11 Regular Haircut Ideas That Are Easy to Style and Maintain

11 Regular Haircut Ideas That Are Easy to Style and Maintain

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A regular haircut can be described as a hairstyle for a man or boy with hair long to comb on top. This haircut comes with a deconstructed or defined side part. The back and sides can be short, semi-short, medium, long, or even extra long. This hairstyle also is called a taper cut. We also call it a standard haircut, side-part, regular taper cut, business-man cut, or professional cut. In this hairstyle, the key is to comb the top to the side. It comes in various ideas. Now, let’s discuss it further.

Clean Cut for Men

clean cut for men

When it comes to a clean-cut regular haircut for men, there are many hairstyle ideas to try. One of them is a buzz cut fade where it is a classic clean haircut for men. This haircut does not require styling. It is also always ready to go. Of course, there are still many other options to consider such as crew cut, taper fade, clean comb over fade, classic comb-over, high & tight fade, wavy slicked back hair, low taper fade, short spiky hair, brushed-back hair, short faux hawk fade, short textured crop, and many more.

Short Clean Hair Cuts Boys

short clean hair cuts boys

Talking about a clean hairstyle, the variety depends on your desired length. If you want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain, there are many short clean hair cuts for boys. This tapered style can also be called a full crown. Besides that, it is also well known as a tight cut. Another name to call this style of taper is a fade.

Medium Regular Haircut

medium regular haircut

The next option is a medium regular haircut. Here, a coarse clipper blade is used on the sideburns. The clipper acres out of the hair immediately so that it completes the taper at the top of the ears. This haircut can also be styled in different ideas. One of them is a medium sideburn where it works best with short or long face shape.

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Long Regular Haircut

long regular haircut

If you are interested in a long regular haircut, a coarse clipper blade should be used in the nape area. It acres out the hair at the bottom of the ears. The taper is completed at mid-ear. This haircut is suitable for average shapes of face. Whether you choose a short, medium, or long regular cut, the most important thing to plan is related to the top. You have to decide how you will style the top.

Neat Hairstyle

neat hairstyle

If you are interested in a neat hairstyle, there are many recommendations you can try. One of them is a classic high & tight. It is a minimal & striking hairstyle. This hairstyle requires skin-shaved sides & back with longer hair on top. A high & tight fade also belongs to your option. Other ideas of a neat hairstyle include short high & tight, long high & tight, straight high & tight, messy high & tight, high & tight buzz cut, high & tight afro, forward-swept high & tight, blonde high & tight, high & tight drop fade, high & tight comb-over, high & tight pompadour, etc.

Clean Fade Haircut

clean fade haircut

A clean fade belongs to one of the ideas of a regular haircut. There are 3 ways to fade. You can consider top-down, bottom-up, or middle-out. Besides that, you should also decide whether you want a low fade or high fade. This haircut is not easy to create but also easy to care for and maintain.

Sideburn Taperregular haircut

sideburn taper

This haircut looks awesome because of the faded effect. The faded effect appears from a gradual hair length variance where the thickest hair is closest to the temples. The thinnest part lines up with a selected section of the ear. It depends on how far down the face the sideburn extends and whether you merge into a beard.

Business Men Haircut

business men haircut

As we know, a regular hairstyle is also well known as a business haircut. In fact, it is appropriate for business style. There are many haircuts that make you look more professional. Some of the examples are such as textured pompadour, modern comb-over, crew cut, side-parted quiff, mid fade undercut short curls, Ivy League, buzz cut, etc.

Famous regular Haircuts

famous male haircuts

If you are looking for inspiration of popular haircuts for men, you can see many famous male celebrities. For example, you can follow David Beckham with his textured slicked back hair, Brad Pitt with his undercut + sliced-back, Justin Beiber with his quiff + brush up, Cristiano Ronaldo with his undercut + hard part + comb-over, Adam Levine with his undercut + comb-over, and many more.

Classic Ivy League Haircut

classic ivy league haircut

This hairstyle can also be named as a Princeton cut. Another name for this haircut is the Harvard clip. Anyway, this haircut comes with neatly tapered sides. Besides that, it also features a top that is long enough to style into a side part. Now, this classic hairstyle belongs to the most popular trends this year.

Messy Crew Cut Men

messy crew cut men

There are many ways for men to look cool and masculine. One of the simplest ways is by wearing a messy crew cut. This haircut is also well known as a military haircut. As you can see, this belongs to short haircuts. However, it can be applied in various styles. The crew cut belongs to a timeless hairstyle for men. It is not only minimal but also elegant. In addition, this hairstyle exudes confidence. The short hair makes it easy to style and maintain. It means you will look good without a lot of effort.

It is very important to get the right cut. You should find a haircut that suits your face shape. For a regular haircut, you can consider faded sides with a longer top if you have a round face. If you have an oval face, we may consider a short top and avoid volume & height.

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