6+ Coolest Two Strand Twist Men Hairstyle this Year

6+ Coolest Two Strand Twist Men Hairstyle this Year

You must try the two strand twist men hairstyle to look different this year. It has so many shapes that you can try. The tons of ideas are now available. You could choose one or combines them at the same time.

This model is able to be applied to short or long hair. This haircut can be used as a basic model for any kind of variation. It creates a unique impression to you who wear it, the cool thing is that it is also suitable for kids.

It is because the two-strand curl is easy to make. Besides, you can also add several accessories there such as the cute ribbon or clips. Don’t forget to find more references in order to create a good-looking daily appearance.

Start by choosing the right model first. In this case, you can choose the thick or small twist. The styles are unlimited, that is why; it is always recommended to choose one that you like the most to get more confidence.

The Twist for Guys Ideas

As it is stated before that the two strand twist men hairstyles are really much. Whatever your choice is, always consider your comfort. Before having this haircut, begin by washing your hair with the right shampoos and apply the conditioner.

Then, dry it properly and comb them, if you want to do it by yourself, separate them into two parts. After that, separate the upper and bottom parts into six different parts, make sure that you do everything correctly and neatly.

If you are not confident enough to do it by yourself, going to a saloon is recommended, however, please ensure that you know the style first. Here are some recommendations to try to make you get the right one.

 Black Male Two Strand Twist Men

Black Male Hair Twists

This option is suitable for long or even short hair. However, some black guys prefer to create it for the short model. It is so easy to create. The highly common style is two-strand cornrow. You need to separate the area first.

Separate your hair into two strand twist men. After that, start to twist over and also under. It is a great idea to apply several clips, rubber, or any kind of accessories. To do the whole process, you may need one up to three hours.

Twist Afro Idea

Twist Afro Idea

If you have the afro style, the curl design is also recommended. It is especially if you have the long one. You will be looked more handsome or beautiful with this option, the good thing is that you could change or release it anytime.

Flat Top Twist

Flat Top Twist

This one is actually done for the short hair. As it is named, the twisted area is only the top part. It means that the right and left spaces will be shaved first. After that, the twist height must be made at the same size.

Two Strand Twist for Guys

Twist Braids for Guys

So many of you are maybe not too sure enough to try this idea; however, you should know that braids can look good on guys as well. If you own the long hair, this decision will add texture and also shape immediately.

There is another positive benefit if you have long hair than the short one. The long locks mean there are more possibilities to do various kinds of styling options. You must be proud since no other hairdo can match this one.

Short Twisted Hairstyles

Short Twisted Hairstyles

Sometimes choosing the curl style for short hair can be difficult. However, don’t be worried since there are several great ideas to try. One of them is French hairdo. To do so, you will need several tools and also accessories.

Those are like the comb, clips, and hairspray. This French Twist look will make you have an elegant personality and more mature than before. In addition, this decision is also great if you want to be stylish at a party.

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Comb Two Strand Twist Men

Comb Twist for Men

As it is named, the whole process will be done by using a comb two strand twist men. That is why; you can ask the help of a stylist to create this look. The good thing is that this model will last for at least two weeks. It’s quite long and permanent, right?

Some people said that it is one of the most protective styles to try; especially for your kids. Why? It is because the comb curl can minimize the damage. However, always make sure to treat the hair properly and keep it is moisturized.

Fade with Two Strand Twist Men

Fade with Twist

This style is also used by most people, especially men. The fade area is on the left and also the right side. Meanwhile, the two strand twist men itself is on top of your head, you must go to the saloon to get this haircut. The stylist will help you.

Coming to that place will make sure that you get the neat result. In addition, the stylish could be able to make various kinds of patterns in that fade area, it depends on your liking, those are like the stars or something like that.

How To Get the Perfect Curly Twist Men?

You should know that the two strand twist men hairdo will expose your scalp. That is why; make sure that your hair and scalp are healthy. Besides, it is also better to make them clean before you do the whole process.

That is why; you must apply the right shampoos. Don’t forget to use the moisturizing conditioner after that. Then make sure that your hair is dry enough before doing it. However, it still important to make them is not too dry.

Usually, some stylish will recommend you to apply certain products. Those are like sea salt spray or even the special gel. The clean, healthy, and moisturized hair will be easier to curl. Make sure you comb them as well.

Furthermore, you may need to use certain rubbers during the process. Choose one which is soft and comfortable enough. The thicker hair needs the thicker rubbers too. It is important to get the best two strand twist men hairstyles nowadays. Need another inspiration about beard? Here we go!!

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