does Nutrafol Take To Work?

How Long Does Nutrafol Take To Work?
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If you are experiencing hair loss, even if it is just a little thinning hair around the edges of your hairline, it can be extremely concerning. Most who are familiar with hair loss and the cautions about it know that it is important to start working on hair regrowth as soon as possible.

This is because hair loss, once it reaches a certain point, is permanent. Your hair follicle can lose its strand of hair and go dormant for a while and still grow back later. However, if the hair follicle suffers for too long, it will actually die. When the hair follicles on your scalp die, that is the point of no return.

Therefore, as soon as you start seeing hair fall, you should start doing something about it. But, if a hair loss treatment takes too long to work, it might be too late for your hair. If your hair fall is far too quick for you to keep up with, you may need a supplement that will work quickly enough to keep up.

So, just how long does Nutrafol take to work? And will it be quick enough to help you no matter what is causing your hair thinning? Let’s look closely at how Nutrafol works, how long it might take for you, and how long one or two other hair growth supplements might take to work as well.

How Nutrafol Works

Nutrafol has a few different supplements, each of which works in a slightly different way to help your hair loss. The Nutrafol supplement that is probably their most common is Nutrafol Men. This hair supplement is one of the many products out there which specifically targets men.

This Nutrafol supplement works by blocking DHT, among helping with other factors. Some of these other things include providing you with vitamins, amino acids, and other things that are beneficial for your health.

The Nutrafol supplements for women have many of these same benefits. However, the different Nutrafol Woman supplements have different goals. Besides the original Nutrafol Woman hair supplement, there are also Nutrafol Postpartum and Nutrafol Womens Balance.

The Nutrafol Postpartum supplement is, as its name implies, meant for women who have recently given birth. These women need more nutrients and also tend to have hormonal problems. So, Nutrafol tries to help with both of those problems.

Nutrafol Womens Balance, which is a name that is not as obvious, is for menopausal women. Women at that stage have bodies that are slowing down in a lot of ways. They also have hormone imbalances for an entirely different reason, which Nutrafol Womens Balance tries to help with.

In short, these four Nutrafol core products each try to tackle a different main problem that could be causing hair loss. Therefore, Nutrafol works in a few different ways.

All in all, Nutrafol tells people to try Nutrafol hair supplements for six or seven months before giving up on it. That is about half a year, and especially long when you consider the warranty only lasts for about a month. So, if Nutrafol doesn’t work for you, both you and your hair are literally out of luck.

What People Say

Knowing what people say about Nutrafol and how long it took for it to work for them can sometimes give you a better idea of what to expect time-wise for yourself. This is something that varies from one person to the next. It is also information that some people who leave a Nutrafol review mention about it.

In the five-star review section, you have people mostly just stating that it worked for them. A few say that it only took a few weeks or a couple of months to see results.

Mostly, these mentioned results are simply that Nutrafol seemed to make their hair fall less noticeable or that they stopped seeing as much hair on their brush or in their drain. This isn’t exactly new hair growth, though. Even the five-star reviews generally only have that happening after a month or two.

On the other end, the one-star Nutrafol reviews usually state that Nutrafol didn’t work for them. However, the occasional Nutrafol review here states that it did work for them, but only after about six months.

One Nutrafol review I saw said that they tried it for six months – the amount of time they recommend you take your Nutrafol supplement – without seeing much of anything. They then were convinced by Nutrafol to try it for just one more month, and it was during the seventh month that they finally started seeing results.

In short, this hair supplement can take between a few weeks to literally several months before it gives you healthy hair growth. This is likely why Nutrafol says to give their product six months to work – because they know it might actually take that long to work for some people.  

How Long Does Nutrafol Take To Work?

Different Factors That Can Affect The Time

There are multiple factors affecting the time that Nutrafol will take before you see results. First, there is how long your hair thinning has been going on. As mentioned, the longer your hair loss has been happening, the harder and longer a time it will be before you can start experiencing new hair growth.

So, taking a look at these factors one at a time can be helpful for estimating just how long it will take for you to see results. After all, getting a range of a few weeks to a few months is not very helpful sometimes.

What Is Causing Your Hair Loss

There are various health reasons as to why you might be losing your hair. Male pattern baldness, vitamin deficiencies, extended illnesses, high amounts of stress, medical conditions, and even certain medications you might be taking are just a few examples.

And those examples are besides the scalp funguses and the damage your scalp can take when you hit your head etc. In short, anything that can damage your hair follicles can also damage your hair growth as well.

With all these different causes, which one is causing your hair loss will affect the result time. If you have a vitamin deficiency that is bad enough to cause hair shedding, you are probably quite depleted. In this case, probably a month or two will be needed, at the very least.

For something like male pattern baldness, the DHT blocker in Nutrafol will first have to lower the levels of this hormone. Then, the amino acids in Nutrafol will have to try to break down whatever DHT has built up around the hair follicle.

It is only after that your hair can start growing again. This is quite a long process, and it understandably takes longer to do. Assuming it takes a few weeks to lower the DHT, and then only a few more weeks for your buildup to be removed, it will still take a few weeks more for hair to start to grow.

So, if pattern baldness is the reason you are taking Nutrafol, it will likely take several months. Compared to the one or two months that a simple vitamin deficiency needs, this is quite a difference. As for the other causes, keep in mind Nutrafol is first going to have to deal with the problem causing your hair fall before it can help your hair grow.

