Jarhead Haircut: The Best Military Style and Confidence with Lifestyle

Jarhead Haircut: The Best Military Style and Confidence with Lifestyle

The Jarhead haircut takes its name from the bricklayers who traditionally wore it, as well as a high and tight look.

This type of look is a conventional haircut with military personnel in many nations, consisting of shorter hair on the top. Alternative to the Mohawk, it is less eye-catching and more customary than other armed force haircuts. Law enforcement officers are increasingly favoring the option of taking away weapons.

A Mohawk haircut features a particularly short hair style with the sides and back of the head cut very close to 1⁄16 inch (1.5 mm) in length while keeping top portion longer 1⁄8inch-3/4 inch.

A jagged line defines the frontier between hair that is close-cut and hair that is longer. The apex segment might change in size from five to 10 mm, depending on where it lands on your head. The hair on the back as well as sides of the head is completely eliminated.

What is Military Haircut ?

The official term for a Jarhead haircut is high and tight. Sometimes also called the walker, this haircut was originally popularized by those in the Armed Forces.

A flattop is a style where the top of the cut runs parallel to and even with the peak of an individual’s hairline. Another variation is called a “recon.” This haircut starts at or above, rather than around, the crown of one’s head; most if not all of its scalp will be shaved clean.

Other variations on this style exist but for a Jarhead haircut you typically wear it the same way as our armed forces.

Jarhead : The easiest hairstyle ?

This cut is an easy fix at home. Get out of bed in the morning with messy hair and it looks good enough already. If you want a more cleaned up look, keep it short and brush it from back to front each day, and you’re all set! But if you’d prefer a slicker appearance, let your hair grow a little.

This haircut length offers versatility. Keeping it reasonable short is a good idea for daily styling, but the inch + on top allows experimentation to find which style and how much hair appeals most.

This haircut only stays looking good for a few weeks before it starts to appear shabby. You may want to consider investing in an electric trimmer so you can trim it regularly on your own, instead of relying on your barber while out of town.

How To Look Perfect Jarhead Haircut ?

This hair style is versatile; it outfit in excellently with a military look, tight tees, camo long pants, and tank tops. It also goes well with leather jackets, jeans and cowboy boots. This masculine look pairs best with fashionable shades and facial stubble.

Generally, the style is made up of form-fitting customes. A solid tee-shirt worn on your head is a common look for someone wearing this hairstyle.

The Utimate Jarhead Haircut Inspiration

To request a particular haircut, show your barber an example of the cut you want. They’ll know what you’re asking for even if you only identify it as “high and tight,” but each one will have their own interpretation of this style. Check out examples here.

The Classic : Make You Look Younger

Jarhead Haircut The Classic Make You Look Younger

This is the look that the term jarhead haircut refers to. The hair on top of the head is short, while it grows without restriction on the sides and back of the head. The military-style haircut often includes a long beard as well.

A Marine’s Favorite Haircut

Jarhead Haircut A Marine's Favorite Haircut

jarhead haircut is the type of haircut worn by members of the marine corps. It has a medium fade, or a “medium reg” as marines would call it. Hair on the side is shaved off and fades slightly towards the top, which is about 3/4 inch in length.

The butch is back!

Jarhead Haircut The butch is back!

The butch is much like the recent military buzz cut. The jarhead haircut on both the side and top of the head are cut very short: about 1/2 inch long. It works best for any face shape.

Want To Look Professional?

Jarhead Haircut Want To Look Professional

Jarhead haircut is mostly shaved with the exception of hair on top. It’s rare in both the military and law enforcement, but it can be found oftentimes in office settings.

Stay Unique with These Military Cuts

Jarhead Haircut Stay Unique with These Military Cuts

For a different look, you can curl the top part of your jerhead haircut. This diversity is perfect for people that want to stay resistant against typical military haircuts. However, like with any hairstyle it’s important to not over-do it because the stylist might make quick changes if they see you’re moving away from what they originally planned.

Be bold with your baldness

Jarhead Haircut Be bold with your baldness

A shaven head is admittedly difficult to style, but stylists have found a few ways to make it look different. Geometric shapes created with sharp blades can be a good addition for the most regimented of cuts.

Induction Cut: Why You Should Try It

Jarhead Haircut Induction Cut Why You Should Try It

The induction haircut became popular in the army when men were not allowed to have long hair. Military personnel want to keep their hair short to prevent mistakes, so this type of hairstyle is still very popular today.

Mohawk : Get a cool haircut

Jarhead Haircut Mohawk Get a cool haircut

The mohawk is another way to make the hairstyle for a jarhead haircut look different. Here, not simply the sides of your head are shaved, but also some hair on the top half of your scalp will be cut off with a blade. A strip of hair remains at one end that you can set as wide or narrow as you want.

Long On Top, Buzzed Sides and Back

Jarhead Haircut Long On Top, Buzzed Sides and Back

A Mohawk is typically cut with a buzz-cut on top and sides but by leaving hair long enough to make a spike, the stylist can create something similar to an “Army” style.

Make You Look Like a Soldier

Jarhead Haircut Make You Look Like a Soldier

The name jarhead haircut applies to any hairstyle that resembles a Marine or military cut, but this particular haircut is of the longest length allowed. Short hair on both sides and on top is left for a short style.

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