Jimmy Darmody’s Haircut Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Jimmy Darmody’s Haircut Will Make Your Friends Jealous

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jimmy Darmody, he is a fictional character in the TV drama Boardwalk Empire. Actors Michael Pitt and Edmund Hochegger both had their hair styled to resemble Jimmy’s signature “slicked-back Undercut” on screen.

Boardwalk Empire has received top class from 2010 to the present., and the slicked back Undercut shortly became a admired mens hairstyle after Jimmy Darmody haircut appeared in the show. The slick-backed Undercut is notoriously known as the SS haircut given its popularity amongst Germans during Adolf Hitler’s reign in Nazi Germany (it was a popular hairstyle on continental Europe at the time).

As one of the most popular male celebrities around, it seems that Jimmy Darmody’s haircut is set to dictate a new hairstyle trend. The sleek backswept undercut has been following in the recent footsteps of German gymnast Marcel Nguyen’s undercut style.

Slicked Back Undercut With Man Bun Modern Day Guy

Impress your date with the Darmody haircut

It is not difficult for men to wear the man bun hairstyle; all they need is hair 6 inches long on the top of head. Men who wear this type of hairdo may prefer one of these three cuts: undercut, layered cut and taper cut. When wanting to style a bun, up to six inches of hair on the top of your head can be cut off, but you can’t tie a bun without at least six inches left.

The Perfect Hair Combination

The Jimmy Darmody man bun is a variant of the slicked back undercut and should not be difficult to transition from this style to the man buns. However, it can also serve as an overthrow for men who want a low maintenance style. Keep in mind, however, that the slicked back undercut only permits you to sport a semi bun (aka half man bun) as hair on the sides and back of your head is clipped very short as per regular undercut haircut.

As a prime example of the man bun, you can look to how slicked back and undercut looks on Michael Pitt as Jimmy Darmody haircut in the popular TV series Boardwalk Empire. His hair is long enough to be smoothed back on the top of his head, and short enough to form a shallow undercut around the neck. A man bun can make hair grow 10 inches or more. If you don’t want long hair, consider sporting a stylish undercut for the sides and back of your head, while keeping the top layer at 6 inches or less. In addition to working well on the traditionally known “bro bun” hairstyle, this haircut is perfect for other men’s hairstyles such as slicked back hair.

What You Should Know About The Man Bun Undercut

The Undercut for men how to cut your hair like Jimmy Darmody

When Jimmy Darmody haircut comes to the beard and man bun combination, I would recommend avoiding the undercut with a full beard. The slick back undercut looks good with a man bun. I do know that, despite being popular with hipsters, the man bun undercut is a global phenomenon. After seeing many men with long-haired undercut haircuts, I recommend you completely avoid any facial hair or beards if you plan on getting a man’s haircut and leaving enough length for a bun at the top.

If you’re not excited about sporting a big full bun and want to be able to alternate with other medium-length hairstyles, then grow six inches of hair as per the Jimmy Darmody haircut character in Boardwalk Empire.

The Undercut is for everyone!

To get the hairstyle from Boardwalk Empire, you need a hair clipper with a guard to give yourself an Undercut cut and a strong holding pomade for slicking your hair back. If you are looking for a hair clipper that will last, it is best to buy a quality product. THIS hair clipper is an excellent option if you want to shop for the perfect cordless hair clipper. If the cordless hair clipper in the link above is too expensive, then get this comparably priced alternative. The only minor drawback is that it must be plugged in as it doesn’t have a battery.

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Jimmy Darmody haircyut Will Make Your Friends Jealous

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