10 Products To Dye Your Hair Gray At Home

10 Products To Dye Your Hair Gray At Home
10 Products To Dye Your Hair Gray At Home

Gray hair is an eventuality at some point. Instead of transitioning slowly to gray, sometimes it is better to dye your hair gray all at once. This can take away any awkward transitions, and it can look gorgeous if it is done right.

Our #1 recommended gray hair dye?

Give Surya Brasil Products Henna Cream, Silver Fox a try! This product is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, safe for color treated hair, cruelty free and vegan. You will fall in love with your new hair color, which leaves your hair shiny, soft and vibrant.

Product #1 Surya Brasil Products Henna Cream, Silver Fox

This semi-permanent hair color is definitely among the best ones out there. The box contains over 2.5oz, which is not as much as some others, but which is usually enough to get your hair the gray you are looking for. It does work better if your hair is already light, but the instructions tell you exactly what your hair needs to be like when you start.

This gray hair dye does a fantastic job of helping to strengthen your hair while giving it color. In fact, Surya Brasil does such a good job of this that they even won the Best of Natural Beauty Awards. The word natural describes this product perfectly, most of the ingredients being completely natural.

Not only does this gray have no ammonia, PPD, or peroxide, but there is also no fragrance, GMOs, gluten, parabens, or anything else that you might not want to put on your hair. It is certified as being cruelty-free and vegan and even has the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval.

It is simple to use, and it is highly unlikely that your scalp will have any problems with it. Finally, another benefit of this gray color is that it can be used even on hair that has been dyed. This means that you won’t have to remove your current color before applying this one if you don’t want to.

  • Available over-the-counter
  • You only need to apply this twice a day
  • It’s effective, especially for young men
  • Can’t be used for frontal baldness
  • Doesn’t work well for hair loss that is old or large in area
  • If you stop, hair loss will continue

Product #2 Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color Metallic Silver

This gray color from Got2b is a part of their metallics collection. The sheen of this gray is perfect if you like a lot of shine in your hair, and it can give your hair a multi-dimensional look. To help the color last longer, there are ingredients used to help with anti-fading.

The tone is a cool one, and it comes in just the right amount for the average head of hair. However, if you have long hair, then you may need to use two of them. The metallic silver is gorgeous but, if you don’t like the shade, you can go with a dust silver that is slightly darker.

This gray color kit comes with everything that you need, including the tube of color, the developer, the applicator tool, and one tube of an after-color treatment on top of the gloves and a detailed instruction leaflet. This is everything that you need apart from the gloves, and it saves you from having to buy the developer separately.

  • Gives you a multi-dimensional metallic look
  • The color stays for at least 4 weeks

  • You need at least two boxes and dye days to see results

Product #3 Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color Titanium

This hair color by Adore comes in a 4oz container, and you should know that it does not come included with the developer. This means that the developer will have to purchases separately if you need it, but most find that they do not need any developer at all. Since it is a semi-permanent dye, it will not last as long as a permanent dye.

However, this also means that it is not as damaging for your hair. This Adore color does not have any alcohol, peroxide, or ammonia that damage and dry out your hairs. Along with that is the fact that the has a few ingredients to help strengthen your hair.

In fact, some people claim that this hair dye is so gentle that they find that they don’t need to wear gloves when applying it. While you should always wear gloves regardless, this is handy if you don’t happen to have any within reach.

The shine on this color lasts a surprisingly long time for a hair color that is only semi-permanent. The 4oz is usually more than enough even if your hair is a little longer then most too. Best of all, this color works on even darker hair without needing you to lighten your hair first, though the end result will be a slightly darker shade.

  • Extremely straightforward and easy to apply
  • Silver hair last three long weeks
  • After 3 weeks, the color will fade into a blue/green tone

Product #4 Berina Light Gray Silver Permanent Hair Dye Color Cream

This gray color by Berina gives you a lovely silvery-gray color that might be just what you are looking for. In the box, there is the color cream and the developer that you need to go with it. All you need more than this is an applicator, pair of gloves, and perhaps something to mix the two ingredients with.

Berina hair colors contain powerful radiants that not many hair colors have. These radiants help the gray color to be long-lasting, which is why this hair color is dubbed a permanent one. Your hair does need to be light before you use it, so you may need to pre-lighten your hair first.

You may also need two boxes of color if your hair is longer than around your shoulders. Finally, Berina also has a shampoo and a conditioner that you can use if your hair is colored. Both of these keep your color looking fresh and crisp for as long as possible.

  • Your hair will look exactly like the cover photo
  • You must bleach your hair before applying

Product #5 Manic Panic Alien Gray Hair Dye

This gray hair color is a semi-permanent option that can give you a medium slate gray shade. The tone is another cool one, and it works best if your hair is already light. Manic does sell lighting kits to help you lighten your hair before applying the dye if you need to.

It does not damage your hair as much as permanent colorings do, and it has no ammonia. This Manic hair color is made completely vegan too, and it contains some aloe in it to help prevent you from having any negative reaction to it.

The fact that it is a semi-permanent hair color means that it only lasts about four to six weeks. The color rests on top of the hair follicles instead of going into it. This is easier on your graying hairs, which are prone to being damaged easier.

The Manic color comes in a 4oz container and, perhaps even better, it does not need to be mixed with a developer. This makes it ready to use as soon as you get it. Should you not like this particular shade of gray, it also comes in a blue steel color as well.

