Does Rogaine Work For Women?

Does Rogaine Work For Women?
Does Rogaine Work For Women?

While men suffer from hair loss more often than women, women can also suffer from hair loss. However, unlike men, baldness is not looking good on a woman. When a woman starts losing her hair, she must do something about it as soon as possible.

There are so many hair treatments out there, all claiming to work to cure hair loss, that it can be hard to sort through them sometimes. This is where Rogaine comes in. It is a well-known hair treatment that is worth your time to take a look at it.

This hair product is designed to combat hair loss precisely due to pattern baldness. But the question is if Rogaine works. After all, it is not as simple as other hair treatments that involve simply taking a pill.

About Rogaine

Does Rogaine Work For Women?

Rogaine is a hair growth treatment that you apply topically onto your scalp every day. There used to be only one type of Rogaine, but now there is a Rogaine that has come out more recently that is specifically for women and launched first in Canada.

You can quickly get it without a prescription from a doctor almost anywhere in North America except for a couple of places in Canada that require a prescription for it. This is because the FDA has approved it.

It comes in both a 5% solution which is more common, and a 2.5% solution for women besides its 5% and 2% solutions for men. This allows you to use whichever resolution you want to, with the 5% solution being more likely to give the desired effects and more likely to irritate your scalp.  

Other than that, it is formulated specifically for women is the only real difference. You can get it from Amazon or a few other places, and each container of Rogaine has about two months’ worth. This is much more convenient than something you have to buy every month.

Rogaine for women comes in the form of a foam that you have to apply to your scalp once a day. This is one of the differences between the regular Rogaine for men, which has to be used twice a day.

Not only does Rogaine prevent any more hair from falling out, but it also helps the hairs that have already disappeared to start growing hair again if they have not been dormant too long.

How Does Rogaine Work

The main active ingredient that is in Rogaine is called minoxidil. This helps your scalp by extending the time that your hair is in its growing phase. While it does this, it also makes the follicles more significant if they happen to be shrinking in size.

As mentioned, Rogaine comes in the form of foam applied to your hair. This foam breaks down with the warmth of your skin to get the minoxidil right on your scalp. The non-active alcohol evaporates as the foam breaks down and helps your scalp absorb the minoxidil.

While there is no guarantee that Rogaine for women will work for you, it does work for about 80% of the women who try; it does mean that you have excellent chances of it working for you. It is also not hard to test, making it well worth giving it a go.

Advantages Of Rogaine

There are several advantages and disadvantages to Rogaine, but you should keep in mind that no hair treatment will be perfect. Since pattern baldness is a genetic problem for women, the same as it is for men, it is not a simple fix.

That being said, you should know that Rogaine can take three months before you start to see noticeable results. However, around 80% of women are cured by showing just how well it works. Rogaine has also had several tests and studies on it, proving how well it works.

It is also straightforward to get, and you can get a discount by buying more than one container at a time, making it cheaper than it could be. The main thing that Rogaine was created explicitly for is pattern baldness, and it does a great job of helping you grow hair back in places where it has already stopped growing at.

It is just as simple to use, and it can even be used on your eyebrows if these are thinning. If you consider using it for your eyebrows, though, you should do so very carefully and only in minimal amounts.

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Disadvantages Of Rogaine

Though Rogaine may take only three months to start working, occasionally, it may take up to six months. If you do not see results in that amount of time, it probably isn’t working for you. This is a rather lengthy amount of time to go before knowing if it isn’t working.

On top of that, Rogaine can signal your hairs to start their new cycle early. This means that your hairs fall out more than usual. This is just as they then get ready to grow out again.

Using too much Rogaine can sometimes lead to extra hair growth. This can be in places that you don’t even apply it to. Then, there is also the fact that it can affect your hair color if you dye your hair.

Some of the common side effects of Rogaine are itchiness, rashes, and headaches. Also, your scalp can get flaky, or in severe cases, it can even affect your breathing and/or heart. Since minoxidil was initially used to affect blood pressure, you should check your blood pressure frequently, at least at first, if you do have blood pressure problems.

Rogaine is made to treat pattern baldness. It doesn’t work at all for those who might be going bald for any other reason. Finally, if you stop taking Rogaine, the results will be that you’ll start losing your hair again.

This means that you have to keep taking it permanently to keep your hair. Your body could immediately start a new hair growth cycle if you stop. This could cause you to lose almost all of the hair that Rogaine was helping you keep.

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How To Use Rogaine

You can apply the Rogaine foam at any time of the day, though it is better if you try to make it at around the same time every day. The Rogaine comes in a container that dispenses the foam with pressure.

First, make sure that your hair and scalp are both clean and dry. It is easier to get it on the right part of your scalp if you have your hair parted where it seems thinnest. This will help to expose your target area.

To avoid the foam melting into your warm hands, wash your hands in cold water and dry them well. This way, your hands aren’t as warm before you get started. Now, dispense some of the foam right onto your scalp and rub it in thoroughly.

Starting from the back and working your way forward is often the easiest. It’s supposed to get into your scalp and not stay on your hair. After you have applied it, you should wash your hands thoroughly.

Let it dry and absorb into your scalp for at least 3 to 4 hours. It would help if you did not get your hair wet or apply any hair products to your hair during this time. This is why women opt to use this before bed. They sleep during these hours and shower and style their hair in the mornings.

Final Thoughts

When a woman first starts losing her hair due to pattern baldness, sometimes the first place she notices it is along her part line. Most of the time, your part line will start to look sparse, with your scalp beginning to be more visible.

If this sounds like what you are experiencing, you should try Rogaine. Eventually, if you do nothing about it, then your part will start to look a little like an evergreen tree. Your part line close to your forehead will get more and more sparse, and this sparseness will spread further back.

You are more likely to happen to you if other women in your family have this same problem. Rogaine can be used as a preventative treatment so that you don’t even start losing your hair.

However, the better, the sooner you start using it after losing some of your hair. There reaches a point where your hair follicles are too far gone to save. So don’t wait until this point to start using a hair loss treatment like Rogaine.

Before you start solely using minoxidil, you need to check out our top 3 hair loss recommendations of all time.

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  1. this has been so enlightening i had covid strange things happened because.i know several people who had covid also suffer from hair loss, been using menoxidil. helping but been experiencing weird breathing and alot of headaches, this article explains why thank you. now i know why and i feel better knowing why having these experiences

  2. A girl friends mother used it although she’s only 42, but it worked wonders to patch up a few thinning patches of hair and to thicken it too. Best to everyone here, Darren Chaker


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