How To Make Minoxidil Solution For Hair Loss Treatment

How To Make Minoxidil Solution For Hair Loss Treatment
How To Make Minoxidil Solution For Hair Loss Treatment

Minoxidil solution and foam are used in treating male pattern baldness and helps in hair growth. The solution isn’t used for badness at the front of the scalp. However, the scalp in combination with 2% of minoxidil solution helps in hair growth in women who have thinning hair.

Minoxidil is a medication that has its instruction of usage. It is essential that it is used as directed by a qualified doctor. In no circumstance must you use more than the prescribed description because of the danger it poses to the skin.

As a result of this, it shouldn’t be applied in any part of the body as absorption may affect the blood vessels and heart.

Furthermore, don’t use other skin products on the same area where you apply minoxidil – although you can use hair relaxers, hair permanents, and hair coloring product when undergoing the minoxidil therapy as long as you wash the scalp before using hair relaxer, permanents, and hair coloring.

Don’t make the mistake of taking two doses in order to make up for a missed dose.

How to make Minoxidil Solution from Home

How To Make Minoxidil Solution

If you want something natural and effective, you can make your own alcohol free minoxidil solution. Using a homemade product ensures quality and is much cheaper when compared to products sold online.

To make your own alcohol free minoxidil solution at you:

Start with a scalp peel

Every day, your scalp encounters different alarming pollutants and chemicals. These products include DHT and shop-bought hair products.

Regrettably, the buildup of chemicals and pollutants has the tendency of minimizing the effecting of hair growth products you apply on the hair.

This includes Rogaine and Propecia. Nevertheless, there is a way to remove such buildup from your scalp using a natural and gentle process. For this process, you will need a 15% solution of salicylic acid and coconut oil.


Start by using shampoo on your scalp and allow it to dry. Then apply the coconut oil and allow to stay for 30 minutes – then take an eyedropper and apply the salicylic acid to the affected area of the scalp. You can also apply to other hair issues such as irritation, flaking, and itching.

Allow the salicylic acid to dry on the scalp for at least 10 minutes before rinsing with water.

Now to make your own alcohol free minoxidil, you need emu oil (2 parts), hyaluronic acid (6 parts), and pumpkin seed oil (1 part).

Mix the three ingredients mentioned above in the ratio of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to make the quantity you want. Pour the mixture into your scalp and apply it to your scalp. Ensure you pay attention to the temples and hairless.

Allow the mixture to stay on the scalp for at most 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

how to make minoxidil solution

The function of the ingredients

1. Hyaluronic Acid for Hair Loss

This ingredient supplies essential minerals and nutrients to the scalp while removing waste and buildup from the scalp. These wastes include DHT, environmental pollution, and leftover hair product chemicals.

2. Emu Oil for hair loss

However, not among the popular oils, emu oil is proven to be effective in reducing inflammation and providing essential vitamin and mineral support to the hair scalp.

It moisturizes the scalp while allowing the pumpkin seed and hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeply into the hair follicles. The emu oil helps in improving the effectiveness of the pumpkin seed and hyaluronic acid.

3. Pumpkin Seed Oil for hair loss

The intake of pumpkin seed oil as an oral supplement helps in increasing the hair thickness and count. However, the seed oil itself can be used to target DHT present on the scalp.

The lesser the DHT on the hair, the more the hair follicles can continue their normal hair growth cycle.

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How to apply Minoxidil topical solution

  • Ensure both the hair and scalp are dry before applying the solution
  • Apply the prescribed amount to the affected area starting from the center of the area. Adhere to the instruction of the doctor regarding the application process.
  • After applying minoxidil, don’t use shampoo on your hair for 4 hours
  • Wash your hands immediately using minoxidil topical solution
  • After applying, allow the minoxidil to dry for at most 4 hours. Note that the solution can stain hats, clothing, or bed linen if your scalp isn’t completely dry
  • Don’t use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process after applying the minoxidil Using a hairdryer may make the solution less effective
  • Avoid transferring the solution to other parts of the body while it is wet. This happens in a situation where you don’t wash your hands properly after usage, or it gets on your bed linens or pillowcase

Here’s how Minoxidil Solution works for hair loss:

Dosing of Minoxidil Solution

There is no general dosage for all patients; the dose for each patient will be different, which is why you have to follow the prescription of your doctor or the direction on the label. However, the dosing provided below is an average dose of medicine.

Don’t change your dose if you discovered it is different from what you are using. However, under the instruction of the doctor, you can do so.

Additionally, the amount you take is dependent on the medicine strength. The effectiveness depends on different factors such as the number of doses taken daily, the timeframe allowed within those doses, and the length of time.

  • For hair growth
    • For Topical solution dosage form
      • Children – Your doctor should determine the usage and dosage for children
      • Adult – Apply 1 milliliter of the solution to the hair scalp twice a day
    • For Topical form dosage form
      • Children – Your doctor should determine the usage and dosage for children
      • Adult – Apply half of a capful to the hair scalp twice a day

Storing your Minoxidil Solution

When preparing your own minoxidil solution, it is easier to make enough mixture that will last you a while. Instead of making a new batch each time, you can make enough and store them for use.

When it comes to storage, the best option is placing it in a small glass container, especially one that uses a dark glass.

Dark glass is the best option because using a bright light can degrade the quality of the oil. You can put it in a refrigerator as long as you don’t leave the door open frequently.

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