Facial Hair: Popular and Best Chin Strap Beard for Men

Facial Hair: Popular and Best Chin Strap Beard for Men

The chin strap beard is one of the most popular beards that is applied by men to increase their appearance. Having a beard for men will be very useful to add the masculine view and the higher authority. Today, there are many variations of the beards that can be the consideration to find the best idea of the beard based on the style that you want to apply.

Well, the variations of the chin strap will give you more chances and freedom to choose it. However, to help you find the best that is appropriate with your face shape, here we have several ideas for you.

Thick Chin Strap Goatee

Thick Chin Strap Goatee

The is one of the popular ideas to be applied, especially for men who want to have a cool appearance. However, you will need some knowledge about how to grow a chin strap beard like this.

The interesting matter of this goatee is the connecting chin strap to the other passing on the chin. Men will look more impressive when they have this beard, especially when it is combined with an appropriate hairstyle.     

Thin Long Chin Strap Beard

Thin Long Chin Strap Beard

This idea of the chin strap beard is a nice idea for those who want to have a simple option. The thin beard will deliver a neat and far from an extreme view. On another hand, it also will make the face look clean and elegant.

Besides, this is also easy to be maintained. There is no special product for the beard to be applied.         

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Facial Hair with Mustache

Chinstrap Facial Hair with Mustache

Combining a chin strap with a mustache is a good option, especially when men want to have both elegant and cool appearance. The personal taste can be grabbed and we are sure that they will have better authority.

Some variations of the facial hair and mustache combinations are available. However, paying attention to the volume of both mustache and beard is quite important to get a balanced look.       

Sexy Black Man Lebron James

Sexy Black Man Chin Strap Lebron James

Lebron James can be a good inspiration for the black man to have a wonderful beard. This basketball legend has a special beard that will be very essential to renew the detailed appearance of men.

Here, the chin strap of Lebron James is thick and also boldly. Men can take some advantages of the generous hair to create the best chinstrap.

Chin Curtain Beard Styling for Special Look

Chin Curtain Beard Styling for Special Look

The chin curtain is known as special facial hair and it becomes one of the most favorite options by men. It runs through the jaw-line to the chin and the other ends of the face. That is why it is called a curtain beard –a beard that closes the chin as a curtain.

This idea of the chinstrap has similarities with the chin strap boards. However, these two ideas have some differences. A chin strap only covers some parts of the chin, whereas the curtain chin covers all part comprehensively.              

Ludacris Beard with Trimmed Cheeks and Natural Neck

Ludacris Beard with Trimmed Cheeks and Natural Neck

This chin strap beard comes from Ludacris and can be a great idea for men to renew their appearance. As its name, the chinstrap here will be perfect for a square jaw-line. Then, it also will need a natural neck just to balance the beard.

All combinations of the beard will give style shape and angle. Besides, the regular trimming is also needed in shaping the chinstrap just to shave off any growth of beard on the chin bone.           

Full Chin Strap Beards No Mustache Style

Full Chin Strap Beards No Mustache Style

The chin strap beard here will be very useful to be applied for those who want to grow a bold beard without any mustache. The beard here can be the focal point and it will be the reason for the high authority of men. Managing the volume of the beard is a must and the thick beard is a better idea.

Wide Chin Strap Beard with Thick Connected Mustache

Wide Chin Strap Beard with Thick Connected Mustache

For those who have thick facial hair, this beard can be one of the best ideas to be chosen. Yes, the appearance of the wide chin strap combined with the thick mustache will deliver an awesome connection and it will increase the coolness of men.

However, men need to consider the volume of both beard and mustache to keep its appearance. Then, they also need to maintain it just to keep it clean and neat.

Pencil with Connected Pencil Mustache

Pencil Chinstrap Beard with Connected Pencil Mustache

When you want to make a unique and simple chin strap beard, then this idea can be a good option for you. This idea of the  beard draws a unique look. It is simple and clean to make a cool appearance. Then, this beard can be combined with any kind of hairstyle, including bald.

Designed with Connected Mustache

Designed Chinstrap Beard with Connected Mustache

The designed chin strap beard can be a great idea to be applied, especially for those who need a different beard to support their appearance. The beard and mustache here should be grown thickly. Then, they can shape both mustache and beard by applying a unique design.

I am sure that it is a unique and rare idea of the chin strap. However, this beard style needs more ideas to maintain its appearance. Then, it will be better when you also search for the kinds of chin strap designs to find the most appropriate idea based on the condition of your beards.

Professional for Black Men

Professional Chinstrap Beard for Black Men

It can be said the professional chin strap beard is one of the best samples to educate men about how to grow a beard. Yes, the style of the chin strap is very elegant. The combination of neat shaving and thick beard –with mustache connected, deliver both elegant and cool appearance for men.

However, men need to do some maintenance, especially to keep the shape of the beard and sideburn. The hand of professional sometimes should be applied just to maximize the result of the beard shaving. Do it regularly and you will have the best chin strap beard ever! Search for Popular Curly Hair Fades with Special Look for Men.

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