Top 13 Asian Beard Inspirations for Men Appearance

Top 13 Asian Beard Inspirations for Men Appearance

The Asian beard is very special. This kind of beard can be found easily in Asia. It will grow different facial hairstyles from the Asian goatee to various kinds of stubbles & twisted mustaches. In the Middle East of Asia, men usually have thick dark beards. However, some men have no beards. Even though most Asians look better if they are clean-shaven, beards still popular in Asia.

Asian Stubble

asian stubble

For many people, the stubble or beard looks great. However, some other people think that the beard or stubble is really unprofessional. However, this opinion is not true at all. In fact, you can still look professional with beards. Here, you just need to maintain your beards such as trimming and shaving your beards regularly and keep them not too long.

Asian Beards with Mustache

asian beards with mustache

Sometimes, Asian Beards men grow their beards and mustache at the same time. Usually, it is called a goatee style. Another name for this style is a “chin puff”. Goatee styles are actually not too popular in Asia. However, it does not mean that an Asian man cannot grow his beards with mustache longer. If you decide to grow your beards and mustache, you will need to maintain your beards and mustache. Anyway, it is ideal for you who want your chin to look broader.

Chinese Beard Styles

chinese beard styles

It is easy to grow & style a Chinese beard. Here, you are required to moisturize your beards and maintain your facial skin. To get your desired beards, you should brush and style your hair as you want. There are many ways to style a Chinese beard. If you have no idea, you can see the picture below.

Asian Beard with Full

asian full beard

In some Asian countries like Thailand, Japanese, and China, men grow their beards for ages. Even more, many Asian men grow their beards longer such as in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, etc. We may call this style as an Asian full beard. Compared to other common beards, a full beard is longer. Even though this style makes men look older, you can still follow this style.

Asian Beard for Guy

asian guy beard

Asian and beards have an uneasy relationship. Anyway, we often see many Asian men with beards. In fact, many Asian men grow their beards or facial hair. However, some men cannot grow their beards. Believe it or not, a beard sometimes refers to a man who is used as a cover up for another person’s homosexuality. If you are looking for inspirations of the Asian beard, let’s check out this image below.

Asian Beard Stubble Look

asian stubble look

When it comes to Asian stubble, it is normally around 1 to 3 mm. After you decide the length, you should start styling your stubble beard. In some cases, stubble really looks unprofessional. However, it depends on how you style your stubble. You need to know that some Asian men cannot grow stubble because of the genetic factor.

Bruce Lee Asian Beard

bruce lee beard

As we know, Bruce Lee was one of the most famous actors. One time, he grew his beards. However, it looked like he never grew his beards more than an inch. Bruce Lee looked more masculine with beards. If you are curious about Bruce Lee’ beard, you can see the following picture below.

Long Chinese Beard

Usually, Chinese men cannot grow beards. In fact, they have a lower level of beard stimulating hormone. Besides that, their skins are also not sensitive enough to grow beards. However, we also often see Chinese men with long beards. So, the beard is not a rare thing in China.

Korean Beards

korean beards

During the Chosun, Korean men usually grow a little beard and mustache. Today, Korean men usually do not grow beards. It may be that Korean men have a genetic trait that makes them difficult to grow their beards. It is difficult to imagine a Korean has long beards. However, the following picture will show you how a Korean with long beards looks like.

Mongolian Beard

mongolian beard

You may think that Mongolians cannot grow beards. However, that is not true at all. As we know, genetic mutations spread randomly. So, not all Mongolian people cannot grow beards. Sometimes, they do not grow beards because they think that beards are not hygiene and difficult to care for. However, we sometimes also see Mongolians grow their beards since they are teens.

Vietnamese Beard

vietnamese beard

Vietnamese do not actually grow beards. It is rare to find a full beard in Vietnam. Commonly, Vietnamese people grow a beard in the chin area only. For example, they only grow a mustache or goatee. As we know, a beard is described as an accessory to emphasize masculinity of a man. This year, the beard still becomes a trend around the world including in Vietnam. When it comes to beards, you can choose short beards to long beards.

Japanese Beard Styles

japanese beard styles

If you go to Japan, you will realize that most men, usually salary men, will not grow a mustache or beard. In a modern country, including Japan, it should not be a society where someone can look past the facial hair of another person without judging/firing you. However, some Japanese men still grow their beards. There are many styles of beards such as circle beard, goatee, full beard, corporate beard, heavy stubble beard, and scruff.

Steven Yeun Beard

steven yeun beard

Who does not know Steven Yeun? He is an actor from South Korea-America. He is popular with his role as Glenn Rhee in “The Walking Dead and Ben”. He is very handsome. He usually appears with small beards and mustaches. Many people are impressed with his beard. So, if you want to grow your beard, you can follow Steven Yeun’s style. Even more, his hairstyle is also nice.

That is all about Asian beard. If you are looking for inspiration of Asian beard, you should look at the ideas above. You may choose your desired idea and follow the style of the beard. Not all styles of beards are appropriate for all men. So, you have to choose a beard style that suits your face.

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