  • Natural, vegan formula
  • Similar to the last product, you must bleach your hair before applying

10 Products To Dye Your Hair Gray At Home

Product #6 L’Oréal Paris Hair Color Feria Permanent Vintage Teal Hair Color

The Feria line from L’Oréal has a number of colors, including a vintage teal color that looks like a lovely gray with a hint of blue to it. You can use this permanent color even if you don’t have light hair, even if your hair is close to a medium brown.

This permanent hair dye has a fair amount of chemicals in it that might irritate your skin, so test the color on a small patch of skin first. The kit comes complete with the color, the developer, a shimmer serum, and what is called a power shimmer conditioner.

This last item, in particular, is helpful for repairing the damage that might come from the chemicals in the dye itself. L’Oréal is a well-known company, particularly in the hair industry. One of the things that they are known for is their strong stance against animal testing for their products.

  • This color will not become flat or dull, and it won’t damage your hair
  • Plus, it will last at least a month 
  • Some users say that the color turns blue 

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Product #7 Lunar Tides Hair Dye – Gray DIY Ombre Hair Dye Kit

This gray ombre kit is made to give your hair two tones of gray. Inside the kit is 4oz of a dark-toned gray dye and 4 oz of a silver dye. You can use only one of these for your whole head of hair if you want to. If you are feeling creative with your hair, you can even give yourself highlights with this kit instead.

There is no need for a developer, and it includes the brush applicator so that all you need is the gloves and some time set aside. However, they do require light hair to start with, as many gray hair colors do.

All of the Lunar Tides hair colors are made to be both vegan and cruelty-free. It is suggested that you test some of it out on a piece of your hair first since the end color does not look exactly like the color on the bottle.

  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free semi-permanent hair dye
  • The product smells amazing, too

  • This product only leaves your hair gray for a month

Product #8 Kiss Tintation Semi-Permanent Gunmetal Gray Hair Color

This is another semi-permanent hair color that can make your hair gray. It is made by the Kiss hair company. It also comes in mystique silver and in platinum, giving you different shade options for what gray you what to end up with.

The hair color has among the ingredients argan oil and olive oil to keep your hair from drying out. Also included is keratin and collagen to help keep your hair healthy. These ingredients, along with the aloe vera, make it very healthy for your hair.

Since it is not a permanent hair dye, it does not need to contain ammonia. Nor does it have peroxide or sulfate in it. However, your hair should be fairly light before using this dye, so if your hair is dark you may need to lighten it first.

The 5oz container that this hair color comes in is usually more than enough for the average head of hair. The Kiss hair color comes ready to use too, though you should prepare by using gloves and making sure that the dye does not get on anything else.

  • The blue undertones create a beautiful silver color
  • Color is extremely natural and does not damage your hair

  • Some users report the dye rinsing out immediately

Product #9 Keracolor Clenditioner Silver Hair Dye

This hair color comes in the form of a conditioner. To use it, you simply wash your hair with shampoo as usual and then use this conditioner. Every time you wash your hair, some of the silver color is infused into your hair.

This means that with this color there is no need for gloves, nothing to cover up so that you don’t stain it, and no other inconveniences like that. More than that, Keracolor products have keratin in them to help strengthen your hair.

This non-lathering conditioner is made as naturally as possible without either sulfate or paraben in it. Hair products that lather up often do so by using harmful ingredients. This hair color product is completely vegan, and they do not test any of their products out on animals.

You can choose to have your hair colored gray using something else and then to use this conditioner to keep your hair a vibrant gray. However, if your hair is already a light blonde or partially gray, you may not need to do this.

To use, simply make sure your hair is thoroughly wet, apply the clenditioner, leave it in your hair for a few minutes as usual, and then rinse the clenditioner out. To help it cover every part of your hair, you can use a comb. The longer the conditioner stays in your hair, the better the color will be.

  • Leaves you with a strong, healthy silver color
  • Your hair will smell amazing and feel SO soft

  • Application can be tricky as the product is hard to distribute 

Product #10 Color Crave Temporary Hair Color Makeup, Shimmering Platinum

This hair color by Clairol is perfect if you want to get just a taste of how you would look in gray hair without it being permanent. This shimmering platinum color comes in an easy to squeeze 1.5oz tube equipped with a sponge applicator.

It works on any color hair, even if you have dark hair, which is not something many gray colors do. The sponge applicator is equally nice and makes it very simple to use. Simply shake the tube well, squeeze it until you see color on the sponge, and then swipe the applicator over your hair.

Your hair should be completely dry when you apply this color, and after you have finished applying the color you have to seal it in with some heat. A hairdryer is perfect for this. You can apply it to as much or as little of your hair as you wish to.

This Color Crave hair color has no ammonia, peroxide, or parabens that might damage your hair. While it is not wheat-free, it does not damage your hair and is safe for even sensitive scalps. However, you shouldn’t get any of this on your hair or on your skin.

As the name suggests, it is only temporary. For the most part, the color washes out in only one or two shampoos. The longer you can go without washing your hair, the longer the color will last. However, it will dull after a few days, even without a washing.

  • Leaves you with a strong silver color
  • Washed out within one to two days at your convenience 

  • Some people say it does not dye your hair at all

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