Does Vegamour Work For Men?

Does Vegamour Work For Men?

Most people are aware that Vegamour can work, but almost all the ads, publicized reviews, and other things Vegamour showcases all display women. This raises the question of if Vegamour is just for women and if it works for men.

What Vegamour Says

Vegamour has two things to say about this question. First, on Vegamour’s Frequently Asked Questions page on their website, they go over: Do Vegamour hair serums work for men?

They straightforwardly reply: “Yes! Men can absolutely use Vegamour serums and many men have had success with our products.”

Does Vegamour Work For Men

The Vegamour company goes into more detail in their blog, which has a small article titled: “You Asked: Can Men Use Vegamour?”

In this article, they don’t seem to truly address men’s hair loss. Starting by pointing out the many options for hair growth products, Vegamour then admits that their range of hair products was originally created to deal with hair thinning in women.

Then, they say men can reap the benefits of thicker hair as well using their line of products. Vegamour next says they recommend their Vegamour GRO+ Advanced line for men. More specifically, they list:

  • Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum
  • Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Hair Care Gummies
  • Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit
  • Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Scalp Detoxifying Serum

This leaves out the Vegamour lash and brow serums, which they probably don’t feel men need. The article states that Vegamour is perfect for those wanting more natural ingredients in their hair growth products. It mentions the benefits of hemp, one of the ingredients in some of the Vegamour hair products.

The subheading “Male vs. Female Hair Thinning” mentions that, according to the American Hair Loss Association, women are slightly less likely to suffer from hair loss than men. Vegamour says that women’s hair loss is often overlooked, which is why their mission is to help with that.

Lastly, Vegamour says that regular exercise, sleep, and a healthy diet can help with both men’s and women’s hair loss by boosting your overall wellness.

Which Vegamour Ingredients Can Help With Men’s Hair Loss?

Many hair loss products that are made for women have hormone balancers and other things women need. These hair serums and supplements often don’t have the DHT blockers men are more likely to need for their hair loss.

The Vegamour products do have ingredients that can help with hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. In the Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Serum, caffeine is theorized to help block DHT.

Turmeric has evidence behind it, as the National Library of Medicine has done more than one study on how curcumin inhibits testosterone. Cannabis, an ingredient in many of the Vegamour products, also has a paper in the National Library of Medicine saying how it might inhibit DHT.

Zinc is in the scalp detox serum and didn’t have any studies done on it that I could find. Unfortunately, some sites claim zinc increases DHT levels while other sites say it decreases DHT.

Soybean extract (called Glycine Soja Seed Extract in the scalp detox serum) is well known for inhibiting DHT formation, though there is little medically acknowledged evidence to support it. The same is true of aloe vera, which is in the Vegamour shampoo, and the broccoli seed oil in the Vegamour conditioner.

These are the only Vegamour ingredients I could find that were linked to DHT. As most of these were close to the bottom of the list of ingredients, these products might not contain enough of them to make a difference for those with pattern baldness.

What Men Say

Unfortunately, since most Vegamour reviews are written by women, it is hard to find ones written by men. As far as I could tell, only about one out of a hundred reviews were left by men.

Does Vegamour Work For Men 3

The first five-star review for the Vegamour hair growth serum by a man I found was titled: Good For M-Shaped Foreheads. It said, “I got the baby hairs filling the empty zone of my m-shaped forehead. Yay!!”

Another five-star review by Philip T. says: “Very Happy With Results: I definitely went into this with a healthy dose of skepticism. But I’ve been pleased with the results. Even my girlfriend has noticed my hair is thicker and newer growth has appeared towards the front. I’ve also noticed less shedding over the last few months as well.”

In the one-star reviews, Stefan says: “Used the 1 bottle so far, no difference whatsoever……” and Rothwell says: “I didn’t notice any difference after using this product.”

On the shampoo and conditioner set, a man named Zachary left this five-star review: “I like gro + because the overall health of my scalp has improved a lot since I started using the line (I’m only one my 2nd month), and the texture appears thicker, feels less frizzy and it smells like a clean lemon verbena scent with some almost floral back notes (no detergent or strong essential oil type smells here).”

For the scalp detox, Jo says, “I received the trio of products to test for my review and I have to say, I think I will be a repeat customer. I’ve used trios of hair care products for thinning hair or thing hair for a long time and I think this set is pushing my old favorite out of the number one spot. It’s a little too early to speak to of it’s making my hair grow or not but my hair feels good and my scalp feels clean. No buildup. It also looks clean longer. My only complaint is that the smell is a little strong but I know I am sensitive to smells so I can’t complain too much!”

Totaling them up, I was able to find more reviews by men saying that it worked for them than ones that said it didn’t work. Compared to the number of women saying these same things, Vegamour seems just as likely to help men with hair loss as it does women.

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Final Thoughts

Vegamour is made for women, but it does work for many men. However, hair products that are made for men will work better for male pattern baldness and other causes of men’s hair loss in most cases. 

For this reason, I wouldn’t consider Vegamour products to be recommended for men. If you are a man who has used Vegamour products, I’d love to know which product you used and if it helped you or not.

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