Best Razor Fade for Sleek and Elegant Men Appearances

Best Razor Fade for Sleek and Elegant Men Appearances

It can be said that a fade haircut is one of the most popular ideas of men. Well, many ways to style their haircut are available, so they can get a special look at their hair to increase their appearance. The fade haircut has many variations and one of the most popular is the razor fade.

The style occurred and became a popular men hairstyle from 2015. While the other ideas of the fade haircut use the clippers, It will taper the hair on the sides from the top down to the neck and the ears.

This idea provides a great look at the new hair. Both stylish and elegant hairstyles can be a new style that can make the men get a better appearance. Then, what are the best variations and ideas of the razor to be considered and applied? Let us talk about it below.

Brushed Medium Razor Fade Special

Brushed Medium Razor Fade Special

The medium razor fade is also popular, especially for teenagers. As its name, the added and higher volume of the top hair is a key to this haircut. The volume will make the hair easy to be brushed up high.

The result of this is also nice with the combination of the razor effect. Here, the medium razor leaves a smooth hair that looks like a gradient from the side to the center hair.

Skin Fade Haircuts Low Razor

Skin Fade Haircuts Low Razor

Adding the skin on the side hair can be applied just to make a new effect and different appearance of the razor. Many variations of skin are available to be chosen. However, for the simple but elegant idea, the line skin is the best option to be chosen. It is very simple.

All a person needs to request here is applying the low razor fade to get a gradient of the hair. Then, the line is made just to create a section or to separate the gradient of the hair based on its volume.

Razor Line Haircut on Low Idea

Razor Line Haircut on Low Idea

Just like the previous idea of the haircut, the razor line haircut is a great option to get an interesting style. The low razor fade ends to the detailed skin. Then, the hair of the top was brushed to one side. The brushed idea here delivers a neat hair arrangement.

On another hand, the line can be made on a side of the hair. This simple idea throws the monotonous look of the razor away. Many people said that applying the blonde color increases the result of this idea.               

Low Spiky Textured

Low Razor Fade Spiky Textured

The spiky textured is a great option for those who want to get a modern look of the hairstyle. This is also special with the spiky textured. Then, how to style this idea?

The top and center hair have an extra volume. It can be seen as a gradient from the fade-sides hair. The top of the hair can be styled using spiky ideas by applied some hair products. Then, the sides and back are cut with the razor fade go down to the skin.              

Undercut for Curly Hair

Razor Fade Undercut for Curly Hair

This idea is an Afro American type, which maybe can be listed as one of your considerations. The main elements of this are the curly hair and the razor fade. Here, the fade goes down to meet the detailed sideburn. The sideburn itself is the place where the facial hair ends.

The curly hair on the top delivers a unique texture. However, the heavy gel needs to be applied here to keep the texture on fire.

Comb Over Shape Up Hairstyle

Razor Fade Comb Over Shape Up Hairstyle

The comb-over haircut can be renewed by applying the razor fade. This idea of the haircut is nice and unique with the top hair is combed over to a specific side. This arrangement delivers a simple but easy to shape hair.

Mid Razor Fade Line Up Messy Pomp

Mid Razor Fade Line Up Messy Pomp

The pompadour style becomes one of the most favorite and best razor fade. This mid razor with the line-up messy pomp can be the option to be chosen for someone who wants to have an elegant hair textured. This is very appropriate for those who have an oval face shape and straight-volumed hair.

The most essential part of this razor is the arrangement of the top hair. As its style-name, the top pump is made messy. Then, it is combined with the low on the sides and back to ease the hair arrangement. Of course, pomade is applied here to keep the texture.

High Pomp Combo Over

High Razor Fade Pomp Combo Over

The combo over becomes one of the most popular hairstyles applied by men this year. It is very interesting and special with the great combination of the razor cut and the pomp. The style and the way to arrange this hair creates a unique contrast between the sides and top of hairs. Well, when the sides –and the back of the hair is volume-less, there is an extra volume textured-hair on the top.

In common, this idea is also combined with the smooth beard coming below the ear to the thin. All combinations of this razor style will deliver a very interesting and elegant look.

Straight Razor Fade with Spiky Texture

Low Razor Fade Spiky Textured

The straight razor fade is the most popular and simple idea to be applied, especially for those who have straight-textured hair. Here, it is combined with the spiky texture to create an elegant view.

The hair on the top is cut short. Then, it is styled into a spike and leaving a line as the separation with the razor.

Pomp with Slick Look

Razor Fade Pomp with Slick Look

Substantively, the razor can work very well with any kind of hairstyle. Both vintage and contemporary hairstyles can apply this hair idea. Then, the pomp is one of the best ideas to be considered in renewing the style of the men’s hair.

In simpler, this hair is like the common slick back. However, something that makes it different is the extra volume and height of hair that is added to the center of the hair. Pomade products also can be applied here to keep this texture of the top hair. Look at our ideas Popular and Best Chin Strap Beard for Men.

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