With Or Without The Boosters

Depending, again, on the cause of your hair loss, one of the Nutrafol booster supplements might be able to help you speed this growth up a bit. If you know the cause of your hair loss, and it matches up with what one of the boosters can help with, faster results are all but guaranteed.

First, for example, Nutrafol has a stress adaptogen booster. If stress is the reason, or one of the reasons, behind your thinning hair, this is great. Though Nutrafol has one or two ingredients that help with stress, having additional help is only a good thing.

The same goes for Nutrafol’s DHT inhibitor, which is another of their boosters. Those with large amounts of DHT in their system causing pattern baldness will probably find better results using this on top of Nutrafol Men. The additional boost will help get it out of your system ad away from your hair.

Meanwhile, there are two boosters Nutrafol has to help with your digestion. Better digestion can lead to basically better of everything else. They certainly will boost your Nutrafol core supplement and help you get the most from it.

Then, the sugar booster that helps with your blood sugar can also help your hair. Blood sugar that is all over the place truly is not good for hair growth and can potentially cause hair loss. So, leveling out your blood sugar is a good thing.

Finally, the Nutrafol booster that is a liver cleanse can also help speed things along. It can do this by giving your liver a nice detoxing. This is like oiling up a door hinge that is prone to sticking or squeaking and helps your body run more smoothly.

Things You Can Do To Speed Up The Time

Speeding up the time to see results from Nutrafol, or any other hair supplement, is doubtless very appealing to try. Some may double up on doses to try getting results faster that way, but that really isn’t advisable for many reasons.

Since that is out of the question, there are a few things that can potentially help without being possibly harmful. First, digestion is a key part of getting the most of every vitamin and natural ingredient in Nutrafol.

So, improving your digestive capabilities is a sure way to help any nutrients be absorbed. Enzymes, fermented foods like yogurt or kombucha, and even herbal teas are all great for this. A few of these are easy enough to add to your diet on a regular basis.

Next, taking your Nutrafol supplement as directed is also a good thing to do. Aside from that, making sure you vary your food and exactly when you take it might be beneficial. Some nutrients are better taken on an empty stomach so that you can absorb them best.

Others, including some of those in Nutrafol, are better taken with food. This is because the process of chewing and eating causes you to create stomach acid. This acid then breaks down the vitamin or nutrient better. A few cannot really be digested at all without this acid.

Next, fat-soluble vitamins are best absorbed if taken with a meal that has fat in it. Just one of these is the Vitamin A in Nutrafol. There is no saying with some of the herbs in it if they might be better absorbed with fat too.

Related Reading

Things You Do That Can Make It Take Longer

While the list of things that may make your Nutrafol supplement take less time to work is probably more interesting, the list of things that may make it take longer is obviously full of things you want to avoid doing. First on this list are things that damage you in some way.

Though you might reflexively claim that you wouldn’t do something that would damage you, don’t be so quick about it. Any bad habits, such as smoking, are damaging to your lungs. With that example, your lungs are constantly having to repair themselves, which takes up both nutrients and energy.

Working or going somewhere where there are chemicals in the air is another thing. The same goes for activities that are likely to get you hurt. Even something like severe sunburn counts as an injury that your body has to heal from.

Eating a poor diet may not be damaging, but it is also not good for your body. Nutrafol has plenty of nutrients in it, but it doesn’t have everything you need. So, if what few nutrients you are getting are having to cover for nutrients you are still lacking, it is going to take infinitely longer for your hair growth to start happening.

In fact, if your diet completely lacks nutrients, other than the Nutrafol you are taking, you may not get growth at all. Putting yourself under stress can inhibit your digestion too. Finally, not taking Nutrafol the way you are supposed to can make it take longer for you to see results.

Missing days or not taking the four capsules every day is a sure way to not get hair growth from it. In short, common sense when taking Nutrafol and taking care of yourself are important to making sure Nutrafol works.

Compared To Other Products

How Long Does Nutrafol Take To Work?

Now having an idea of how long Nutrafol might take to work for you, perhaps you are wondering about other hair supplements and hair loss products. Again, this depends some on the type of hair loss you are suffering from.

For example, DHT blockers, whether they are natural or drugs, tend to take a while to work. Drugs blocking DHT do tend to work faster, though, than natural products like Nutrafol. These can often have new hair growing in a few weeks instead of months, but they also have more and worse side effects.  

Compared to taking a simple vitamin you know you are deficient in, well, Nutrafol is doubtless going to give you results faster. This is because, in addition to giving you the vitamin you are missing, Nutrafol will also provide you with other things that will also help.

This includes a plant or two to help you digest the vitamins better. So, in short, Nutrafol is about average when it comes to how long it takes to work. You’ll see the effects slower for this than you would for a drug or prescription.

At the same time, you’ll see results faster than you would if you are taking a single vitamin or even a daily multivitamin. Compared to other natural hair supplements, Nutrafol will probably have the same results for you.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how long Nutrafol takes to work probably didn’t come as a surprise, though it might have. It did, after all, become a little surprising to me to hear that people only saw results at the seven-month mark.

If you have used Nutrafol, perhaps you’ll let me know how long Nutrafol took before giving you visible hair growth. I’d enjoy seeing you tell me about it below.

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