Bosley Hair Loss Treatments

Bosley Hair Loss Treatments

Bosley is a brand that says they are America’s #1 Hair Restoration Experts. This is quite a claim, but it may be enough to make you curious about Bosley’s treatments and if they can truly help with hair restoration.

First, let’s look at the Bosley company itself, and then we’ll dive into their products to see if they are worth trying.

What Is Bosley?

Bosley has a website where they tell all about themselves. Here they offer to send you a free information packet and a gift card to use with them. Their locations are all over the US, with most being in the Eastern states and on the West coast.

Aside from the many products they offer online for hair loss, Bosley has many physical locations. You can go to these locations to consult with their dermatologists.

Bosley Hair Loss Treatments

These dermatologists have years of experience doing hair transplants, which is where healthy hair follicles are taken and placed in bald spots where the hairs are dead.

They specialize in both Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). With FUE, the hairs are taken individually from the donor area and then transplanted onto the crown or wherever hair loss is the worst.

With a FUT hair transplant, a section of your scalp with many hair follicles is taken from the donor area. This is then divided up and individually used where there are signs of balding.

Besides those, Bosley also offers two other types of transplants. One is for restoring thinning or missing eyebrows, and the other is something they call BioGraft.

Their BioGraft plan is where they use a medical adhesive to graft natural hair-like strands onto the area they placed the new hair. This is supposed to last until your hair shows signs of growing back in again, making it look like you have a full head of hair.

They then style this hair to take whatever shape you want so that no one will notice it is not your natural growth while your hair gets thicker.

The Bosley Hair Products

In addition to the procedures they offer for your scalp, this company offers a wide variety of products for hair growth, varying from things to regrow thinning hair to ones with ingredients to protect your hair strands.

The Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment (Minoxidil)

There are a few variations of this hair regrowth treatment that this brand offers. In their women’s healthy hair kit, the solution is 2% minoxidil. They offer this as either a foam or liquid minoxidil.

They also have a 5% minoxidil topical solution specifically for men. This comes as foam or in a sprayer for convenience. The ingredients of their minoxidil product are the same as others on the market, but it is a proven treatment to help regrow hair that many people use.

Bosley Revitalizer (164 Diode) Hair Regrowth Laser Cap

This battery-operated cap uses laser light therapy to help stimulate dormant hair follicles and boost circulation to your scalp. This has been proven to help with androgenetic alopecia and sometimes hair thinning caused by telogen effluvium.

The fact it is battery-operated makes it convenient to use as you go about your daily activities. The cap is also available in different sizes, so you can know it will fit your head.

However, though 164 diodes may have more of an effect on your scalp, they may not be worth the price. Yes, this Bosley laser cap is on the cheaper end of other caps with this same number of diodes.

It is worth noting, though, that it is possible to get laser caps with 80 diodes for less than a third of the cost. So, if money is tight for you, you should ask yourself how much difference more diodes really make and if it is worth it.

BosleyMD Healthy Hair Growth Supplements

These vitamins are solid options for your hair. They have Vitamin A, Vitamin E, biotin, and a lot of other things that are known to help hair regrowth.

Bosley has one option for men and one for women. With either one, you take one capsule a day, and the bottles come with 60 capsules.

The supplement for women has copper and a couple of other things that women are likely to need more of than men. Meanwhile, the supplement for men has pumpkin seed extract and is designed to help fight hair loss caused by DHT.

They also have a DHT-blocking supplement that is solely for men who have male pattern hair loss causing their hair to thin. All these supplement options can help your head and are fairly inexpensive.

BosleyMD Shampoos & Conditioners

Bosley Hair Loss Treatments 2

There are currently two shampoos and conditioners Bosley offers. One set is color-safe for hair you have dyed, so you don’t wash the color away, and the other set is not.

Though they title their shampoos and conditioners as nourishing for your hair, I wasn’t able to see any ingredients that were more than alightly beneficial for your hair in any of these.

Most of the ingredients are chemical ones that you may have to look up the definition to know what they do. Menthol is not particularly natural, but it can help blood flow to your scalp, which can help your hair grow.

The rosemary and pumpkin seed extracts also have benefits and can help growth. The soy ingredients are less desirable and something many people try to avoid putting on their hair or body.

All in all, though a couple of things in them may help with hair thinning, you could probably get something at your local store that is just as good for your hair for cheaper. Other shampoos can help much more with hair thinning and can protect your hair.

Other Things

Besides those things, Bosley offers a micro-needling tool to use on your head to encourage hair growth. Micro-needling can help the growth of your hair by causing mild damage that your body then works hard to heal.

They also have what they call a Hair and Scalp Follicle Energizer. This has biotin, kelp, ginger, caffeine, and a few other things that may help thinning hair improve. Unfortunately, it also has soy in it.

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The Disadvantages

Looking at the Bosley hair restoration products as a whole, there is very little that is unique about them. I couldn’t see any difference in their laser cap compared to others. The same goes for their minoxidil treatments.

Though some of their prices are pretty good, many can be easily found from other brands at a lower price. That said, if you get one of their kits, you may be saving a little money, but this is only if you want to use their shampoo and supplement.

In short, Bosley seems to be doing nothing more than rebranding and marketing hair loss treatments that are already out there without making anything new of their own.

Then again, their primary focus seems to be the procedures they offer, so they may not be trying to have unique products. Transplants do cost a lot, so this may be where they make their profit.

Hair transplants may help your scalp look better, but they don’t prevent future hair loss from happening. Some men who get one notice thinning on their heads later in their life.

Hair loss may return twenty years down the road or as little as one year if the grafting didn’t take like it was supposed to. Once you hit the thinning stage of male pattern hair loss, it can be very hard to achieve growth.

In short, this treatment doesn’t deal with whatever problem is causing hair thinning. It only hides thinning areas of your hair.

Bosley Hair Loss Treatments

The Advantages

The main advantage of the kits and things Bosley offers is that they exclusively stick with things that are proven to help with hair loss.

Though I just pointed out this is not unique, there is nothing wrong with sticking to tried and true methods to get new hair growth.

It is by trying questionable things that haven’t been proven to prevent hair loss that might cause you to go completely bald before you realize it isn’t giving you the hair growth you wanted.

Buying all your shampoo, conditioner, and other hair loss things all from the same place can be quite convenient as well. Looking at their options when you set up an appointment to ask them about their services may be more helpful than you might think.

What’s more, the fact that they have physical locations you can go to means you can get help from a person easily if you want to talk to someone.

This could be about what product might be best for treating your hair loss. You can also ask them for advice if you feel you aren’t getting the hair regrowth you were hoping for.

As for their transplants, the doctors working for Bosley have had good reviews on the work they do to assist in regrowing hair on the crown of the scalp and other places hair thinning can happen.

In fact, Bosley is one of the main companies in the US that does this procedure, which they have been doing for nearly fifty years. Having a large name behind their work is much more of a guarantee than a single doctor opening a clinic of their own to do hair procedures.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this seems like a solid company. They would not have been able to open so many locations across the country otherwise.

After you have an FUE or FUT procedure, it is sometimes necessary to give your follicles a boost of some type to help them regrow hair on the area they were moved to on your scalp.

Most of the hair growth products they have to help your hair loss are ones that some doctors might recommend for you to use after you’ve had a transplant.

Are any of the Bosley products they offer ones you’ve tried for your thinning hair? Were they able to get your hair to grow thicker? If you’ve had a procedure at one of their locations, I’d love to know what you thought of your experience!

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