How to Hide a Beard without Shaving

How to Hide a Beard without Shaving
How To Hide A Beard Without Shaving

The common question, how to hide a beard without shaving is common amongst females than male. Want to know why?

Because although some men love having a mustache as it makes them more “manly and cuter”, a large number of women would rather shave or hide their mustaches (shaving can cause bumps), which is why you should make your facial hair less noticeable without shaving.

Plus, Shaving a mustache exposes the roots, causing the mustache to look more noticeable and thicker. The roots of the hair are darker and thicker compared to the rest of the hair.

Waxing, bleaching, and plucking are some solutions to make your lady-beard less noticeable.

Causes of Female Facial Hairs

  • Sign of health issues
  • Excessive facial hair usually is associated with male hormones and hair loss on your scalp
  • An over or underactive adrenal gland.

How to Hide a Beard without Shaving

How to Hide a Beard without Shaving

Maybe you don’t like beards, and sure, visible facial disturbing locks that stare back at you in the mirror, why not follow our guide to get rid of facial hairs for good?

  1. Cover It With Makeup

Do you have an existing makeup kit or would like to buy one made specifically for this purpose?

Before you try another solution here, I advise you try to cover it cosmetically first. Apply makeup in the direction that the hair follicle is growing as long as it is not discolored. However, if it is a black hair, it will need a more permanent solution.

  1. Bleaching

This method is best for dark skin or dark hair people. It is fast, simple and painless. Many times, follicles don’t just pop up, they are already there. However, we do not pay attention to them because they do not show up on tie.

When they become visible, bleaching the mustache with facial bleach can be your best option so they are not as noticeable.

Mix the bleach mixture with the already mixed activator. Following the manufacturer’s direction, apply the bleach on affected areas.

Although bleaching the facehair does not eliminate the hairs, it does lighten the hair, making it less noticeable.

It is safe to test the mixture on a small portion of your skin to make sure that you are not allergic to the mixture before applying to your mustache.

  1. Tweezing

With tweezers at hand, you can pluck away random hairs. Squeeze the ends of the facial hair and pull the hairs away from the face in a short, fast stroke.

This method works great for a small number of facial hairs

Pluck random hairs, using tweezers. Squeeze the ends of the facial hair and pull the hairs away from the face in a short, quick stroke. This method is effective for a few facial hairs.

  1. Waxing

Tired of dying your pretty face every few weeks? Go wax your face professionally! FYI, DIY face waxing = burnt skin.

Waxing is the process of applying hot wax to the mustache. The wax hardens and sticks to a strip of paper. The paper and wax are pulled away from the face, removing the facial hair.

The skin is sensitive and different, so, when dealing with the skin, you need someone (professional) who understands your skin and how long the wax should stay on for.

Because waxing lasts for approximately six weeks before the procedure has to be done again. Waxing is a temporary solution.

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  1. Depilatory Creams

Use sparingly in small areas and not every time you have a mustache situation because they can be really harsh to the skin.

To use, gently apply the depilatory lotions or creams to the mustache. Depilatory liquids get rid of the roots from the skin.

Apply the cream and wipe it off, along with the mustache. Depilatory liquids can cause skin irritation to users with sensitive skin because of their harshness,

So, only apply a small amount of depilatory cream to a hidden area on your face. Test to see if your skin reacts to the cream before applying it to your face.

  1. Electrolysis

See a doctor for electrolysis treatment. Electrolysis treatment is a permanent solution that involves using a fine, needle-shaped probe to apply electric current into the hair follicle and electricity is applied to murder the hair.

The hair must be in the growing phase for this to be most effective. Several treatments might be needed to remove all facial hair — it can be a costly process.

  1. Laser

Laser is the last fix on how to hide a beard without shaving solutions but it can be costly and time-consuming.

They work by using pulsating light beams to heat up and burn the pigment-producing melanin in the hair follicle, making it stop production.

So, results can be less effective on lighter hair follicles, since they contain less melanin. If hair is dark, however, and the severity of the condition is traumatizing, laser can be the answer.

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